Worcester State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Worcester State University?


A person who is dedicated and motivated to learn new things about the world we live in and our surroundings. Also someone who is willing to make connections with professors and students.


The type of person that should attend this school is one that is looking to go to a smaller school. You will not have to walk a mile to get to class and you will be surrounded by good people. Being in Worcester, there is a lot going on outside of the campus life and if you are looking to do something different, there is something for everyone. The school is able to host a lot of interesting events. Only people who are serious about an education but also want to have a decent social life.


Everyone who wants a good quailty education from teachers with many experiences


I believe that Worcester State College is a great school for students who enjoy close relationships with their professors. At Worcester State, the classrooms are small enough to develop a strong relationship with your professors. This allows for a deeper understanding of the students' needs on the part of the faculty, as well as availability for specialized help. WSC's faculty love to help guide students in independant research studies as well as collaborative research involving both students and faculty. WSC is a school that really allows a student to display their ability to achieve success in a classroom setting.