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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice would be to any high school senior to try to take as many dual enrolled classes as possible so he or she can get a jump start on their college mandated classes so he or she can get a college experience while they are still in high school.


My advice would be is for prepare them self for a diferent life after high school. Open your mind and absorve the changes. Dont be scared.


The advise that I would give to my self is to not freak out, literally. When we are in high school we are pressured by staff and family when we become seniors about college. From financial aid to admissions and extra curricular activities, we tend to become stressed out to be acceptable and attractive prospective students for our dream universities and colleges. Truth is, we might change in a year and become enamored with another career path and no longer desire what we stressed out so much about in high school. Thus, my advice is simple: do not stress out, relax and trust in yourself.


Acknowledging the experience and information I have gained, I would tell myself three things, (1) do not allow popular opinion to discourage you from selecting a college, (2) as you enter college try to imagine how this decsion will affect you in five years, and (3) relax, have more fun. I really feel like once I entered college I allowed the world of extra-curriculars to slip out from under me, I would definately go back to when I first commited and sign up/try out for more. I also feel as though I wasted a lot of time deliberating on a college because I was afraid of what my friends would think. I would want to reasure myself that ultimately picking a college is about making the best decision for myself and my future, not anyone else ( while keeping in mind that no one actually cares as much about my decision as I do). Finally, I want to consider how this college would affect my future. College can open so many doors and opportunities, these are just as important factors as the majors they offer and how their dorms look, with this advice I would've helped myself greatly.


2012 Jessica, I know you want to graduate early and be done with high school already but for the love of all that is holy, sign up for dual enrollment classes. Seriously. Do it. We’re cheap and they are offering you college classes for free! I’m here writing this letter to you now, two years after graduation. TWO YEARS. It took two years to buckle down and finally start college. Listen to me, you really need to go sign up for dual enrollment and take those free college classes. As I said, I’m writing to you from 2014 and you know why I’m writing to you? I am hoping to score a scholarship to help pay for our first couple semesters of college. College is not cheap, and if you would have started classes back in high school it would have saved us almost $1000, possibly more. Instead of me writing this right now we could be getting ready to finish up with our associates degree and be preparing to transfer to UCF right now if you just go to the guidance counselor and sign up for dual enrollment. Please, just go do it.


I believe that if i ever come back to high school as a senior and know what to expect in college i wouldn't be paying for my college out of my pocket. I will adivce my self that I need to start applying for schoolarships while still in high school. I knew College is expensive, but I was not expecting it to be these expensive that i have to get help from my mom. Also ill tell myself that i need to check out what college or university i want to go so that i can estimate and manage my expenses.


Asumming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would most certainly try to motivate myself more. I'd give myself the scenarios I'm in now and remind myself that in order to get somewhere, I have to simply start somewhere. I'd remind myself that with hard work comes great fun, so not to give up even when extremely stressed. Of course, since I've graduated with the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, I'd try to push myself toward being in the top 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. I'd tell myself that as early as I finish my work there, the easier the time that I will have in college will be; the simpler the assignments will seem, and the easier the test materials will get, and last but not least- the quick I will get out of there, and continue to where I want to go. Following your dreams, even if they're unclear, is the key to success.


My life has had many twists and turns reflected throughout my school career. In my eyes, and my mind, as you complete your senior year, you have to let life play itself forward as you continue upon higher education. I have constantly and everlastingly been told that I was “not good enough”. That I was “not pretty enough”. Or even worse, that I was “not smart enough”. I was bullied at school often because of my appearance, and lack of comprehension and co-operation with my class. This resulted in myself being depressed, pessimistic, despondent, and isolated. Many events have caused a sudden rise in my grades. However, unfortunate events led to my regression, and a rapid decline in my successes. I would constantly miss school, my grades would fall, and I would soon become a dispirited outcast. College gives you a chance to start over and make a change. You realize that high school was nothing but 8-hours a day, 5-days a week worth of stress and self-consciousness. You get to wear the same clothes over and over. Not to mention TONS of benefits for being a college student. YOU control your school and social life.


