Wilkes University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't worry so much, and work much harder than you are now. Making friends comes easy at the small school you chose to attend. Play lacrosse and do not worry if you are good enough. You can always train to make yourself beter. High school is complicated compared to college. Here you create your own schedule and do what you want whenever you want to. Always work hard and never skip homework.


Dear Young One, I have been in the same position that you are in now. You are nervous and scared of what is to come. Everything is changing for you, and it seems like these changes are coming rapidly. Take a step back and RELAX. It is not worth losing sleep over. Sometimes, in order to fully understand what we are capable of, we have to step outside of our comfort zone and experience what we have never experienced before. You will be pushed beyond your limits in college, there's no doubt about it. The question is, will you choose to overcome any challenges that are presented to you? I have full confidence that you can. But, it's not about me believing in your potential, it is about you believing in yourself. Remember that. There will be days where no matter what you do, everything will seem to go wrong. Look to your most trusted friends in school to help guide you through your darkest days. That's what they are there for. Most importantly, believe that you are destined for great things because I know for a fact you are. Sincerely, A person who truly understands


Being a senior in high school is tons of fun, you're at the top of the pile, above all of the underclassmen. It's a wonderful feeling that you only get to experience once in your life, but when next fall shows up, you're back to square one and being a freshman. It's intimidating. Not everything's going to go your way. You may be told that you're getting one thing only to be screwed over in the end. It might seem like it's impossible, but it's not. Tough it out. It's going to be fantastic. Soon, you'll start talking to your classmates, whether it's on yesterday's biology exam or complaining about calculus homework. The transition isn't easy, short, or perfect, but it's definitely worth it. College is a blast, go out and enjoy it.


To focus on school a lot more. With good grades comes good grants and scholarships. From the time you recieve the first semster bill, you come to the relization that college is not cheap. Although you may have known this before, you had no idea. Houses and cars are expensive but college is just as much if not a whole lot more. The expenses are what leave a lot of people without educations, people that have the potential to change the world. Therefore, the one and only piece of advice that I would want to give myself would be that time with books is money for books in the long run.


I would tell myself that I am a very smart individual and that I need to apply myself. I would push myself to strive more and tell myself not to procrastinate.


It is important that you explore the many different schools and make multiple visits, so you get to know the community and area surrounding the school. It is important that you take the time to meet with the professors and talk about the various majors/minors to understand what they truly mean. Ask professors what students are leaving schools with careers, and how they feel about the students. This is very important because you can quickly realize whether you will fit in and be comfortable. Remember that it is not only those big named schools where success can be made. There are many success stories at the smaller Divison C schools as well as the large Universities. It is important that you find the school that fits you, not the school where you think you will fit in.


Being a college student, I would tell my high school self to go directly to Wilkes University, rather than Bloomsburg University for a semester just to realize it is not the right place for me. I would tell myself to remain calm on the first day of classes, as the entire syllabus is dissected and the classwork seems daunting and impossible. I would tell myself to simply be myself and I will make a ton of friends. I would say to seek help in your classes when you are struggling, because you will fall behind if you don't. I would also tell myself to pay attention in your classes, as everything your learn in high school can help you in college if you absorb it and apply it properly. Lastly, and maybe most of all, I would say soak it up; high school is a great time in a young adult's life. Anticipate the future, but don't overlook the present. It flies by before you know it.


I have received a lot out of my college experience. I have received knowledge and a challenge. The professors at this university force students to think out of the box to learn. Although I plan on transferring, I would reccomend Wilkes University to other students because my time there has been vaulable. While attending college I have learned I do not want to major in what I really believed I did. I am currently looking at different majors and the advisors here have made that one of their top priorities. It is wonderful to feel like you are someones top priority. From this college experience I have learned to be strong in what I believe in. For example, just because other students are going to parties does not mean everyone is, and you can find friends who have the same values as you. I have found friends I will have for life which means everything to me. I believe this college experience has made me a better, stronger person.


I would tell myself to join a facebook group about the college I am interested in and learn as much as I could about the school from other incoming freshman and upperclassman. You really need to use other student's knowledge and experiences to the fullest extent. Never buy the books before going to a class. Many professors change their required text or have no intentions of using the $200.00 book they want you to purchase. Stay in good touch with your senior English teacher. They will come in great handy when you want them to check over a college paper you wrote. Their feedback is incredible. When you are finally packing for college be sure to bring a bunch of food. When you're up late studying you'll get the munchies and snacks come in handy. Along with that, the cafeteria food is repetative so it gives a little variety to your diet. Don't bring a tv for your first year, it keeps you from studying in your room. There is a tv in the lounge that you are free to use. Also, you might never leave the room and we don't want that either.


