Whitman College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place where everyone can be themselves and find a positive intellectual community that fosters academic and personal growth.


As you are walking down Boyer Avenue from downtown Walla Walla on a beautiful, warm, and sunny afternoon, you may encounter many, many students sitting in the water fountain, lazing in the luscious, green grass, or playing Frisbee golf. You will encounter, on your left, the rock climbing center, Memorial Building with its trademark clock tower, and Maxey Hall. If you walk decide further into this part of campus, you will run into the library with its windows overlooking Ankeny Field, students playing soccer, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, or just lounging on the grass. You will also see other academic buildings and dormitories. But If you continue walking down Boyer Avenue, you will eventually run into interest houses, each unique and decorated with its own thematic decor. There are many trees, and they are very beautiful in the autumn. There is a geothermic little stream, that is equally beautiful. What else is there to say? Just come and see it!


Whitman is challenging, but in a fun, supportive way; it isn't cut throat or gruelingly competitive because people work together to learn.


My univeristy in located in myanmar. My univesity name is computer university of mandalay. I took hardward subject. Now, I already finished my Hons: degree. And I am studying IELTs.It's one thing to help out at a community recreation center a few hours a week; it's a completely different thing if you took it upon yourself to suggest, recruit, organize, and lead a fund raising drive for new playground equipment at a local park. Of course, besides these ideas, there are the basics, which you can't forget about. It should go without saying, but spell it.


Whitman college is a small liberal arts school in the middle of a lot of wheat fields and wineries, where you will learn to appreciate things you may have never even considered before, and broaden your perspective on life in some pretty astounding ways, plus work your butt off and have a great time (almost always).


Whitman is a school for the enthusiastic, be it for academics, the arts, athletics, any of a variety of extracurriculars, or for all.


My school is an elite, mostly caucasian school that is open to all people of every walk of life except they are hostile to people who do not protect the environment or are republicans.


The stereotypical Whitman student is etiher a Patagonia-wearing, tree-hugging, rarely-showering hippie or a very wealthy, spoiled, pretentious brat.


Whitman College is a welcoming learning environment with a community of students and faculty who respect each other and who are are dedicated to academics while also maintaining passions for various other non-academic activities and causes.


A collaborate learning environment where students work hard and play hard.


A small liberal arts college, Whitman College is dedicated to allowing and encouraging students to grow as intellectuals: the school creates and promotes an atmosphere of challenge--challenge to really think deeply about all issues and never settle for a mimimum amount of work.