Partake in your community and volunteering. Not only will it help your resume, future, but also your selfesteem and sense of empathy. It gives you not only hands on experience but a emotion experience as well. Another thing is to do a lot of research in the career of your choice and what it takes to get there. Yes taking and Acing the class is extremely important but for many careers as the one I choose, I have to go a above and beyond. Things such as shadowing, internship, participiating in research. Al l these things are necessary to develop a student entering college and leaving it. It provides a sense of self and future engagments wont seem as intimidating as others would be.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to my high school self there's two things I would say. As a senior in high school I was focus in doing the best i could, I got good grades, did community hours , and joined clubs. first thing I wished I would of listened to more was about scholarships and how much they could help, I never took the time to apply to any because I was always too busy doing something else. Now that I am a college freshman I've realize how hard it is to pay for a good education, and how the extra help could have saved me a lot of headaches. I've learned to appreciate my high school years and learn from my mistakes. The second thing I would tell myself is to enjoy every minute of senior year and to make the most of it because it flys by. College is a great chapter in anyone's life, senior year is extremely important as well I would take advantage of all the time I had to prepared more for what college is all about.


The opportunity to go back in time would be amazing! Although it is not going to happen, I would advise myself to not have a girlfriend and focus on my studies and business. The biggest mistake I made was dedicating my time into someone who did not benefit me in the future, we are no longer together and I lost my scholarship due to the relationship. I now find myself in a position where it is tough to pay for school and find aid. I would tell myself "Stay focused on yourself, and do not worry or stress about others. The only place where you come first is in your world, and your world is what you decide to make it." I would stress to myself just how important it ould be to maintain that scholarship that i worked so hard to achieve in highschool. I probably would not be writing this if it were not for that silly relationship I was in.


If I could honestly go back in time to talk to myself I would go back as far as my freshman year in school, because during middle school I was always consider the silent over achiever because it was the fact of receiving the highest honors that pleased me, it was the satisfaction of silently competing with the smartest person in the class to get higher grades than them. I was never academically gifted but just the fact of having a personal satisfaction to accomplish what other couldn’t is what drove me for what I earned. but once I entered in high school I got tired of hanging around the academically focused student and I started hanging with bad influences that eventually helped my learn how to skip class and punctured my determination for striving for the best. So if I could back in time to talk to myself, I would most definitely give the best "wakeup" call of the year because my mistakes messed me up in the long run.


As a high school senior I would tell myself to apply to Broward College or even indian river state college instead of just applying to JWU and getting denied. If I could I would talk to myself as a freshman. I started off on the rght track and got distracted by things and people that aren't in my life today. I would tell myself to choose education over everything. To work hard in school and wait till after college graduation to have fun. ANd to fully apply myself and try to achieve the highest grades possible.


I assume if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about what I know now about college life, the advice I would give myself is to prepare my mentality to be stronger, be more independent, and to be more focus is studies and the future. I also advice myself that I don’t have to be scare or nervous to go to college because is a different world, is a new beginning and the only thing I have to have in mind is that everything I would do is for myself and my future. Advising myself to be mentally prepare is a big change because after graduating from high school is a different mentality and going to high school right after graduating is going to be confusing because the classes are going to be different and higher level of education. College is something new something never experience before is a new door that open for the future. College is more independent, do homework and study yourself, study even harder for every class, exams and more work. However; college is a wonderful beginning and new life and a good job to come.


Be careful, be brave to say what you think and what you feel. Ask the right you have even though you are a very small Asian student in the college.


Most high school seniors are clueless as to what they want to study and the career path they want to take, I know because I was once there. If I could go back and give myself advise I would say to pick the top 3, 4 or even 5 careers that I think I might be interested in focusing on in school and take the time to volunteer or shadow people in the field. As a matter a fact this is the advise I give a lot of young people now because I would have benefited from it myself. Some people (including myself) waste so much time taking classes for this subject or that subject that by the time they know it, they are 25 or 26 years old and still in school. I would also advise myself to focus in school, being a full time student and sacrafice going out and spending time with your friends. At the end of high school you think you are so young and have all the time in the world but what you don't understand is that that time flashes by quicker than lighting.


If I could go back and give advice about college life to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to plan ahead and to put myself out there. In high school it always seems like everything is planned for you, and opportunities are just handed to you, but this is not the way college works. In college you are your own advocate, no one is looking out for you more than yourself. If you don’t have a plan life is going to be a lot harder for you. The only way to get opportunities is to go out and make them for yourself. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, life is all about the experience and you will never get anywhere if you don’t take any chances. College is a great time to find out what you like and don’t like; there is so much available to you in college, you just have to go out and find it.


