Stores that Give Student Discounts


College is one of the only times in your life when you will have access to so many different types of events and activities—from sporting events to lectures to concerts to plays and art exhibits—all for FREE, or at least at deeply discounted prices. Put your student ID to use and enjoy as many free events and opportunities as you can fit into your schedule.

Unfortunately, as you know, not everything is free. With tuition rates increasing and school loans waiting for you after graduation, you are probably on a tight budget and find that money is in short supply to buy the essentials. The good news is that many retailers, restaurants, and other service providers sympathize with your financial situation and offer a variety of student discounts. Following is an overview of different types of student discounts available, as well as a list of some specific retailers that offer discounts and special deals for students.

Digital Subscription Discounts

Chances are, you like to stream music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts. You may also enjoy shopping online for books, school supplies, and everyday essentials. Did you know many online subscription services offer discounts or special deals for students? In most cases, you just need to enter your .edu email address when you sign up. Here are a few examples of digital services that provide student discounts:

Software and Apps Discounts

As a student, you can often access certain software suites for free through your school. If not, you can likely buy it at a discounted rate. Following are few examples of software and apps that offer free access and/or discounts for students:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Github
  • Ableton

Service Discounts

From travel to movie tickets, you can find discounts on all kinds of in-person services. Don’t be shy about asking whether a business offers a discount if you don’t see one clearly posted. Some popular types of service discounts include:

  • 15% off Amtrak rides for students
  • Free or discounted admission to museums and art galleries
  • Public transit discounts
  • Discounted movie tickets or special student nights
  • Car insurance discounts for students
  • Special cell phone service deals and discounts

Shopping Discounts

Whether you shop online or in the store, many retailers offer student discounts or special student deal days. Always check to see whether a discount is offered before you check out. Check here to see a list of retailers that offer student discounts for most of your daily needs.