2016 Unigo Fifth Month Scholarship winner and tips


We’re excited to announce the winner of the Unigo Fifth Month Scholarship. The question was, “May is the fifth month of the year. Write a letter to the number five explaining why five is important.” Check out the winning essay, followed by scholarship tips from our winner. Want to be a featured winner? Check Our Scholarships for a new scholarship every month.

Winning scholarship essay

Dear Cinq, I’m sorry it must end this way. It isn’t what I wanted. A scribbled note — such a trope from a bygone era I know you’d never approve of. Then again, maybe that’s why I’m leaving. We never did quite fit, did we? Don’t write and don’t try to find me. I’ve gone on the five o’clock train, so it’s too late. Just remember the time we had — that May in Cancun, that last Cinco de Mayo together, our fifth-anniversary party. Remember how your five digits gripped mine as we boarded the plane to leave just days before that category-five hurricane swept the coast? I thought you’d never let go. You loved me then, didn’t you? I think my senses will remember you most — all five. When you begin to fade, I’ll smell your perfume on a passing stranger and remember. Chanel, wasn’t it? No. 5, of course. I know you’ll be better without me. I was absentee at best and I don’t want to lie anymore, so I’m coming clean in this letter. I’m not an accountant in the five boroughs. I work for the CIA and regularly with her majesty’s secret police (MI-5). I’m trusting you to burn this letter now that you know the truth. You were never a fool, Cinq. I’m sorry I treated you this way. I have to leave. Send the quintuplets my love. Yours Truly, Quinton

Scholarship tips from our winner

How to write a winning scholarship essay
Aiden F.If the scholarship allows you to be funny, be funny. Everyone has unique moments that have happened to them in their lives — draw from those. If you can tell a good story, you can write one — people usually write how they talk. Practice telling a story out loud before writing one down.

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