Wilkes University Top Questions

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For my major, Pharmacy, Wilkes has a unique program where you get a guaranteed seat into the professional program after two years of pre-pharmacy. This made Wilkes stand out, because I do not have to excessively compete against my classmates in order to get a spot into my program. I already have the comfort in having a spot, I just have to keep my grades to a sufficient level.


I think wilkes is unique because the advisors encourage stundents to work together to get through their hard classes rather than competing.


I chose Wilkes University because of the encouraging environment. At Wilkes, you are given a lot of personal attention. Also all the students and faculty are really postive. It really is a great learning enviornment due to all the postiviity. I feel like the this is the most unique thing about Wilkes and that is why I chose Wilkes University. Additionally Wilkes University has a very reputable pharmacy program. I have completed my first semester and I feel really comfortable at Wilkes. The proffessors are very motivating and the students are also very encoraging.


Wilkes is far more friendly and free than any other school I looked at. The people are interesting; one of the first things I noticed is that many of the students wear Converse. Wilkes-barre is a cool city, and it's close to lots of other cities that have things to do. Plus there's snowboarding and ice skating and lots of places to shop.


It is a smaller school that lets you interact with teachers and other students on a more consistent and effective basis.


It allows new ideas and new clubs to be started each year.