Countdown of the Top Ten Things Students Should Know about CU Athletics

Columbia University Athletics

By Juliet Savits
By Juliet Savits
Unigo Campus Rep at Columbia University

10. Admission to any home game is free for a Columbia University Student.

9. Don’t expect large crowds at most athletics events, but within the crowds, you may find the few ardent followers.

8. Club sports are a great way to stay active and meet people.

7. Home games and team practices are held off campus at Baker Athletics Complex or at local parks around the city.

6. Columbia does not grant athletic scholarships, but athletes are still recruited.

5. Varsity athletes are allowed to register for classes early in order to work around their practice schedules.

4. There is no pressure to get involved in sports or to attend sporting events at Columbia.

3. Everyone on campus knows when a team wins a game.

2. It is worth going to athletics events to watch the performances by the cheerleaders, marching band, and dance team.

And the number one thing students should know about CU athletics is…

1. Sporting events are the best place to get free things, most notably food and T-shirts.