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Do you remember your high school or college chemistry class? You probably had your share of fun trying weird experiments or mixing chemicals, but there may have been one thing you really hated to learn…the periodic table of elements. Sure, a few elements were pretty easy to memorize with some creative tactics (AU, I want some gold!), but a lot of it made absolutely no sense. For example, why is potassium represented by the letter K, and why is FE used for iron? There’s proably a perfectly logical explanation (look them up on Google) why those letters are used, but that doesn’t make it any easier to remember them. Thankfully, Unigo has found a way to use the periodic table in a manner that makes perfect sense…with scholarships!

This new, interactive Periodic Table of Scholarships is cool on so many levels. You can quickly target scholarships that reward you for your athletic talent, such as playing volleyball or tennis. Or, you can find free money based on your year in school or even your college major. There are also links to company-sponsored scholarships and those offered by If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you need to check those out ASAP (yes, there’s a zombie scholarship!). Here’s another exciting element to the table — you can actually download a print version to carry with you or hang on your bedroom wall. We all need a few reminders to search and apply for scholarships, and this will do the trick.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out’s Periodic Table of Scholarships and start finding free money to help you pay for college today!

periodic table of scholarships

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