Broward College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to study more and more use of the extra time I had as a senior. I would take an extra math or science class, be more involved in community efforts, and just take my last year more serious.


Seeing as how I am currently a high school student in dual enrollment at Broward College, I would remind myself to keep in mind the importance of attaining (and retaining) relevant knowledge in the effort to fulfill myself as a person overall.


It is funny how one's priorities change as one grows older and wiser. As a high school senior, I was very irresponsible. I did not take high school as seriously as I should have. I used to skip school, didn't study for tests, wasn't envolved in any sports, and never really thought about my future. I was too caught up in having fun and trying to fit in with the "cool" crowd. If I could go back in time to tell myself the importance of education I definitely would. I would have told myself to study for tests, complete all homework assignments/projects, attend every class, join more clubs/organizations, get involved in volunteer groups, join a sports team, and plan my educational future by choosing a university and applying for scholarships. Also, I would talk to my parents to get them more involved in my education and future. My parents never really went to any open houses in school, helped with homework, checked my report card, and they didn't even know when I skipped school! If I could go back, I would have envolved them more in my life. I wish I could go back.


Sometimes going back in time is something we all wish we could do. Maybe to change a highschool grade, handle a situation differently or even savor a friendship. If i could go back and talk to myself in high school i would want to let myself know that college is much differnt than high school. College you have a ton of more freedom, you pick your classes, professors and even time/days you want to go, but with that freedom you have to have structure. Your professors aren't going to remind you when you have test, quizes or papers due, or call you if you're slipping behind. That is solely up to you, and you are your own responsibility. I would have wanted to prepare myself more with even better study habits and time management so that making the transition into my first semmister of college an easier, less stressful experience. I have learned so much in my first semister of college so far and I am doing very well, but it didnt come easy. I had to work hard and study alot of get where i am, thats something that high school doesnt always prepare you for.


If I could go back in time I would have put a little more effort in school and the classes I took. I learned a lot in college and i made me think, "Why didn't I do that in high school when I had the chance"?. I could have studied more, took school more serious and that way when I went to college I could have remembered some of the educated things that I learned and not struggle again in the same subject because I did not take serious the lecture in high school. If I went back in time after knowing what I know now, I would have gotten straight grades even though I did a B/B- level in high school. I could have won scholarships if I tried to actually do some. I would have loved to be the top student in high school and been able to know more to achieve more in my future. But even though I learned my lesson, everyday I try harder and harder to do and be the best of all because I want to be someone in life and not just a person out there in the world.


The advice I would have gave myself about college life and the transition is college is not like high school, the teachers are not going to babysit you. You need to do homework and study regularly to succeed in your classes. I would have also looked into scholarships more especially bright futures so my parents and I wouldn't be strugging trying to pay my college tuition.


If I could teleport back to the beginning of my sophomore year, I would reinforce to myself the benefits of joining student government or the importance of completing more than just a mere 45 hours of community service. In college, students learn about case studies and they synthesize relevant information. They learn how to analyze problems logically and develop arguments based on facts. How is Haiti going to redevelop itself after its disastrous earthquake? The world needs one more leader. The world needs knowledgeable people who have traveled and can retell their accounts in order to start a chain reaction of motivated helpers. World peace is impossible, however world acknowledgement is vital and yet some people can?t even identify Haiti on a map. In order to be successful in college, students must become involved with services that promote the greater good for people at large. Without applying one?s self, education is somewhat biased. You could learn all day, but what do you really know until you?ve applied yourself? I?m not going to relive high school in college.


Andrea, keep on the way you are, But when is comes to your school as soon as you get in college make sure who your music professors are. there will be people in the music education that will try and tell you to quit! but do not because you will find that music is in you and that there are other professors who went through the same thing. they will help you overcome your fears! Also dont take things so lightly when it comes to school. make the effort to stay in your studies and take time. You see things are'nt so difficult as others put it, its just lazyness getting to them. dont procastinate! though in time you will learn! AND BECOME VERY VERY GOOD AT NOT PROCASTINATING and that will help you in many ways! other than that. remember God is good. somethings dont go as planed thats just because there are better things ahead! keep on persevering! keep on pushing hard. dont let anyone tell you who you are and give you limits as in what you can do or not. For your confidence is not on that! but on greater ! take heart! life is good!


High school...the stage on which students rehearse the roles which they will play once they leave... If I were to go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would most definitely advise myself to become more outgoing. I think that I was much too withdrawn during my high school years, and since I have started college, the importance of being outgoing and interactive has become crystal clear. In addition, I would work towards becoming more organized. Working full-time and being a full-time student, as well as a participant in various clubs, requires ample skills in organization. In high school, I did not fully comprehend the importance of organization. However, having seen first hand its importance, I wiould advise myself to adapt that as a quality. Finally, I would stress the importance of just doing my best. As a high school student, I was obsessed with getting straight A's. As a college student, though I still work hard to maintain a high GPA, a letter grade seems to count for less when compared to what I will have learnt at the end of each course.


