Winthrop University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food halls close pretty early


The limited amount of financial aid that they have available.


The cost and aid for this university can be frustrating at times. With the education program, there are some scholarships available. However, these scholarships alone do not cover Winthrop's outrageous tuition. Yes, financial aid is available. This aid does not cover completely the cost of tuition.


As of right now, our new president is making a few changes to the university, either without telling anyone or without much of a reason for doing so. The slogans have changed, the colors are being altered, and the tuition is rising.


The only thing that most freshmen complain about is this academic class called ACAD. I feel that this class is a waste of time.


There is nothing bad about the school. It is very well rounded.


The worst part of Winthrop is the rising tuition. Tuition just increased again for the upcoming year, making it more difficult to pay. Books alone are expensive, along with the extra activities you may want to do, such as taking a trip to Carowinds (8 miles away), or go to a movie. Those costs, plus books/ necessitites, along with the struggle to pay for tuition makes you feel defeated, making your goals and dreams harder to accomplish, as if they weren't hard enough (also, if your dreams seem easy to accomplish, you havent set your goals high enough! :))


Besides being very expensive, the worst thing I would say about Winthrop is that I've experienced some of the most outrageous prejudice ever. Both teachers and students alike we're very uncultured about the world outside of white suburban America. It hurt me very terribly when teachers asked what country I was from and if I was American.


It is the best I love it. The best school you can imagine. The school is beautiful nice locations not far from Charlotte, North Carolina. Carowinds is like fifteen minutes from my school it is a town for the young and up and coming. I would not go to no other school in th world. What is great we have a McDonalds center court if you don't like whats for lunch.


There really isn't anything wrong with my school. I would prefer to have other classes included in my major, but that doesn't make the program wrong. Some people might think the school is too small but I like that.


Wow, the worst thing about my school is that right now it is extremely cold here and the windows to the dorm that I sleep in are overly-large so even with the heating system provided in my room I am still a bit cold at night, but luckily for me I have a roommate who brought a personal heater so that problem is taking care of. Oh well I do wish there was more space for student parking.


There's too much emphasis on fraternaties and sororities.


The current largest issue with Winthrop University is the cut governmental funding which is forcing a larger than normal rise in tuition.


The worst thing about my school is that they are trying to make our classes not be on Wednesdays and have a full schedule on Fridays. That's not cool trying to make us stop in the middle of our work week when we just picked up the momentum for the work week.


the dorms are awful


The only complaint I would have about my school is the contruction. It really becomes a hassle sometimes to walk around all of the block areas but if we need better facilities, it's necessary. Other than that, I am satisfied with Winthrop University.


It is a suitcase school. Everyone goes home on the weekends the campus is dead most of the time


The worst thing is how hard it is to meet people outside of your major if you are not involved in greek life. There are some basic classes that you have to take but it's hard to build a friendship that way.


It's more a problem with the area. Rock Hill has very little available for college students. There simply isn't anywhere to have fun (except Charlotte). It didn't bother me much, but I know it was a complaint from other students.


I think the worst thing about our school currently is the fact that we are having to deal with the large amount of construction that is going on. I till be nice when it is all finished, but for now it is somewhat irritating.