Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Brigham Young University-Provo? Why?


The most challenging aspect of attending BYU is the quality of the students—this is a competitive school. A person may have been the superstar, the smartest, or most talented in high school, but it is no longer the case once they get to BYU. Perspective students need to understand that they will be surrounded by the best. While it makes for wonderful student-to-student interactions and friendships, it also creates a rigorous academic standard. BYU is not the place for students who are looking for low-involvement classes or easily earned degrees. BYU stretches every student’s capabilities.


It is large, if you want to get lost in the crowd, you can.


Brigham Young offers many jobs for students to be employed by but has few scholarships awarded. I'm not saying this trying to sound lazy, but saying that in addition to my part-time job, more campus scholarships would be nice too.


It is cold in the winter so buckle up.


No caffeine on campus


My school is stingy with scholarships. Academic scholarships are hard to come by, but that is potentially for the better, since it fosters hard work from the students who attend. My personal dislike results because BYU does not give athletic scholarships where they are so often due. I have had many friends and family members who started on teams (including the football team) or were top-ranked in their groups, and did not recieve scholarships because the university was aware they could pay for school without a scholarship. If one works hard enough at a single thing they deserve reward.


As a student I have had an incredibly postive experience. BYU is an amazing school, however, it is dominately Latter-day Saint. Many people who are not Latter-day Saints may feel uncomfortable here at first simply because the culture is a little different. Our standards are high and, to many people, strange. For me, these standards and the Latter-day Saint culture here is not a drawback, but for some people, especially non Latter-day Saints, it could be a hinderance.


Most businesses close around 10:00 pm so there are not many options for things to do late at night if you are not creative.


The lack of diversity.


Perhaps the lack of diversity.