Dear self, Hello. This is your long lost friend, me...or you in the future. You are such a smart, sensitive, beautiful, and compassionate person. You are capable of doing so much good in the world. However, you are wasting your precious life by dating that deliquent boyfriend whom which you will break up with anyway. Your parents aren't wrong about him. The longer you stay with him the more you will regret it. Don't delay your education which can benefit you forever for something that won't last. I can tell you from experience, you will love college. The friends you'll make will be better than the ones in high school. So many opportunities will arise from your college experience. It will be so rewarding, you will be an encouraging force to those around you who have given up on their own dreams. So don't procrastinate, the time for purposed living is now. In school you WILL discover your true passion. Living with no regrets is not doing what you please. It's from knowing that you've done your best to be who you were always meant to be in life.


I would give myself advice about scholarships and ways to get aid to fund my higher education. I would tell myself the pros and cons of a community college and a university. I would also weigh the option of staying home or going away to school. Also, to do a lot of research from your junior year in school. Research includes but not limited to, what major I would declare, what career goals I have, what I look for in a school, what school would be best for me and my intended major, apply to schools I really want to go to. In addition, get all documents together including test scores and recommendation letters. Apply for financial aid EARLY and do lots of research on grants and scholarships available. Talk to alumni/present students at the college first hand and to visit the campus of where you want to go. Lastly, I would feed myself positive thoughts and afimations.


if i could talk to myself back in high school i would have told myself to pay more attention in my ap classes and to try and do dual enrollment instead of going home early everyday. I would have also told myself to use the free resources available at school because it can be really helpful. Also to take a class on how to study because thats the hardest thing in college. You may be able to make it in high school by just paying attention in class but that wont cut it in college because most of the work is on your own. I would have said to get my mind prepared for this new journey I was getting ready to embark on.


If I was able to go back in time I would tell my self to pick up a book with all the many different careers out there, and not let anyone set up a path for me. I am realizing now, close to graduation, that the path that was set up for me doesn't make me happy. I am determined to go out there and do what truely makes me happy despite what my salary may be. In the end I will be working a job I truely appreciate and love, and if I would have just read about all the careers possible I would have realized this sooner.


If I could go back in time, I would have a long talk with myself when I was a senior in high school. For example, I would discuss about the importance of scholarships for college expenses. Knowing that my younger self would eventually have to work two jobs to help pay for books and to go to school full time, I would stress this to her big time. I would tell my younger self to continue trying her hardest on tests and quizzes to get great practice. I would also tell myself to never give up on tasks especially because I am about to graduate and go through harder obstacles. She will need effort, hard work, goals, and dreams to get us ready for our journey through life. I would tell myself that throughout my senior year to be successful in all my clubs, organizations, and school work. I would tell her to keep her head held high for the hardships to come. I would finally tell her that when entering college she should do what makes her happy, study all that makes her smile, laugh as much as she breathes, and to love everything she achieves throughout her education.


If i could go back in time to talk to myself with the knowledge I know about college life, I would try to persuade myself to become more active in trying to recieve scholarships and grants for school. I never realized how expensive and frustrating college can be when it comes to finance. If I was more aware of this during my senior year I would've changed my views on college. I would have talked to my high school guidance counselor, Mr. Bertanni, more often and worked with him to figure out the best ways I could gain money like scholarships, grants, and loans. With all those put together I believe I would be going to school right now with no worries if I have enough money for my Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control book. With this advice I would have an easier and more fun college experience.


If I were to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself a 3 hour long lecture on how to not only survive, but to strive in college. The first thing I would mention is that college would be a wonderful experience. I'd say that to truly have a enjoyable and vivid time in college, you really have to embrace everything around you. There are many clubs, activities, and work shops that allow students to learn new things and meet new people, besides the classroom. I'd tell myself to prepare for every class as if there were to be a quiz. I'd mention to work on my time management skills and to continously keep up with long term and short term goals. These two things are incredibly important because without them, students risk getting distracted by other things such as friends, work, etc. They also risk not having enough time to do all the work, and that can harm them physically by not getting enough rest. It can also harm them academically, by not handing in work on the due date. The last thing I'd say is, have fun!


