Wichita State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It feels like the main focus of the school is to expand on what they already have instead of bringing new things to the school. I find their lack of an audio/video environment upsetting. There is a small one in the communication area of the school but that is about it. I wish that the barebones of true film making were there at least, but everything is geared towards journalism. I even tried to create a club to start the process but it was too much for me to handle.


The worst thing about Wichita State University is trying to find parking! It is really difficult to find a decent parking spot after 9:00 in the morning, and sometimes you have to park really far away, which can make you late to class.


The worst thing about my school is the distance i have to drive from the town i live in to Wichita which is over an hour. Also the support for gradutating from the college has been minimal at best. The long drive from Winfield to Wichita is a very long hour and also conflicts with work, gas prices and the amount of time i can go to school and work full time.


Wichita Stat University has proven itself to be a fairly decent school so far. But the worst thing about my University would have to be the student population. I feel as if the Campus isn't large enough to accomodate all of the students that it has accepted and are taking classes on campus. There is never enough parking, not enough one-on-one time with professors, and also the student center is far too small for the volume of students that it experiences each day.


I think the worst part of my school is how little mentoring goes on between students and staff. In my particular college, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I signed up to see an advisor whom I had never met before. After meeting the advisor I learned the social work program would assign me a new advisor after I am accepted as a junior . As I go through this journey I find little continuity in who assists me and I have been unable to establish a strong working relationship with my advisor as I think students should have.


I would say that the only negative aspect of our school is (atleast in the School of engineering) that it is difficult to schedule our classes close together and so we often have large gaps in our days. This of course could be a blessing in disguise!


Wichita State is a campus where most students commute to. The on campus activities are not as abundant as those with a large population of on-campus housing.


They have GTA's as teacher, which means that those teaching the material know their information, but might not know how to teach it. The Parking is tight and can take someone a half hour to find a decent parking place. The parking lot is essentially a battle field when you enter it. The cost of books at the book store, compared to international books, are significantly overpriced. One mainly pays for the convenience of buying a book here. The buyback price is significantly lower from the bookstore.


Probably the drainage on the sidewalks and how spread out the campus is.


I would have to say the worst thing is Wichita State University's lack of acceptance of transfer credits. Every single class from my paramedic program are just electives, when the first semester alone was 22 credit ours. Also several classes from community colleges transfer only as "intro" classes and you have to take the university's version of that class.


I consider the worst thing about any school to be lack of ambition. What I see in many of my peers is the second that something does go their way, or the way they thought it would, they give up and find a scapegoat in nearly anything but themselves. Somebody will fail a test after thinking they were doing so well, but instead of striving to figure out what they must do next time to avoid a reoccurring situation, they grow angry at the class or teacher for their lack of endeavors to understand the concepts.


My least favorite aspect about Wichita State is the lack of parking. Unless you arrive previous to 8 a.m., it is almost impossible to find a good parking spot because there are many students who commute to school every day. If there was another parking lot or even a parking garage, it would make arriving to class much easier.


Some of the classes are very large. Some people do better with smaller class sizes.


I would have to say that the one thing that I consider to make my school bad is simply the price of everything such as the books and the tuition fees.


The worst thing about Wichita state university is the fact that Kansas is so hot in the summer. When you’re walking from class to class in this 100® plus weather it will definitely test your strength. Thus far I have worked with multicultural affairs office, disabilities office, financial aid office, and the Greek offices and everybody has been helpful. Even as a transfer student they just got me on the right track and nobody is bothered by my disabilities. That makes all the difference in the world to me.


I really don't have many complaints about the school, but I guess the one thing that I have been disappointed with in the past is the very limited selection and scheduling of summer courses.


The health services people were not very friendly, I somewhat though they were rude, and when requested to show the policy and procedure for an international student who was standing by me, they refuse to give her with no explanation.


The wors thing about my school are the larger classes. I prefer smaller classes, so the larger ones are not my favorite and I do not feel as comfortable in them.


I don't think there's anything wrong with my school. Wichita State is a great school with a lot of diversity.


Nothing to do on campus on a daily basis


Parking and majority of international students.


The parking. There never seems to be enough parking spots for the students. Especially on game days when they block off over half of the parking and give students tickets if you park in the blocked off areas. I got to campus 40 minutes before class started and was 20 minutes late because I was looking for parking.


The worst thing about Wichita State University is the diversity in age within the student body. In my lab classes, when student to student interaction is essential, I've found myself being the youngest in each of my groups. I encourage people continuing their education , but it makes for an unorthodox learning environment in my case; my age seems to weaken the value of my academic input. In addition, school ppirit is somewhat weak. Everyday I see students displaying the logos of larger Kansas schools on their clothing.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the lack of ambition from students. People coming into college these days want to party instead of being responsible.


We have no football team! We have excellent sports teams for Baseball and Volleyball, Track and Basketball but we have NO Football team! This in turn means we miss out on things like Homecoming, Tailgating and Marching Band programs. Our school is excellent but as student we all agree that not having a Football team is really the worst.


