William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


WPU is a very good school accept for its very expensive tuition fees and living cost,


Students should be provided with more flexible schedules and be given the option to have access to classes throughout the entire school year. My school should have more winter and summer classes available to fit into the schedules of students that need to balance work and study. With this new availability, students will be able to fulfill their educational goals without having to stop their schooling for a semester or having to wait for a class to be available that fits into their work schedule.


The worst thing about my school is that a lot of students are commuters instead of campus residents.


I have nothing negative to say about the college because I always look at the postives


I believe the worst thing about Willy P would be the food. The food isn't bad in the sense of taste, but in the health value. The food court consists of Burger King, Sabbaros, a chinese section, Quiznos snd sushi. The dining hall food isn't exactly appetizing and the best thing in the dining hall is usually greasy. The problem with the food is that the healthy foods aren't delicious but the foods you really shouldn't be eating are delicious and that is how you get "Freshman 15".


Some of the exam questions are complicated and misleading


Parking, there never is any.


At times, immature students who need to grow up and keep back to college later.


The worst thing would be the tuition. After that, it's just getting there, which can be a slight problem, but at least I can get there.


It's far from where I live so I end up taking classes online or at the sateite school.


The weekends are boreing, you have to create your own fun.


My school is great. I would tell any new student coming in to be prepared for the rising cost of attendance. That to me seems like the worst thing happening in all schools especially mine. seeing as it is already expensive to attend.


The worst thing about William Paterson is the weekends. Students who live on campus will agree with me when I say there is absolutely nothing to do on the weekends. Because there are alot of students who commute, and students who go home on, so there is nobody there. If you don't have a car your left bored in your room. There is no activities to engage in on the weekend, unless you go to the gym.


I consider the atrocious parking situation on campus to be the worst thing to this school. There is not enough parking for commuters which in turn keeps us from getting to class on time. If room and board was not so expensive maybe we could afford living on campus to by pass this parking situation.


The high costs of tuition yet the resources/ equipment at the school is not close to being new.


I feel that the worst thing about my school is the advisement. Many students have complained of the lack of help with their advisors. Sometimes, it is very hard to reach the appointed person or it is hard to even get them to help you. I wish that there was someone who actually seemed to want to help me instead of avoiding me.


In order to go to the Power arts building on campus, i need to catch the shuttle bus, and this takes up time and is not so good in the cold weather, or when theres too many people in the shuttle bus. it would have been better if there was one big art building instead of two art buildings being sepearated from eachother in long distances. using the shuttle bus to get to class can get me late to class.


Not enough activities.


There is no train station around. The office usually messes up student's paper work.


The offices in charge of sending out transcripts and other forms needed for things like scholarships and such are not as organized as they could be. They have often been delayed in requests that I have had.


The worst thing about my school is probably the food situation. Living on campus it is hard to keep lots of different foods in your room so you must rely on dining halls. The dining hall at Willy P does not always have the best foods. Once in a while it's something you like but I frequently notice unfresh foods. A lot of people complain about the food, also, there are no kitchens in the residence halls except for the appartments; which you have to be 20 with junior status or 21 to live in.


What I said before about my classmates. I don't think there is anything wrong with my school. It's just that everyone wants a good grade, and actually learning and understanding isn't always the priority. Making sure one knows how to spit back a memorized paragraph or diagram is what people consider important. I don't feel a lot of people learn for learning's sake.


PARKING! FOOD! The parking is horrible and unless you plan it right you can wait up to 30 to 45 minutes waiting for a spot. The food plans are not flexible and the food in Wayne hall makes you sick. In other schools if you don't use up all your meals you get the left over money back which seems fair since they make all residence buy one. William Paterson make you buy one too but the food is so bad you don't eat there.


William Paterson University seems to always be under construction. I know it's because they are making improvements, but I wish they would do more work over the summer because it's very unpleasent to have to walk through or around, and quite distracting to hear while in class in a few of the buildings.


The dorm life is so boring. It makes you want to go home every weekend. They need to have more fun parties and activities on the weekends that take place inside the dormitories


I think that the worst part about this school is that your are charged a parking fee whether you drive to school or not. Also for those who do drive, finding a parking spot is horrible, sometimes people drive around for so long that they arrive late to class.


The lack of weekend activity on campus , and the closing early of the food and services on campus.


The worst thing about my school is that is the whether. It gets really cold really early up here. By the end of September, we are already wearing hoodies, coats, hats. Sometimes I wake up and it is 20 degrees outside and its only November. But when it is in the spring, it gets realy hott outside. The whether channel would say that it is 80 degrees and it feel slike 100 degrees. Other than the whether, that is the only thing I hate at my school.


William Paterson University doesn't appeal to diverse students. Programs held on campus such as concert halls or lectures are centered around the majority students rather than offering programs that could draw in minority students. Since I am a minority, I would like to learn more about different racial groups. The programs held on campus seem to reinforce the ideas taught in lecture halls and classrooms which are centered around white historical figures. By offering diverse programs like Indian dance or Latin American speakers, William Paterson would be offering the opportunity for students to learn about diverse backgrounds.


The lack of school spirit. Even though there are a lot of people who do wear school paraphenelia they also don't support school events, or feel that the school is worth supporting. They complain about the lack of things on campus but on the other side they also refuse to get involved.


terrible administration


The weekends are pretty uneventful and people consider the school "a suitcase school." Lack of involvement from student body in activities, events, and sports.


Honestly there isn't anything wrong with this campus so I'm not going to sit here and write a lie to you.


The parking.


~There is almost no school spirit on a daily basis (freshmen orientation etc doesn't count bc the few students w. great school spirit & leadership involvement get together to welcome new students...but this doesn't exist on a daily basis) ~There is no weekend life on campus. at all. ~Because many students commute, it is difficult to get to know people outside your clique or organization after freshman year ~You pretty much need a car if you want to do quick errands (surrouding highway & stores isolate campus). public transportation system connects to campus but becomes expensive ($150+ per month)