Whitman College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Whitman's a very environmentally conscious, and liberal school. People tend to be very passionate about whatever they are interested, which can become very overwhelming at times. If a person's not into trying new things or sports or even the outdoors, then perhaps Whitman isn't a good fit. Also students looking for a urban environment won't find it at Whitman - it's very rural but the town of Walla Walla is wonderful. The small student population is also a factor that should be considered - there are about 1400 students total, only undergraduates.


Students who would be less likely to do well at whitman are students who hate the outdoors; students who are more focused on their social lives or partying than academics; students who want to be in a city where they can go shopping and out to clubs; students who are completely career driven.


People who just want to party and don't care about academics should not attend this school. Highly religious or conservative people may not feel comfortable at this school. People who love clubbing, shopping, and big cities may not enjoy this school's location. People who want to enter a career field right after college without additional schooling may find prospects difficult coming from this school--Whitman provides great practice with analytical thinking and writing and the opportunity for great teacher recommendations, but few majors that are immediately marketable in the work force (e.g. business, computer science, education, etc.).


Very conservative people would really struggle here


A math or science person.


Someone who wants to learn a lot and become a better person.


A person not academically driven should not attend this school. Unless you are passionate about school and learning and working extremely hard all year long, I don't suggest coming because Whitman really tests your endurance as a student.


People who need big cities and big schools. Whitman is small, and so is Walla Walla, so you know everyone on campus and you can't really get away from the social life if you want to. Whitman is also very liberal, so it can be hard for people with conservative views to come here. And lastly, people who aren't used to working hard to get good grades are going to have a nasty wake-up call.