Essential organizers for your college dorm


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was packing up and heading off to college. I remember stuffing my entire bedroom into about six suitcases and some boxes. Of course, I soon found out that I didn’t have enough space in my tiny dorm room for much of what I brought with me to college; some of it ended up in the dumpster, but plenty of it headed back home with me the first time I left for a visit. There weren’t too many options for creating additional space or finding clever ways to store things when I was a student, but thankfully that has changed. You no longer have to leave half of your life behind when you head off to college. Even if you’re stuck in a triple or quadruple room, there are organizers that can help you create an amazing living space that is both functional and fun, without taking over the entire room. Here are just a few that I recommend to make your life easier this year.


Bathroom Organizers


No matter what size dorm room you end up in, chances are that you will be sharing a bathroom with one or more people. Space will be severely limited, so you won’t be able to spread your items out across the vanity or take up precious drawer space like you might at home. It’s also not a good idea to leave things out, as many students have no problem using your products without your permission. To eliminate clutter and reduce the chances of theft, invest in a shower caddy. You can pick up an inexpensive version or treat yourself to something with a bit more personality, depending on your budget. If you are lucky enough to have a private bathroom, you may also want to consider a style station organizer to help keep things nice and neat. It also helps reduce the chances of you burning your arm on a hot blow dryer.


Closet Organizers


Personally, I don’t think most college dorm rooms have actual closets. It’s more of a recess in the wall; few have doors or even enough space to hang more than just a few pieces of clothing. If you like to wear skirts or dresses, this can be a real problem. Thankfully, you can now pick up a neat little gadget called the Closet Doubler that will essentially double your hanger space. Clothes organizers are another necessity, as these handy space savers can also provide additional storage. They also make packing up a breeze!


Organizers for Your Bed


Your bed will probably be the most important piece of furniture in your room. You’ll find yourself studying, eating and sleeping on it, but it also provides another area to store your belongings. To increase your space, simply add some risers to your bed, but be sure to get the ones with the built in power source, as it’s a royal pain digging behind your desk and bed every time you need to charge something. Another thing I recommend is a bedside caddy, as this will come in handy on those cold, winter nights (and mornings) when you don’t want to get out of bed.


Kitchen Organizers


Technically, few college dorm rooms have a kitchen; it’s usually just a counter with a sink. You may have just enough space for a microwave and a mini-fridge, and that’s about it. So, where do you store your food and tableware? Well, you could stack them in a box or shove them under your bed, but I prefer to use something with a bit more style. Consider picking up a fridge cart to add storage space or a can rack, which will make it easy to see what you actually have to eat. Another thing to purchase is a utensil caddy; otherwise, you may spend much of your time hunting for forks and spoons.


Desk Organizers


I cannot study when my desk is a total mess. If you are like me, and need things to be orderly, be sure to pick up an organizer to keep your pens, clips and other stationary items where you can always find them. I also hate having a bunch of cords sticking out. To eliminate plugging in your phone, tablet and iPod at random locations throughout your room, consider picking up one of the newer multi-use docking stations. You won’t regret it!

Before you head out to the stores to pick up any of these items, do yourself a favor and hit up local garage sales or check out Craigslist. You may be able to find them at a significantly lower price. I also recommend packing your items in storage bins and other things that can double for storage containers at college; this will save you both time and space.

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