The worst aspect about Wichita State University is that because it is located in a large urban city, the community doesn't seem to get behind and really support the school. There doesn't seem to be a connection between the university and the community like I have noticed on other campuses.


The worst thing about my school is the plus & minus grading scale. Adding a plus or minus to a letter grade really affects your GPA and makes you wonder what's the difference between a C+ & C-, of course it's the percentage but a C is a C, and so forth on every other letter grade. Don't get me wrong though, any + added to a letter grade is great but it's more simple to keep it as the following: A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, D 60-69, and F 59 & below.


The worst thing I could possibly think of when it comes to Wichita State would be....the food. I dislike the food with a passion. The school itself is amzaing and well worth it but the food isn't the best. But what can you expect from a cafeteria? It's just like highschool food. Basic and not very good. So if I could change one thing about my school, the food would be it.


Finding a parking spot during the "rush" hour of classes can be difficult. The main campus is surrounded by developed land and cannot expand much.


Being new to the secondary education process, it's difficult to sift through the information that you need and that you do not. Returning as an adult student, but still being considered a dependant in Kansas offers a whole bundle of issues to work through to even sign up for classes. I also don't like how much the credit hours cost at a relatively large school.


As a junior attending WSU I have too much pride in my school to point out anything that could be "the worst thing". I can list a few things that could be tailored. For example, I would love to see some chinese food on campus, and all events no matter how small the gathering should be logged to where all students can see.


The parking at WSU is terrible. If you do not arrive at least thirty minutes before class starts you will be late. There is even a joke on campus that we call ourselves "short-term stalkers." Students constantly stalk others in the parking lots to find a spot!


The inconsistency among teachers. Some are very focused and driven to help the students, where as other teachers are unorganized and do not care. Some teachers use the online program Blackboard and pass back assignments, where as others rarely attempt to return homework and it is difficult the keep track of your grades. The +/- grading system is not as beneficial as I would have hoped. Yes it makes students aim for higher goals, however it brings down your GPA.


The worst thing about WSU is their the food court. There are only a few choices and most are fast food places such as pizza, tacos and chicken. I wish they had a sit down place like a diner that had more homemade choices. I have gain 15 pounds since i started attending last summer; so this semester i am taking a step aerobics to help balance my fast food intake.


Parking tickets can be a problem for anyone visiting the residential parking lots without a parking permit!


I think the worst thing about the school is the fact that it is a commuter college. There isnt much social life unless you choose to get involved on campus.


The worst thing about Wichita State is the safety. It's in the worst neighborhood in Wichita, but efforts are being made to make the campus safer. I feel scared all the time which isn't a good feeling. I think it's wise to know about crime, but would rather not live so close to the line of crime in Wichita.


The thing i consider the worst about Wichita State University is the reputation it gets from being located near the "ghetto" of Wichita. The campus is completely safe, but many residents believe that it is not.


Wichita State University exists as a nontraditional learning institution. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, the diversity and margin of difference of the stuent population results in a general lack of school spirit and cohesive activity on campus. A majority of the students arrive on campus purely to go to class. Rarely does one meet a student interested in extra-curricular activities and willing to sacrifice the time necessary to participate in those activities. While most of the teachers are great, a few bad seeds ruin the experience for the masses. Some departments are notoriously poorly staffed.


The worst thing I consider about my school is that it's a commuter school so there are a lot of older adults going back to school which makes it a very untraditional atmosphere.


I recently discovered Wichita State University ranks as a 4th tier college. WSU receives regional recognition; thus, this discovery disillusioned me. I doubt my (formerly) postive impression of WSU extends outside the Kansas!: I worry how other professionals might perceive me degree.


Students are seen on campus wearing other college apparell.


No Football team


I believe that the worst thing about Wichita State University is that it is not a traditional college. Most students go to class and then leave campus to go to their job or family. The only students that typically stay on campus are in sororities or fraternities, or are foreign exchange students. I believe that more students would have pride in attending WSU if they felt like they were enjoying their college experience socially.


I think that the worst thing about the school is that if you do not live on campus, there is not a whole lot to be involved in. It is hard unless you know alot of people. I transferred in and never lived on campus, so I did not get to know alot of people outside of my classes.


The worse thing about my school is that in the library some studentes use the computer for other things rather than school. When I have to use the computer for a project sometimes the computer is filled because students are going on there to go on myspace and facebook. When students are in need of a computer it is hard to get things done because some students do not understand that the library is a place to work not play.


Parking toward the beginning of the semester.


The worst thing about Wichita State would most like be its lack of school spirit. You frequently see staff and students with other colleges (even rival colleges) logos on their clothes or cars. People seem to get pretty riled up about the basketball team, but you're just as likely to meet someone who doesnt care as someone who does. It's a great school, with lots of options and opportunities, but it doesn't seem like anyone really cares. It's just a means to an end.


Wichita State University would be much improved, were it not located it Wichita, Kansas.


Fraternities and Sororities.