Winthrop University Top Questions

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Everyone is friendly adn willing to help in some kind of way.


Not one classroom or lunch table is segregated. Everyone knows everyone and is always friendly and helpful to others. Different from high school, there are not different cliques, or groups singling others out due to differences. The entire school is a clique in itself. Individuality is respected and promoted. The faculty goes out of their way to make their students feel encouraged, capable, and appreciated. The faculty are the parents, the upperclassmen are the protective older brothers, and the underclassmen are the prectected younger sister. In and outside of classrooms, everyone is like one big family. Everyone always feels welcomed!


Winthrop challenges students to become the best individual they can be; it is a VERY diverse campus. Students become very cultured during their stay here and often leave a better person for the requirement. Nothing in life comes free, but Winthrop is worth every penny, because of the opportunities they offer students. I can appreciate the small-town feel of this campus that is just big enough to have its own zip code, but small enough to remember names of people and places to go. The atmosphere is always calming, yet inspires students to grasp opportunities to create the future.


The location is why I chose this school. I am not far from home that can be a good thing or it could be a bad thing in my case it is a good thing.


Winthrop University is close to my home, and it does not cost a lot of money. It looks the way I envision a college campus to look like. So I can commute for a good price to a school that makes me feel comfortable.


The course load and how the courses are approached. All of the teachers care so much to see their students succeed and work to their fullest potential. They know just the way to make you feel accomplished and motivated in your work!


My school is unique because of its diversity of students and the opportunities that the students are offered. We are able to study abroad almost anywhere in the world for most of the majors that are offered here. Also, our school embraces the idea of freedom of expression and diversity. For example, we have to attend a certain number of cultural events to graduate, so while we are in school, we are enriching our cultural knowledge with performances, guest speakers, and films from different parts of the world.


It is a closely knit school with friendly and caring faculty and students. The faculty and staff are willing to help in every way possible and are there to support you through the entire college experience. I love that all sports events are free, therefore the student body is able to support the athletes without going bankrupt on our slim college money. The entire experience here is great! It is a great community and university!


Winthrop is a small school which allows the classroom size to be smaller. This is comforting because it makes you feel less like a number to your professor and more like a person.


Public school with the size of a private university. Winthrop overall, is very accepting of people of any sexual orientation.


Wintrhop is very diverse. Not only racially, but as people in general. There are the artsy kids, teh sorority, fraternity kids, the smart kida, etc. but the awesome thing is that we all interact together, I have friends from every group, and there is never any judging. Wintrhop studnets love teh diversity of the campus and the uniqueness of the student body.


Winthrop offered smaller classes and a more friendly envirnment than other schools I toured while looking for schools. I liked that it was small enough to run into all your friends in the cafeteria, but big enough to meet new people.


Its 7:3 ratio of girls to guys


It's a very community oriented school. big on environment issues