Keep the focus and drive you've been having since freshman year. Try harder on Standardized test and spend more time on applying for scholarships. Enjoy high school and go to more events, your only in high school once . Find more people who have accomplished their college years and get advice from them. Dedicate more time to getting help for your weaker subjects such as math and science. Those subjects are key in college, if you don't get it in high school, you'll drown in college without good help. Get yourself prepared to enter the workforce; being able to work part time while your in college is the best growing experince you will receive in your lifetime. You can do anything! Dream big!


If i could go back and talk to myself while I was a high school senior ; I would have a couple wise words of advice. I would have taken more interest into getting scholarships and finding other means of paying for school. Secondly, I would advice myself to go to vocational school after high school.The experience working as a patient care associate in a hospital would have made me appreciate and understand my classes more. I would advice myself to stay on track and keep my mind focused on my goal. Often times having a job can become a distraction rather than be beneficial. Nevertheless, Im a patient care assocaite, I work in the hospital to help me pay for school and other personal needs. If I knew what I know now, I would have planned my future better. I can say, I have had my fair share of bumps in the road; but I will continue to pursue and accomplish my goals.


Knowing that joining the Honors program here at Broward College is not as hard as I thought It would be coming fresh out of high school I would not have stressed about it so much, and psych myself into thinking I could not do it, and not join. Instead I would have joined and encouraged myself that this will be an easy breeze and that I could do it. Moreover, I would not have let my teachers scare me into thinking college is problematic, and telling me that it is twice as challenging as it is in college than it is in High school, because in my eyes it is twice as easy. I will have also advised myself to not to always take the counselors advice, because at the end of the day just because they went through hardship during their first years of college does not mean that I will. But by them telling me this it lead me to be more pessimistic about college than optimistic. And now knowing what college is actually like in high school I would have just told myself that “Yes you can” readying my mind for the transition that is to come!


I would tell myself to get more involved in the organizations that broward college has to offer.


To my high school self, I would say: Don't mess around after high school. Taking a break is nice, but staying out of school too long will distract you and make it more difficult to jump back into the student world. Focus on your studies and resist the urge to procrastinate. It will only cause you stress! All the hard work you do now is an investment in your future and the good habits you form will stay with you in your career and insure your success. I am sure that many people are telling you what the next step should be in your life. Listen to what they have to say, but don't let their advice sway you from doing what you want to do. It's YOUR life! You can do and accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to, no matter what anyone else says is "right" or sensible. You are in charge of your own future. Don't let anything stand in the way of your success.


You need to go to college to better yourself.


Never say you can't do something until you try it!


I would tell myself to go away to college. I firmly believe that if I had gone away to school instead of staying close to home I would have had a more successful transition for life beyond college.


First off the biggest piece of advice that I would give myself is to join the organizations early. My first year and a half I did not join any organizations and I just came to school to take my classes get my A's and go home. Since I joined my last semester, I unfortunately missed out on many opportunities and great experiences. In addition to the academic benefits you make a completely new realm of friends with similar goals and expectations. Secondly, surrounding yourself with students that are better than you is vital to achieving and exceeding your goals. That way you have something to work up to, and not have everyone looking to you for answers. I would also strongly advocate participating in community service activities it brings a great feeling to give back to the community but also opens many doors to scholarships and schooling opportunities. Finally, create a strong network with teachers, advisors, students, and the entire faculty because these will be the individuals that guide you and help you succeed in the educational process. Take advantage of all of the opportunities supplied to you to ensure a phenomenal yet rigorous experience at the college level.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would've made better choices. I procrastinated in high school on many things such as: studying, homeworking, and waking up on time for school. In high school studying wasn't an option for me, and I always waited the last minute to study, which caused me to do poor on my tests. I remember loosing my sleep to stay up late, just to finish my homework. When I was in high school I would repeatedly put my alarm on to wake me up for school, but when my alarm ringed, I would put the snooze button on just so I would be able to continue sleeping later be late for school. Knowing what I know about college life, I had to do a major transition. The advice I would give myself would be to invision my senior year as if it was my first year in college, so when I did graduate high school I would be mentally, physically, and spiritually ready to be a freshman in college, my transition made me a better student in college and I am now not a procrastinator.


