Hey Seniors: Time to give thanks


Hey seniors, with application deadlines behind you, it is that time of year to give thanks. I think that many seniors are so relieved that “all of that” is behind them that they neglect to consider all those that gave support to them along the way. Now is the time to pull out a note card and write a little note to those that made it happen.

Consider the following:

  • Your guidance counselor: Although you may not be best buds, your counselor did write a letter of recommendation for you and made sure to get your transcript out to the colleges in a timely manner.

  • Your teachers: They have personal lives too, but they made time for you during the busy holiday season to write wonderful letters for you which were full of praise. Now is the time to return the favor.

  • Your coach: If they were an integral part of your athletic recruitment, be sure to say how much you appreciated their help.

  • Your friends: Whether one of them wrote a peer recommendation for you, or if they supported you when you were frustrated with the mounds of essays you had to conquer, let them know you are happy they are your friends.

  • Your parents: They may be the most overlooked when giving out thanks, but they put up with you while you were indecisive, while you dragged your feet, paid oodles of application fees and most all – gave you loving support as you navigated this wonderful process.

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