What is the NCAA Eligiblity Scale?


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The NCAA has coined the term “Student-Athlete” in the attempt of promoting academics over athletics for all collegiate programs under their stewardship. You should always be a student first and an athlete second. Being a collegiate student-athlete starts with the NCAA Eligibility Center. The Eligibility Center determines if your high school academic path, and success, is suitable for college readiness and success, and whether you can compete in collegiate athletics.

The NCAA Eligibility Center, formally the NCAA Clearinghouse, is the academic processing arm of the NCAA and if your goal is to participate in collegiate athletics at the NCAA1 or NCAA2 level you must register with them during your high school years. However, NCAA3 colleges and universities are responsible for determining their student-athletes own academic eligibility based on the institutions admissions standards.

If your aim is to compete in college athletics at the NCAA1 or NCAA2 level you should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (www.eligibilitycenter.org) during your junior year and follow up with transcripts and test scores through the remainder of your high school career, including a final transcript stating you have graduated from high school and met all your high school’s academic graduation requirements. You must furnish transcripts (if you attended more than one school it is necessary that you send a transcript from each institution you have attended), standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) and proof of graduation to the NCAA in order to be cleared for competition and practice.

To be deemed eligible by the NCAA Eligibility Center you must meet their minimum academic requirements for each division. For NCAA1 eligibility you must pass 16 core classes with your grade point average and SAT or ACT scores meeting the minimum standards on a sliding scale. For NCAA2 eligibility you must complete 14 core classes (16 for the collegiate incoming class of 2013) and attain a minimum of 820 on your SAT (or an ACT equivalent).

Just like much of the college recruitment process, it is important that you are proactive with your approach to the Eligibility Center. Register online early, send all your preliminary transcripts and have your standardized test scores sent directly from either the SAT or ACT and follow up to be assured the Eligibility Center has received all your documentation.

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