Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


it's hard to find things to do and people who are interested in the same things as I am. if you are interested in greek life and partying then it's easy to find things to do but if you aren't then it requires a lot of effort to find anything


The worst thing about my school is just how expensive, and costly it is to be on campus. All universities are expensive, but I feel like ASU charges you every chance that they get. My money is extremely limited and it's hard to attend a school that tries to suck me dry of my money every chance that they get.

James Matthew

Arizona State University is one of the largest universities in the country. Finding yourself in this community, locating your classes, feeling that it is so vast and impersonal can be a large concern for many students and parents too. But Arizona State University has taken the insight to break the ASU experience into small classes, split up campuses, ( west, downtown, east valley), and matched students to advisors to make the transition easier for students and to assure parents that this is not a large, we don't care about the student, experience.


Worst thing about my school is the weather. It is very nice during the fall/winter. But very hot during the spring and summer semesters.


Parking and Parking fees


the cost


The worst thing about ASU is the negative connotation it has for being a less-than-serious place to attend college. There are so many brilliant, kind, motivated people studying at the school and it's unfortunate that their commitment to education is shrouded by a rowdy reputation. I've found that the school is quite progressive in it's programs, technological infrastructure, and commitment to innovation. The staff members genuinely seem to care about each student's success despite the massive student body. If you have the will, you can find the way at ASU.


The worst thing about Arizona State University actually at first seemed to be one of its most impressive features; ASU is astoundingly huge! For someone who's spent his entire young life in the suburbs, the sheer size of the Tempe campus is awe-inspiring. However, I have to say that the novelty does tend to wear off when your classes are 10 minutes apart and halfway across campus.


I am an online student living in another state. I find that there are alot of activities on campus that I would like to partake in yet I am unable to because I am not there locally .


The pitifall of ASU is that there are not enough study locations for students open late at night. The coffee shops on campus all close early and the library fills up very quikcly, espeically during finals time. The coffee shops need to stay open later on campus to allow for students to not have to leave the safety of campus while studying late at night.


I believe the worst thing about Arizona State University is the lack of political freedom. Most of the teachers are liberal and try to sway the students on issues, such as healthcare and immigration, that I would rather them keep to themselves.


Arizona State Universiyt is a large university


There are three different campuses; students who have majors centered on one campus will have to travel to another for several classes.


Because of the great experience I had at the school, there is not really anything that comes to mind to being the worst thing about my school. As stated above in the previous question, I had one major issue with a professor. However, this could happen at any major university. I was just unfortunate to find that unhelpful professor at the university I attended.


The worst thing about my school, Arizona State University, is its reputation. It's become infamous as a party school, and while that may be true (granted, as an out of state online student I cannot confirm based on on-campus experience) there is a tremendous breadth of resources for students looking for a more challenging and fulfilling college experience. The school's reputation as a party school is unfair and two-dimensional as it reflects only a small and somewhat negative aspect of what Arizona State University has to offer.


Particular majors are at different campuses far away from eachother in the valley and are not offered at other campuses. For example Journalism, Nursing and Pre-Law are all at the Down Town campus but most of the students are at the Tempe campus. We can not take that many journalisn, nursing or pre-law classes at Tempe because they're not availible and we must drive there for class. Aueronotical engineering is at Polytechic Campus far away as well. And you can not take non art history courses unless you're an art major. (no art minor)


My least favorite thing about ASU is the party population. Many of the students aren't at the school to learn and achieve, and these people often drag down the reputation the school has.


From what I've been able to gather (and I think this is typical of most higher education) courses and prepared by previous instructors and many professors are simply "monitoring" students for appropriate responses to pre-established paramaters. This tends to ensure that derivative thought is valued while original contributions are largely considered outside the purview of class content.


I do not have any complaints about my school. This is actually the best college experience that I have had thus far. My professors are very motivating, and my academic success coach motivates me when I think things are getting rough.


Personally, I consider the program in the worst thing about this school because it affects me the most out of everything. It really is not what I was hoping to get out of a college theatre program because the focus is more about experimental theatre opposed to more traditonal theatre.


worst thing about ASU i guess is the heat if you don't like hot weather the school itself is fine. The tuition for out of state transfers could be a little less but that seems universal not just ASU.


The worst thing about ASU is, even though it is a huge campus with hundreds of students, you can feel isolated and alone if you don't know anyone or what you are doing. It seems all rather confusing and someo of the faculty and staff just don't explain everything to you in a way you can understand.


