2017 Unigo I Have a Dream Scholarship winner and tips


We’re excited to announce the winner of the Unigo I Have a Dream Scholarship. The question was, “What do you dream about?” Check out the winning essay by An S., followed by her scholarship tips. Want to be a featured winner? Check Our Scholarships for a new scholarship every month.

Winning scholarship essay

Wield beautifully sharp knives that sing in the air. Slice pork in translucent layers, gristle and fat transform into shimmery ephemeral sheets. Set pan a-sizzle. Savory scent wafts up, drop in rosemary, thyme, potato. Artfully arrange on blindingly white plate. Drizzle thick rich syrup over it all. Judge’s mouth is open, got a little bit of drool there, sir. Audience clamors, wants a closer look. He spears food with fork, brings it steaming to his mouth. Tastes it. Bliss spreads over face. Shouts “First prize, ladies and gents, I give you—” Wake up. Grasp at that dream, futilely. Can’t remember anymore. Muster the motivation, somehow, to stand up. Back to the grind, to college, to classes. Lose myself in exams, career-searching, stress. Stomach grumbles. Bite into cold dead sandwich. Memory flashes: exquisite herbs on the best-roasted cuts. Drop tasteless bread. Opt, instead, for lemon ricotta pancakes. Sunny-side eggs. Burn tongue countless times on hot clam chowder. Gather army equipped with spatulas. Make our mark with glorious midnight spaghetti, boiled in golden dim lighting. Custom ramen slurped down against a.m. hours, friends laugh and clutch warm bowls. Roast kale with honey, raisins, nuts — didn’t know green stuff could taste so good. Cocoa cookies. Happiness tastes crunchy, light, delectable. Spread it a little, knock on dorm doors. Watch butterscotch chips melt into smiles. Fall asleep to minty fresh toothpaste tingles fading on tongue. Dream in flavor.

Scholarship tips from our winner

An W.
How to win scholarships
If you’re applying to every single scholarship out there without much success, slow down and try to avoid stretching your efforts too thin find specific scholarships that fit your interests and focus on them. Narrow down your scholarship search with online scholarship matching tools. Unigo’s a great place to start!
How to write a winning scholarship essay
Quite frankly, I don’t have much experience writing scholarship-winning essays. But I’ll tell you what worked for me this time, and what might work for you in the future: write about something you truly enjoy. Your excitement towards your topic will really shine through to your readers.

Last day to enter is October 31st!
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