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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a student who chose to go across the country for school my advice to other students would be if you've thought about going away for school or are contemplating going away for school then do it. It is not often that you'd get a chance to leave home to be on your own in a new city with new friends for school. My advice to the parents and the students would be to make sure you know the area that you'd be living in asuming that you are going out of state for school. I've noticed that many students don't know what they are getting into until they are here and become overwelmed. To the parents if your child(ren) are going away for school make sure to give them space. I realise that as parents you want to know what your child(ren) are up to but they might get acclimated before they can find the right rythem for themselves.


Make sure you think about it carefully and surely, Because you are going To want to Get your Money worth. Make sure it it's right for you.


Students, overachieving is fine but know your limitations. Choose the college that is demographically, socially, and acedemically right for you. Once you've made your choice, make it a point to visit your potential college. Observe the enviornment, ask questions and take a campus tour. Talk with a school representative to futher clarify any lingering questions you may have. Most importantly, talk with your parents about where and how realistic it will be financially for you to attend the college of your choice . Parents, your child will have limitations and may not perform to your expectations. Letting your child make decisions on their own will help to usher them into adulthood and ultimately allow them to gain the skills of independence. Most importantly, get informed on financial aid , the sooner the better! Worrying about tution is every parents nightmare. Prepare yourself by doing your homework about financial aid! No matter where you attend school, remember that college is more than an academic institution. It's a life learning tool. Enjoy your enviornment and cherish your social interactions. Embrace your friends and professors just as much as you embrace your education. Do not overlook experiencing life as it unfolds!


Work together to explore all the options available. Communicate with each other so that everyone is on the same page with what the student wants to accomplish. Never be afraid to ask questions, interview school staff and financial advisors-it is never a waste of time to tour schools you are interested in. Its also well worth the time to thoroughly research each school of interest to be sure they offer all the options you want.


Take the tours and be selective. They need you as much as you need them. How is the campus life? Do you feel comfortable with the pace of the city or suburbs? Check out the faculty. Become allies with your teachers. If they are professionals in the industry, even better. They have real life experience and wisdom in your field. Look at the job placement ratio. Where the graduates and alumni working? The school should be proud of this and have it displayed. Are they networking with other industry professionals? Do they have portfolio reviews or job fairs from well respected companies? Your goal is to get paid for your hard work here. Focus on your priorities. Set realistic goals. Put school before partying. Stay healthy. Workout and try to eat right. Have hobbies outside the classroom to help you decompress. Prove yourself. Ask questions. A ton of them. Take chances. If you fail, don't regret it but learn from it. You live once and your wont get these years back. Be open minded and don't be afraid of new ideas. Being talented and humble will get you far. Smile.


I would say that no matter what college you choose take a least a one week trip there before hand to get a handle on the environment as well as the economic status. This will give you a better understanding of the financial burden that will be coming as well as the speed of the environment in which you will be learning. Everything is about experiencing things for the first time, but it can be overwhelming. Its always best to scout out a situation before you buy into it.


Talk with students before enrolling!


Don't throw yourself into a major just because you think it will make money in the end. You'll just end up transferring to something you actually like? so try finding pre-college experiences so you can do the experimentation before heading to college? and then go to a school that offeres the best programs for what you really have a passion for.


Don't think that just because there is open admission that this is an easy school. Expect dozens of all nighters and lots of hard work. If you slack off or if you don't go to class you will fail.


My advise would be to find the school of your dreams. Do not hesitate because of distance, money or anything else. You go to school following a dream and nothing should be on your way between you and your goals. Find a school that meets your requirements such as education level, social life, career orientation, or whatever it is that you are looking for. Have different options and compare them, visit the schools, talk to teachers, advisors and current students before you make your final decision. And rememeber, you are looking for a school that can provide you with absolutely everything you need to make your professional dreams and goals a reality, so take your time and choose right.

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