The choices of food. I think there should more, wider variety and healthier food shouldn't cost as much as it does.


Despite all of the rumors, ASU is actually a pretty good school. However, I would definitely appreciated if the school provided students with more classes, and possible override options.


I think the worst thing about the school is that they charge for men's basketball and men's football. I love sports but as a full time student I cannot afford to pay to go to all of the home games. I would go to all of them if they where free. They do offer a package that includes all the home games for the two sports but for a full time student that is married with two kids, it is still to much money for me.


It's very big and crowded.


The worst thing about my school is the parking situation, parking permits are limited and come at a high price, and even after paying for the parking permit sometimes the parking lots and structures are too full and you cannot find a space.


The residence hall goes by majors which doesnt allow alot of variety


The worst thing about my school is the quality of the sidewalks, since students tend to walk on or bike around the pavement, the sidewalks become dangerous with their cracks and narrowness.


The worst thing about the school is the cost. The reason why is because it cost so much that they are basically encouraging students to take out loans, which in my view is a bad way to start life.


So far I've been satisfied with my experience with ASU. As an online out-of-state student I don't get a chance to visit the campus. But my online experience have been good so far.


grades almost all dependent on tests


Very clique-y.


The worst thing about my school is the number of people there are. I feel as if Arizona State University has an overpopulated system of students which makes some classes difficult because there are so many students. Some of the teachers are also a problem since some do not speak very clear english which is very frustrating.


There are times I feel lost in the sheer numbers of students. I find it difficult to form and maintain relationships with educators.


The worst thing about ASU is the reputation as a party school because as much as people party they are all academically focused when they need to be and it shows.


Outside the school sponsored activities, Arizona State University is a party school.


lack of interesting cultered people


I did not care for the parking arrangment at ASU. ASU has very expensive parking, and the least expensive of parking is a good 20 to 25 minutes away from any classrom by foot. I would stongly encourage any new student to consider taking the bus, light rail, or live on campus to avoid this.


The worst thing about Arizona State University is how crowded the campus is. For the school to be so large and have a huge enrollment there should be more room. This would also mean less crowded classrooms. Lecture classes do not count, but classrooms that have sixty students in them are ridiculous. People are run over by bikes and skateboards because of the shoulder to shoulder contact we must sometimes make. I wish my school was at least bigger so that people could have more space to maneuver. Bigger sidewalks could help with this.


During my undergraduate career at Arizona State University I would have to say that the worst aspect was adjusting to the sheer size of the school. According to the US Department of Education, ASU currently has 58,371 students enrolled which makes it the largest school in the US. Yes it can be exciting attending a school which such a large student body, however, at times you can get lost and left behind in the traffic. Given the size of the campus and the level of excitement constantly present, its uncanny how easy you can begin to feel lonely.


Very spread out and large campus - hard to feel "connected".


I think the worst thing about our school is that all kinds of people who are not attending the university are always on campus. Also our campus is extremely large, the combination of these two things make me feel unsafe at night since some attacks have occurred within the past two years I have attended there. I wish there was some way they could make it safer at night.


The confusion of going to a large school where your academic path is not always clear.


One of the worst things about the school is that it can be dirty at times. The computer labs around finals week are filthy . Another negative thing that it is a large campus and sometimes you have to walk great distances in the hot summer days and there is not enough shady trees, or shade structures to make it easier to be out in the summer days.


The worst thing about my school in my opinion is the size of the school. With more than 65,000 students attending ASU throught all 4 of the campuses, there is little time to build a relationship with professors. It is definitely possible to build relationships with a couple, but classes are generally lecture classes until you get to the upper division classes in your junior or senior years.


The worst thing about my school is that it is too crowded. Arizona State University used to have that small town feeling, but now one navigating the campus would think it is a commercialized bureaucracy. The entire campus is ran like a business and many times I feel as if I am simply an ID number rather than an actual student. Because of its large size, I find it difficult to build personal, meaningful relationships with both students and faculty at ASU. Sadly, students at ASU are not valued individually and the university is only concerned with its own benefit.


The tuition cost for an out of state resident is ridiculously high!


The only that I don't like about ASU is how much partying that goes on here, it's so frequent and I don't like to party.


The four campuses are far from each other, sometimes making traveling to classes incovenient.