This fall I started my freshman year at Wilkes University. I did very well in high school so thought I was prepared for college. But when coming to college I realized that I could have been more prepared. Not only is academics harder in college, but living on your own is also challenging. If I could go back in time, then I would advise myself to study harder. Sometimes in high school I would memorize for a test and get an A. I wish that i spent more learning the material so that I can use it in the future. Also in high school I always studied the night before a test, but in college you need to start atleast a couple weeks before. I would advise myself to attain better study habits. Additionally I would advise myself to become more independent. Instead of waiting for my mom to do my laundary I should have done it myself. I would suggest that I learned time mangement. In college there is always so much to do and so little time, so with the correct time mangement skills you can make your life easier. These are the things I would advise myself.


College is not a joke. It is not freedom from your parents. It is hard work, dedication, and focus. You may not just go off to college and start into a social life, you need to prepare you time wisely. Make charts and schedule everything you have planned to do. Time management is one of the most important things you need to be successful in your studies. Also do not be afraid to approach your professors and fellow classmates. They are here to help you, not be against you. Have someone in your class push you to your best ability and have competition. Get involved in everything you can possibly help it, but do not let it control your time. Enjoy your weekends, and find a set of friends that you will share for a lifetime. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Celebrate it to the maximum.


Here is where you make your friends for life.In college is where everything changes and where you become independent.Here is where challenges get thrown at you all the time and you must be prepared for everything.Don' t take no class as a joke.Try to learn something every time you walk in a class because it will help you in the real world. Don't be scared not to graduate in the four years you are suppose to becuase no one is going to help you or help you decide what you want to do after this.


Don't have too much fun freshman year and actually take your classes seriously. This is not just another opportunity to goof off and hope that the grades will come. You must work hard because if you do not start now then when will you? Your life is now in your hands and no one else's, no more help from mom and dad. This is it. It can either be the end of your academic career or the beginning of the life you always dreamed of. Don't take it for granted!


Dont worry about not getting an acceptance letter from the colleges you choose to apply to. If your confident in your ability to work and succeed in higher education then the cooleges will notice too. Also, dont worry about money problems because the college of your choice will always be there to assist you in getting financial problems in order.


Don't ever be afraid to ask questions of anyone around you. Along with being great advice for going through high school, college, and life, this small action will enable anyone to learn the most from the world around him/her. If you're interested in a college, make sure to ask ANYTHING that will make your final decision easier and more well-informed. Many colleges have services that they offer, but do not actively advertise to students interested in the school. You will be spending the next portion of your life at the institution, a place that will shape your future in ways that you cannot yet imagine. You will also be making a financial commitment to the school-be sure to use the services that you need and for which you are paying. Final note: Ask students who attend the school to share their experiences with you. They offer a perspective that you cannot get from the admission staff.


The best advice I can give to any parent or prospective student looking for a college is find a school that best suits your needs, however find a school that is not ridiculously expensive. This is so incredibly important because of our current economic state. Loans will be harder to obtain and financial aid will be a rarity.


Each student should choose a college that fits your personality the most. When you visit colleges and learn particulars about the university you get a certain feel for what is right for you. Personally, I felt that at a few different schools that did accept me. Ultimately, I chose the school I am at for a few key reasons. The school was affordable, convieniently close to home so i could keep my job, and it was small and accredited in my field so I knew I'd get a rewarding education. In college you need to make the experience as a whole, engaging and stimulating. I feel college is a time to learn everything about you and try things that may have been out of your comfort zone in the past. New experiences will turn you into a person that can handle any situation and make you wise in your future. Take classes you find intersting. Learn all you can about your concentration, and make friends that make you happy. College is the beginning of your life and you need to do everything in your power to start your life on the right foot.


I went for the dance program, not really happy with the rest of it, but dance is very important to me so it was worth it


I would advise any future students to research all the possible schools that hold your major and to visit the schools. Only until you visit the school will you know for sure if the college or university is right for you. Also, when accepted and entered into your dream school, make the most of your college experience by making friends and going out. Never let anyone discourage you in things you want to do. Maybe you will meet your future best friends that have the same interests as you.


To students: make it happen. As you may well have figured out, this is one of the first steps in a long line of decisions you will make that change your life. Begin with an idea of what you're looking for and keep the ball rolling. Never hold back because you're afraid of change; after all, the search for a college is a huge change in and of itself. Plans will be altered, majors will be switched, and goals will be moved to keep up with a moving mind. Very little is set in stone. Embrace this flexibiliy and uncertainty while you can- from these come the opportunities that you just may be looking for! To parents: let it happen! This is a pivotal point in your child's life. Preparing to push them out of the nest and see how they fare on their own is understandably unnerving. Keep in mind, however, that they're learning to be their own person. Be there for guidance and support, but allow yourself to sit back and watch. The decisions your child is being faced with will change them forever- let them make the most of it.


When you're looking at colleges, try to imagine yourself there. Stay overnight. Understand that you're going to be living at this place for years. Take notice of the other kinds of people that are on that campus. Remember, once you're at college, to balance your time. There's a time for academics and studying and learning, but there's also a time to socialize. College is wonderfully fun, and I think it's extremely important to give yourself time to be social. Not only because it's fun, but because it gives you time to relax. College can get stressful. Plus, you're going to want to have friends that can support you during your years at college, especially the first year when you're bound to get at least a little homesick. Privacy is a very important part of college life. When you live in such close contact with so many people, there will be nosy people who try to get in your business. The best thing to do is to respect others space and try to find a place where you can have some alone time.


