The Top 10 Dos and Don'ts of College


Okay Internet-Land, I’ve learned some lessons after four years in college. Granted, I go to a girls’ school, but I have friends who don’t and so I’ve compiled a list of the things that I think should be on your to-do and your to-don’t list.

   1. Don’t expect that guy you met at the kegger last night to call you the next day—or at all. Ladies, just because he’s hot and you chatted him up and you made out a little…ok, a lot…and you gave him your number, it doesn’t mean he’s going to use it. All I’m saying is don’t have too high an expectation for him to call. P.S. If you got his number, don’t stalk him.
   2. Don’t hole up in your dorm and not join any clubs and then complain that your campus is boring. If you’re not doing anything, that’s probably the reason why you think the campus is boring. You’re gonna have a good time if you try out a couple of clubs or go to some college parties. Even if you don’t like the club or the party is lame, there’s always something else around the corner.
   3. Do know that every professor is different. No matter how much the school says that they care about their students, there will always be that one professor who will push you and be the most annoying person on the planet just to see how you handle it, all the while saying, “you so much have potential, use it.” Each professor has a different teaching style and, most importantly, grades differently. You must learn to adapt.
   4. Do remember that in college, you have to teach yourself. From math to science to art, you have to figure out how you learn best.
   5. Do know when to ask for help. If you find that you keep failing the quizzes, then it’s time to seek out Student Support Services or email your professor and set up an appointment for extra help.
   6. Don’t squander your time partying 24/7 (see: MTV’s College Life). I’m not at all saying that you shouldn’t have a good time, just know when to rein it in.
   7. Don’t forget that you are not alone. From drama to depression, anxiety over midterms to a family crisis, there is always somebody who will listen—it might even be that professor who keeps nagging you!
   8. Do remember to be yourself; it will always be enough.
   9. (I’m gonna quote Rev Run here) Do your best and forget the rest.
  10. Do have fun.

Bottom line: it’s all about balance.

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