William Jessup University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Jessup is a Christ driven educational institution that gives students the tools to think and react rather than listen and follow.


WJU is a Christian school. Student and staff are very friendly and involved. Students have fun without drugs or alcohol. Facilities are very nice and very new. The psychology program and English program are both phenomenal. The psychology program has dedicated professors who are accomplished in their field, and equip students with experience and knowledge. The English professors are extremely involved and have dedicated their lives fully to their students. The campus is full of life and enthusiasm. Faith is important to the school, and attended predominantly by upper middle class white people.


William Jessup University is an amazingly close-knit community that really cares about its students and helps them grow though quality Christ centered education.


William Jessup is a small, private university with a tiny yet beautiful campus and a limited number of students; this characteristic makes for more chances to learn personally, speak with professors, be comfortable with your campus family (those who live on campus with you) and build important relationships that benefit your spiritual, emotional, mental, academic, and physical awareness and stability.