Whitman College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of people who come here are serious about their education, active in the community and like to have fun.


There is no way to describe a person who "should" go to Whitman. At Whitman, you will be accepted no matter who you are. I have met students at Whitman who love the environment, students who love to party and have a lot of fun on the weekends, students who are Christian and love God, students who are considered ?nerds? and spend most of their time in their rooms. What I have noticed about all Whitman students, however, is their willingness to learn and passion for education. These qualities are necessary for a student who goes to Whitman.


Someone driven, a self-motivator, interested in trying out new things and meeting new people. Someone who likes to ask questions and be active, be it in the community, the classroom, athletics, or otherwise.


Someone who'se interested in learning a variety of things and is interested in a well rounded liberal arts education. Someone who wants to work hard but in a non-competitive and open environment. Someone who is pretty social and will enjoy getting involved with campus clubs, activities and extra-curriculars. Someone who has a variety of interests. Someone who does not mind living in a small town. Many people at this school enjoy outdoor activities, so someone who is interested in those activities would fit well.


Someone who knows how to study hard, but also have fun. Its all about balance.