I have learned that you can get a good education at a small school, even a public college. I have also learned that other students are just important to my college experience as teachers are. Community college makes it difficult to meet people, but the people I have met have been worth the experience. I've also learned that even though the work may not be the most challenging I've ever experienced, it's still valuable to learn. I've also learned that a bad teacher can make even an interesting class boring, and vice versa. Even if I understand a subject a bad teacher can make it hard to understand. The worse I am at a subject, the more important a good teacher is.


I decided to return to college after being out of school for 4 years. After the birth of my son, my life changed in many ways. I find it important to better myself, to teach him that anything is possible and that it is never too late to go back to school. No mistake is too great, you can always recover from a mistake, as long as you work hard towards what you want. I dream of being successful for my son, to provide him a good life and to be proud of my accomplishments. College has reminded me of what I always dreamed of as a child and it has mentally prepared me for the future. I have learned so much, experienced new friendships, and finally gotten my drive back. It is important to follow your dreams, and to never give up, and I am happy to say that I am a better person than before because of my hard work and dedication to school.


I find the staff helpful and the information regarding orientation at the school. Overall the experience was very postive and I would recommend persons who are willing to go to college to choose Broward College. It offers a wide variety of programs for everyone.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that nothing is going to be handed to you, you have to persue what you want to do. It has been valuable to attend because it has opened my eyes and made me a better person.




My college experience has been full of ups and downs. There have been very low points as well as some very high times when it comes to my education. My freshman year in college I lost focus early on due to my parents getting a divorce. This had a drastic effect on my me and education. I did hoever learn to bounce back from it. While in school, I have learned to take responsibility for my actions and make better decisions as an adult. This experience has given me insight to how the real world works. John Dewey stated that "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.." I learned that quote from my English teacher from last semester. As I thought about it, I saw that it really is true. I'm living life right now by going to class and learning something everyday.


better career and a better understanding of things


To begin with, my mother always pushed me to get a better education and told me how important it was to go to school. She has never attended college in which she regrets and does not want me to make the same mistake. I watch my mother struggle from day to day as we live from paycheck to paycheck. I see how not going to school has taken its toll on her. She is financially stressed but makes sacrifices so i will be able to attend college. So that being said, every little bit counts towards my education and would mean a lot. Classes start on August 23 and i will be majoring in nuclear medicine technology while attending Broward College in Miami,Fl. Its a valuable lesson that i will learn ,whether is being independent or being the best i can be, i know my mother will be proud. This will be of value to me.


College is an eye opener to the real world for me. From the moment I first set foot on campus I realized that I no longer had my mother and father holding my hand towards the decisions I'd make in my life. Nor did I have my old English teacher from High School who would give partial credit towards attempting to answer a question I knew nothing about because I refused to study the night before. College is a rude awakening for me because I'm no longer a young kid anymore. The very path from transitioning from a boy into a man lies in college because the choices we make in college will mold us into the very people we will become as adults. College has taught me about responsibility, and my academics have excelled far more then compared to my days in grade school because my education is my number one priority to me. If there's an exam, I'll make sure to reserve time to study and if there's a report, I'll make sure to start ahead of time. No more procastination because when it comes to shaping your future, why waste it?


Attending a Community College I learned alot of thing about life and school that only I saw from the students around me. First off, I learned how to manage money better when I first hand witness how college students just throw away their money. Due to the econmeny everyone is in a frenzy for money but when stepping on to campus these students do not attend class, which they will have to pay for again. Another thing I got out of attending a Community College is that it is not a joke anymore like high school was for me. In order to move on you must put the work out there and really try your hardest. And in order to get out of school you must pass the class. You meet different people with different directions, it was nice to see that I have a family to push me in the right direction.


Wow...i have gotten alot! it's wonderful, they offer alot of advantages and benefits, all the teachers are competent and well-educated, they have great knowledge, even though some of them are tough and mean, but they know what they doing and they teach pretty good...


I have learned a lot in the psychology courses i have taken, which i have directly related to my family life. My mother suffers from a few psychological disorders which completely control her life. For a while, i was very angry with her because i did not understand why she was like that. After learning facts and listening to many different cases, some of which were much worse, i was able to rekindle our relationship and look to help her. This struck a huge interest in the cause of these disorders, and the best way to control them. I am very inspired to learn so much more about how a person's mind works, and how it is altered by different disorders ( including addiction. ) I look forward to completing a degree that allows me to help people, just as knowledge has helped me in my personal relationships.