Finding the right college can be difficult for any parent or student. The right college is always dependent on the student?s character and the parents comfort level. A student who likes athletics would go to a school with a good athletics program, or if a student those not like larger classrooms than the student would go to a smaller school. Likewise, if a student is afraid he or she would not be able feel relevant in a larger school than they should pick a smaller school. A parent should help a child pick a college based on their comfort level with the school. If the parent does not feel like the student is not getting the attention, protection, or supervision necessary than the college isn?t right for the student. For a student to fully utilize their college experience they should become part of the college environment. The student needs to participate in as many activities as possible get to the now the campus community and the community outside of the campus. As a student knows more people he or she gains more connections with administrators. Personally, I believe that is a benefit to going to a smaller school.


ask the students that attend the college about it, dont just look at panflits/ websites go and visit and see everything that the school has to offer


Each student has to find a school that fits them. If you visit the school and you don't LOVE it - keep looking! Every school out there is different and each one has something special about it. The trick is finding that special something that makes you think "you know what? I see myself here." And definitely don't be afraid to try something new. Moving to a new town, making new friends and seeing all the exciting things that schools in our country have to offer - they're all wonderful reasons to go to college. Sure, you're there to learn more about your chosen major, but you're also there to learn about yourself. It's a great time to grow and discover new things about you and the world surrounding you. College is a place to help you follow your dreams - don't ever lose sight of that. Have fun, take in all the education and use the resources provided to you to help you become the person you want yourself to be.


Take more than one trip to a school to see all the aspects behind it. Do alot of research before making your decision, and even find students who go there to get a true opinion from the students aspects.


My advice to parents is to let your child make their own decisons about where they will go to college. If you are at a school only because it is where your parents wanted you to go, you will not feel comfortable and put forth your best effort. Also, being away at college forces you to mature and not rely fully on your parents. If parents are too involved in the college decison making and experience, they may prevent thier child from growing up. My adive for students is to choose a school that best fits you. Do not go to a school because that is where you friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is going. Your college is where you will spend the best years of your life if it is somewhere where you feel comfortable and where you truly want to be.


The best advice is to visit the campus before you decide to go there and try to set up an overnight visit. Spending time with students who live on campus can give one a great feeling of how the atmosphere changes from morning to evening. The transition to busy mornings to laid back afternoons can really change ones opinion about their first impressions or how the campus sounds on paper. Meet with an academic advisor and spend some time to find out course offerings and see where/how alumni of the desired degree program are in the field. Although many highschool graduates don't know exactly what they want to do (and I was certainly one of them) it is a great idea to speak to an advisor as they can give great insight into their field of expertice and other related fields. They also know some secrets about other departments which may draw interest to other fields.


Pick a school that you will be happy with academic wise .


I would tell the parents and students to have a plan, because a college education is costly, but in the same respect rewarding. Although, I would tell the students to decide what college is best for them depending on there area of concentration not just because there friends are going to the same school. However, if they are undecided I would go to a community college for a year or two and take some classes to figure it out. It is not my choice to make for anyone, but in order to make the most of your experience you should be working towards your degree in something that you want to do. Also, a student needs to know how to balance there student and personal life well. Take what you can from the college experience, because it will give you a glimpse of what it is like in the real world. Lastly, it is your education make the most of it and most importantly good luck!


My advice would be to take tuition costs into conisderation. You will have to pay off those loans sooner than you know it. Also, visit lots of campuses, you'll never know which type you'll like best until you see all different types. I liked the fact that I lived far enough away that I couldn't communte, but close enough to home so I could come home whenever I wanted. Do an internship early. I waited until senior year and by then its too late to see if you'd like a career such as the one your interning at!


Make sure that you agree with what you are paying for your child edcuation, make sure you like where your child is attending school and make sure that is where your chilkd wants to spend his or her 4 years at


One of the most important things is to actually go to the college and have a student who goes there give you a tour, not the faculty or staff. This really helps with getting a less biased opinions of the school from student's experience. Ask them as many questions that are relevant, youre going to be there for at least 4 years. and its not fun finding out something like none of the toilets work on your 3rd week there. If living on campus, check out the dorms and other living arrangements (apartments) to see the conditions and what really fits you. Get to know campus surroundings (hospital, grocery store, entetainment, ) and what the community has to offer. Keep in mind distance and routes needed to travel if commuting. Road work is always an issue if you have an 8am class and leave at 745. See if the college offeres other fields of interest other than your major- theres a chance to add a minor or change the major and still be in the same place. Dont chose to a school 3000 miles awayto have an excuse to move out. Join as many groups/ clubs/teams/ events !


Just make sure that they know what the campus is really like, and not what you think it will be like. Make sure it has everything you want in college!! So, that way you don't learn the hard way.