Westminster College-Fulton Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Westminster College-Fulton?


Westminster College attracts a wide variety of students. Anyone looking for a small town, close knit, learning savvy environment would abosultely love Westminster. However, students on campus must be driven, intelligent, able to think on their feet, and have an open mind. There are plenty of teachers willing to help each and every student, but the student must be willing and ready to learn, and apply themselves above and beyond average.


The type of person that should come here is the type that dont mind working hard. They work you very hard and try to get the absolute best out of you every single day, and make you do things you would have never thought you could. They are so willing to help, which is why i love comming here. This is also a liberal arts college which means you will have to take classes you wouldnt normally take, but i love that fact. These people should be very dedicated and willing to work hard for their future.


Any type of person could fit in quite well at this college as long as they are willing to get involved with something on campus (i.e. clubs, activities, sororities/fraternities, etc...) and are willing to learn and study hard. Since Westminster College is so small, it makes for a close nit community, so someone coming here would have to be all right with knowing most to all of the students on campus and be able to get along with people, even though most people at Westminster College are very friendly.


A person who should attend this school is one who is able to handle a small environment where everyone knows everyone else's business. The school is good academically but only if people can handle it being small.


Someone who is very interested in learning and wants to attened their classes. This school would not be for someone with interest in art because there is no art program.


Someone who is geared toward a commitment and has the ability to work and plat.