The advice i would give myself is to focus in high school because if i had focus in high school I think that I would have got into a good university than a community college. I even had to fight more because i went though alot in order to get my diploma and if i had done my dutties in school and not played the fool i would have went to prom and walk across the strange than take a online class to get 1/2 credit in order to get my dipolma. So on top of all that i would also tell myself that college is not easy its not high school and its hard and they grade different from high school and u have to really give 100 percent. I had a english class and i am so good in english and in high school i got A's and B's now in this class i got a C. I couldnt belive it so if i could get a C that means that i gotta work so hard to an A. So I would just tell myself work hard i know you could do it.


My advice to my high school senior self would be to know two things, Be yourself and good judgement. Being yourself is critical to knowing who you are when you enter a world that is alien to you and the people living in it. It is not a job to find a friend who you thinnk is cool or over-the -edge persona. Finding the friends that you know are loyal and trustworthy is very important because the wrong people can take advantage of their abilitie or talents that the would take you for granted and forget about you as time goes by. The time does go rather fast in college, even though you don't feel it right away so realize who you are and what you what out of your experience in college, besides the raunchy endevours you hear and want to do. Using your good judgement on what your parents taught you and who you have become before you came into college; never forget who you are and stick to the goals you want to accomplish. Even though at first you are undecided on what major is, good judgement comes in handy yet also have fun.


I would advise myself not to worry about my friends and what schools they are going to because what might be right for them may not be right for me. Also not to let anyone decide whats right for me only I can make that decision. Staying focus and worrying about my dream is all that matters, not what other people are doing. Take some time and research schools and scholarships because it is really important to plan ahead, waiting till the last minute will land me in a place where i don't want to be. I would also advise myself to prepare for the SAT and ACT and not think just because I did well on the FCAT that these test would be easy. Not all test are the same and doing well on these test is a huge factor in getting into a good college. GPA is also a major part of getting into a good college; just because you meet the minimum GPA requirement doesn't guarantee you admission. Make smart decision about school and stay focused.


I would tell myself to apply early! Not only for college, but also for financial aid. I have learned that the financial aid process can be a huge headache. I would also tell my self to take the time to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible. I didn't realize how expensive college can be.


I would first emphasize the importance of receiving good SAT scores, since they are obviously very important in determining what school(s) I would plan on attending. I would also give advise on hanging around positive students and to take every class seriously as they have a direct financial impact. It is also very important to try and make a decision about the courses that most interest you as soon as possible, so that you are not wasting your time.


I would tell myself to stop beong lazy and to do my my work. college is different because once they set a deadline they mean it its not like high school where teacher give you some extra time. Nope they don't play that so once time is up time is up. Anotherthing I would tell myself is to open up and meet new peolple because none of my friends are going to the same college as me so i have to get used to talking and meeting new people.


The advice I would gave to myself is I would have tried to get more scholarships. The toughest obstacle during school, is me struggling to make ends meet on top of doing school work. Also I should have took more time getting information about the college. Make your own decision on choosing your decision of a college, not your bad situation. If I could go back to my senior year, I would have made sure my GPA was even higher than before. All in all, I should have took at least a semester off to really look what school I wanted to go to.


If i could go back in time, the most important advice i would give myself is to take the year as the last year as a adolescence and welcome adulthood and resposibility. To be more persistent when it comes to college applications, scholarships applications and grants and not to take my senior year as a year to play around, but as the year to be more serious and be productive with my time since i have so little of that left. College is not like high school. You will face finacial problem, Mommy and Daddy will not always be there to protect you from the world, you now have to be the resposible one, the one who needs to make good judgements in able to better not just yourself, your family and the next generation to come. Things will get hard and sometimes you might feel like giving up, be ready now and brace yourself for some excitements and also resposiblity which will allow you to grow into a pround and loving person.


If I was able to go back into time when I was a high school senior, I would watch over myself 24/7 to make sure I was doing everything in school the right way and was able to study almost everyday like my father to me to do. I would first find myself and then explain to myself that if you dont want to end up in a community college then work harder than usual and show up to track practice everyday and stay as late as you can to get in shap even better, so you can be the best that you can be intelligently and physically so you i can recieve a full scholarship to a university college to run track. Im saying this because I can't really achieve my dreams here as fast as I want to but It's a start. Not every one gets what they want in life but Some are lucky!


I would give myself the advice to study harder, Be more serious about class & homework.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, the first and foremost thing I would put in my head is staying on track. My first year of college, I was not necessarily overwhelmed, but I was going through some family issues and I let them get in the way of my education. As a senior in high school, I would convince myself to remain focused and keep my head up, becuase it would pay off in the end. This year I went through, what I felt was, hell and back to get back into school. Due to my mistakes my freshman year, I was determined on getting straight A's each each semester and so far I have done that. I would make sure I knew how important attendance was to classes. However, not because it was mandatory, but because its beneficial to me and my grades. Overrall my main focus would be to make sure I did not take schooling for granted, because everyday I wish i knew then what i know now.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would first congratulate myself on still being alive. I would tell myself to start preparing early and make sure I didn't kill my grades the last semester of HS (don't worry, I didn't anyway). Because life would be clearer from my point of view, I would make sure I told me not to leave my parents house, even if my mom was abusive. I would trade that year of abuse for the four years I haven't been able to go to college because I didn't have their tax information. Finally, I would stress to my high school self that my friends are extremely important and will be there even when no one else is. I would probably give myself a much needed hug and then disappear in an extremely cool way. That exit, however, will take some time to think about...


