Money matters: scholarships for specific career paths


It’s never easy trying to decide what major to choose when getting ready to go to college. Our decisions are often influenced by our families, society and, more often than not, money. Considering the educational investment we must make for career preparation before we even earn our first paycheck, it may help to know what financial assistance may be available within your given career choice. Knowing what scholarship resources are available can also help you decide on what level of degree you will ultimately pursue (undergraduate, graduate or higher). Here are a few examples of career paths that have scholarship opportunities for students at different levels of education…


AfterCollege/N-OADN Foundation Student Scholarship – This program is available to U.S. students who are currently enrolled in the second year of associate’s degree nursing programs at accredited U.S. institutions. The scholarship is valued at $1,000 and applications must be submitted by February 1.

Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship Program – U.S. minority students in the third or fourth year of BSN degree programs may apply for this scholarship. There is one (1) $3,000 award and two (2) $1,000 awards available. Deadline is February 1.


Galvanize the Future: Edgar K. Schutz Essay Contest – This scholarship is open to both international and U.S. students who are currently enrolled at U.S. colleges and pursuing engineering degrees. Three awards are offered ($1,000, $1,500 & $2,500). The deadline for applications is March 31.

SHPE Northrop Gruman Scholarship – Any full-time U.S. student of Hispanic descent who is entering his/her sophomore year or higher at college may apply. Each applicant must be pursuing a degree in engineering at one of the listed colleges on the scholarship provider’s website. The number of $5,000 scholarships being awarded varies. The deadline to apply is April 1.


Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship – This program is available to U.S. high school seniors who reside in New York, will major in business and plan to attend a college listed on the provider’s website. There are 15 to 20 full tuition (renewable) scholarships available, including a paid internship with JPMorgan Chase. The deadline to apply is January 20.

CGSM Fellowship for Talented Minorities – U.S. students who are African-American, Hispanic-American, or Native-American and have completed their bachelor’s degrees may be considered for this scholarship. Applicants must be planning to attend one of the 14 colleges listed on the provider website and be pursuing graduate degrees in business. A total of 300 full-time fellowships (covering tuition and fees for two years) are available. The deadline to apply is January 5.

As you can see, there are a myriad of available funding sources that may help you pay for your entire college education, depending upon your career choices.

Do a little research into the career areas that most interest you and see what funding may be available to you as you proceed through college. With a little planning, you may be able to graduate with minimal debt and a job or internship already in place.

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