Winthrop University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Syeta Cierra

I wish I had pursued my real dreams earlier in life. I have always enjoyed tutoring and helping others learn. I knew in high school that I wanted to be a teacher, but, being young, I allowed others to talk me out of it. Now, I wish I had followed my heart and became a teacher. I wish I known how great the education department is at this school.


Quite honestly, many of my questions and worries about Winthrop were answered during my visit and during Orientation. The only thing that I still worried about upon arrival was how to find my way around and I figured that pretty quickly. Anything that any prospective student has questions about, current students and faculty would be happy to answer, reducing the amount of worry one could possibly have.


I didn't need all of my stuff. I was perfectly fine leaving some stuff at home, because I can easily get stuff here at Winthrop.


What I wish I had known before I came to Winthrop is that stress is inevitable. Throughout highschool even if you have the best GPA in your class, college is the next level. Winthrop challenges students to be the best they can be. The pressure isn't overwhelming, but it's just enough to get your brain pumped. There may be conflict with your roommate, your printer may jam on the worst day, you may lose your I.D., and you may sleep through your 8am, but in the end you realize this is college and it's worth it.


Winthrop University is located in a beautiful area. Within walking distance of the campus you can find two gas stations and two convenience stores as well as a few restaurants. You can also find a bookstore, a convenience store and a food court on campus. However, if you need anything that cannot be found at these places it is necessary for you to have a car. I did not realize this when I enrolled in Winthrop and I now have to ask my friends to take me grocery shopping or to buy extra art supplies.


Before entering Winthrop University, I wish I'd realised how expensive it cost. The cost per semester actually increased during my first semester. Financial Aid and scholarships are very hard to get unless you are extremely impoverished. Other than that, I wish I'd known how awesome the jewelry making program was.


How to wake up on time.


I wish I had better understood study habits. I made it through my first semester very well and acredit that to some of my more intense high school teachers. Thanks to them, I did not feel quite as stressed when college began. However, I wish I had a better understanding of how much high school affects your college career.


I wish that I had known more about residential life. I am a commuter student and decided that becuse I did not know enough about residential life and how it worked. I was scared to see what it would have been like to go through a change like that. I do not regret my decision to stay home, I just wish that I had left my options a little more open to change.


To get involved! It is so important to get involved with clubs, organizations, sports, hall council, greek life, etc. The best friends you will make you find through getting involved on campus and getting involved early!


There is nothing I wish I had known before coming to the school.


It was the most expensice public school in South Carolina.


I believe that I knew everything that I needed to know. I live in the town the university is in, and I had researched the school throughly.


I wish I had known that I would run into many overzealous Baptists and a few creationists. If I had known that I would have kept my mouth shut about my own religion in order to save time and prevent awkward conversation with ignorant, intolerant people. This school is filled with many classic southerners. Not the most Yankee friendly place, but still warm and fun most of the time. I also wish I had known that I didn't need to work as hard as I was working and that it was okay to miss a class or two.


I wish I had known all the things involved in taking and doing to get my degree. It wasn't explained well to me by anyone. New things I need to do pop up each year.


Stay on weekends and do things


I knew pretty much what I needed to know.