Winthrop University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a wide of people at Winthrop. Many sexualities are present, but Winthrop is an accepting school to all. Most students just wear casual clothes to class but there are some, probably in sororities or fraternities, that dress up a lot.

Syeta Cierra

My classmates share the same passion and dream I have: to make a difference in the lives of our youth one class and one student at a time.


The students are engaged and interactive in the classroom setting.


My classmates are the best, they have become like family.


My classmates are great. I absolutely love college and the experiences I have had here. All my classmates are friendly and everyone is an individual. Everyone embraces who they are so you never have to worry about looking strange in front of your peers because everyone is differenet and has their own personality.


My classmates are well motivated and they do their best in everything they do.


Uninterested and quiet. OR they say stuff that is off topic and unecessary . They like to argue with the professors and debate.


My classmates are dedicated, friendly, hardworking, studious, and outgoing.


My classmates are friendly and supportive people who value not only their own success, but also the success of their peers.


My classmates at Winthrop University are interactive within the courses. As an Interior Design major, it is necessary to be an interactive student. Questions are vital in understanding your coursework including projects. When designing a space, you must gain all of the information necessary to come up with a positive design that will benefit anyone working/living in the space. In other general university courses, interaction can vary. In lecture courses most students are focused on listening and absorbing all of the information. However, in certain classes, class discussions are the basis of the whole course.


Intersting to see and grow in a college community.


My classmates are very outspoken.


Most students try their hardest to do their best work and acheive the highest scores possible.


My classmates are each diverse and different bringing other opinions and thoughts to discussions.


My classmates are generally friendly and helpful people.


I'm usually one of two or three guys in my psychology classes but the other classes are more evenly divided