The Issues that Really Matter to University of Michigan Students

With a long-standing history of student political activism, the University of Michigan, celebrates student interest in politics with an important monument on its central campus. The memorial which depicts legions of university students engaged in a demonstration during the 1968 presidential election greets students’ everyday as they enter central campus. It seems that student interest in and commitment to political issues is part of a greater tradition at the University of Michigan that has lasted over 40 years.

Columbia Athletics: In the Lion’s Den

If you ask most students what they think about Columbia Athletics they will most likely nod their head “no” and give a smug smile. Columbia is not known for having a great athletics program. Some teams may have a winning season from time to time, but there are few that are regular competitors for NCAA titles. That being said, Columbia athletics can be a great opportunity to compete, keep in shape, or just have fun.

To Fence or Not to Fence?

Aside from D-1 varsity sports, students can get involved in a large variety of sport clubs right on campus. Vanderbilt students are known for being involved in many activities, but the flexibility of club activities gives students a chance to get involved in athletics and meet new people. Whatever a student’s level of expertise or interest may be, chances are the Student Recreation Center probably has it covered. Teams range from traditional sports such as soccer, volleyball and water polo, to more unique sports such as fencing.