Wilkes University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There is very little about this school that I regret not knowing about. I've loved every aspect of it from the first day I stepped on campus. The professors are very nice and fantastic at teaching their content. The kids are very friendly. The food is great. The campus is beautiful. The coursework is challenging and worthwhile. If I could rechoose my college, knowing what I know today, I would pick Wilkes University 10 times out of 10.


i wish I would have know the awful food they display in the cafeteria. The only days they have amazing food is when we have visitors and future students come to the campus.


I wish I would have known that so many of my friends were going to be joining me on campus otherwise I would have chosen better roommates to live with during my freshman year. Getting a good roommate who wants to enguage in activities is crutial to getting the college experience.