Ignore the Rankings


Did you know that over 70% of students get into their first choice college?  And colleges typically admit more than two thirds of their applicants. So, why all the hype about extremely low acceptance rates and rankings at “elite colleges”?  The reports fuel frenzy and students feel like their chances of admission are very low, overall.

Maybe it isn’t about just looking at what the media deems the elite.  Maybe it is about finding a college that is the best fit for you, which often has nothing to do with a school’s name or ranking.

There is more to a college than its name or location. Think about the type of environment that is best suited to your academic strengths, the kinds of people you want to be surrounded by, and the level of involvement professors have in your education.  Consider opportunities outside of the classroom as well as accessibility to research and internships.  Cost and value are also important components that each student needs to factor into the equation. Focus less on “name-brand” which isn’t necessarily the best fit for everyone.

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