Top 10 Things to Know About BU Sports


By Toby Nathan Unigo Campus Rep at Boston University 1. We are very creative in our cheers and jeers.  For example, when we play BC, our biggest rival, we came up with this little gem: “F** ‘em up, f** ‘em up, BC SUCKS!” 2. BU men’s basketball is a joke.  Seriously, we have a joke.  Here’s the punch-line: BU basketball. 3. Yes, despite the commonly perceived notion that we are too stuck up or pretentious or mainstream, we do have a quidditch team. 4. The pickup basketball games on any given day at Fit Rec (our grand gym, properly known as the Fitness and Recreation Center) draw larger crowds than BU basketball games. 5. Those same pickup games also generally feature more talented players. 6. Our football team: The New England Patriots.  Yes, those New England Patriots. 7. BU’s student population’s favorite sports team is the Boston Red Sox. 8. The hockey team is routinely really talented and routinely chokes in the America East playoffs. 9. The alumni regularly outnumber the students at hockey games. 10. Sports here…. wait, do we have sports here?

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