I have become a far more outgoing person. I've made lots of friends and have been exposed to new experiences. Also, I have become more confident in my academic efforts with the support and guidance from my professors. I actually find the college experience more enjoyable and less stressful than highschool.


I have received and earned a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience; from assisting patients to learning how to properly manage time for school and work, I have received another view on life.


I would tell myself "Don't just get by. I know senior year is suppose to be a blow off but having fewer classes is perfect to give yourself more time to study and do better. You need to try your best, because you're going to regret it later. If you can do your best on every assignment and put your all into it, then you will not struggle so much later trying to get into school and to get scholarships. Having a good GPA and class rank is critical if you want to get in to a good school.? If I had known that then I wouldn?t be struggling so hard to go to school. I just moved to Miami and getting a loan is impossible right now because I?ve only had a job for a week and financial aid forget it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing about college life and making the transition, I would probably advice myself to study hard in the science subjects, not slack off, focus on grades, and try to get a bright future's scholarship that will pay for my full college/university tuition, that way I would not stress about taking out loans and the big dept I may have after I graduate from university.


The thing about college, as a senior in high school, is that one thinks it is so grand. In reality, you have to be just as commited to school, and even more commited to your school work. One thinks that they are going to have fun and go to all these college parties; that is no way to look at college. Scholarships have been lost because of lack in commitment to work, and due to sleeping in because of a previous party. You have to prioritize your life so its not a big mess and you get stressed out, or fail classes. Have fun in college, make the most of it and learn. I never thought that school could help me or even interest me, yet it really helps you to grow in every aspect of your life. You will end up fealing accomplished and pleased with your success. College is the stepping stone to starting your life-long dreams. Don't waste away your time with laziness and carelessness. With a college education you will feel better about yourself in the long run.


I would advise my younger self to stay focused on completing my degree. And apply more for scholarships because getting educated isn't free.


I would start by telling myself to pay more attention to English and Math and less attention to the drama that comes with high school.Be prepared to work even more solo than I had before and able to reference information better.Work on your objectives and figure out your major before you get to the colledge.Realise it all looks good from the outside but the work is what gets you on the inside.That your gpa is as important as your standings in general .To relax during the tests and reread once I am done.Grammer is a major and though I hate to write papers that is a major as well.To remind me that if you choose to be an architect/eng there is at least 6 years of school involved and alot of work.Mostly to breathe because you have it if you want it.Just Believe...My mom once told me to close my eyes and be my future because then I could see it... I see it....


This is a very good question! I think about this everytime I pass by my old high school. If I can go back to talk to myself as a senior, knowing what I know today in college i would of definitetly told myself to push that extra mile and try harder. I was a great high school student and graduated with amazing grades, I was part of different organizations and managed both the football and basketball team but I think I got too caught up with having fun and being part of my profession that I forgot that in order for me to become and athletic trainer I have to go through tedious subjects and have great financial stability. I would of told myself to push harder for a full scholarship, check out different schools, study harder and prepare myself for a better future. My present life is beautiful at the school I attend (Broward College) but it could of been better if I would of pushed that extra mile to achieve more and become more.


What I would tell my younger self about college is that you need to focus. That those classes you will just stop going to will hurt you down the line in 15 years. That even with your 3.81 GPA ,someone would pull up that japanese class that you did not finish in 1994 and it will hold you back. That by not putting in the time to study you lost BIG money in your career by being passed up for lack of a degree. That your education defines you and shapes you 100 fold more than your friends ever could. That you will be setting an example for your unborn children. That in 2010 the world is not even close to what it seems in 1990's. That the world needs help in the future, that it needs leaders and that you need to start preparing now.


I would tell myelf to make sure i was talking all the right classes, and study a little more than i did. Don't worry so much about trying to fit in, every one fits in. Although some people will tell you that the first class isn't important, it is; its the day you meet your professors. Introduce yourself to all your professors and let them know you're going to work hard in their class. Sit close to the front, maybe second row back at the farthest. Love what you're studying and don't be afraid to tell people you love it because they'look at you weird. Don't worry if every one you know is studying something easier, and seems much more enjoyable than what you're studying; thats their dream, this is your. Make sure you get sufficient rest (even from going out with friends) on breaks so you don't over stress. However, don't completely isolate yourself from your friends, they're the ones that'll help you get through this and help you study when you need it.


Focus, study and find your passion.