While there isn?t a lot I would change about the course I?ve taken since high school, and I?m happy with the person I?ve become, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there is one piece of advice I would be glad to impart. I would tell myself that no matter how much people try to push me around and step on me, I have to stand tall through all of it and keep a firm grip on my dreams and on my sense of self through all of it. I have to assure myself that even if I feel like giving up, the stronger I am the greater my success will be. Even though I feel I?ve found my road to success and happiness, it would be nice to know that my hardship will be for a good reason.


If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice it would be to go to class because if you miss class you only hurt yourself!


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get better grades so i could go to a good college. Im not saying the college I go to now is bad. But if I put some effort and my mind to it i could of got better grades, and went to a more notable college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to work as hard as ever in that last year of high school and make sure all my test, grades, and other information correct before graduation. You can start taking college classes while you're still in high school and get a head start. Also make sure you fill out college applications early and take the ACT, SAT, or CPT and make the highest score you can. After graduation you can go straight into your college courses during the summer if you're that determined. Don't procrastinate with any of the college work because it will come back and bite you. Do everything on time or earlier, that includes registrating for classes and buying books.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is to enjoy every moment of college. To enjoy the first day of class where you have no idea who anyone is, however a simple conversation about the course textbook starts a friendsip with the student next to you. To enjoy learning about subjects that you have never once thought of being important, until now. To enjoy being challenged and pushed to where you solve that problem and get it right. There is nothing like that feeling. To enjoy meeting diverse students who are different, however each and everyone share the same goal. Stress and anxiety will come, and that is normal. Nonetheless, when you hold that paper in your hands not only is that a moment to enjoy, but a moment of accomplishment.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell myself that college takes real determination, will power and hard work. It is not an easy transition from high school to college and some scenarios can be a real wake up call or eye opener if you are not fully prepared. I would also warn myself that college is not what you see on TV, even though college is fun and a once in a life time experience, there is a lot of work and studying that takes place behind the senses, you really have to be focused and have a clear mind to approach your new goals to come. Last but not least I would advise myself to have to fear, stay positive, constructive, focused and determined and you will do great! And don?t forget to Enjoy your college experience, because this is a once in a life time opportunity.


know what you want to do! don't waist time and money in clases that you don't need.


If i could go back in time to my senior high school year i would tell my self to work harder in every class and to put all my effort to get the highest grades and to study more because the better you do in your present the better and easier life is gonna get for you in the future.


To apply to my current 4-year trasfer college, and not to let bad advice get to me, just stick to your original plan and relax. I would also tell myself to not stress out and to ease up on the fatty foods.


The advice I would give myself is I shouldve had better study habits because right now college is harder then ever and Iam still trying to find the correct study habits so that things will get better for me.


When i left high school I thought that college was just going to be another four more boring years, but it turns out that it is not at all! Currently I am in the Aviation program and everyday that I go to school I not only attend ground school classes for aviation but I also fly as a part of the degree program. And every morning that i wake up I do not feel that I am going to school I feel like I am just getting up and going to go do what I love and that is fly and learn about aviation all day long. In conclusion if I had to go back in time and give myself advice on what to expect in college I would tell myself that it is going to be a fun four years and do not stress out so much about what people think about you, in the long run everyone is there for the same reason and that is to be an Airline Pilot.


I would stress the importance of getting an education. I was in and out of school for many years and I found out that it is well worth the effort to continue in the path of education. Getting an education and pursuing your career of choice is priceless. Times are only getting tougher out there and most companies require some sort of higher education. My advice would be to never give up on your dreams. It may get tough at times but what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.


You have to remember now we are going to be in a new enviroment and your going to be expose to other life styles so get ready for the transition...


If I could go back to high school and give myself advice as a senior I would take the chance in a heart beat. First I would tell myself to realize that college is a huge change in someones life and that you have to prepare yourself as much as you can before you move on. People grow up so fast when it comes to moving on to college, and you realize who your true friends are, and the people that mean the most to you since you don't see a lot of high school friens after graduation. I would tell myself to be prepared to study way more than I ever did in highschool and to really think about what it is that you want to do the rest of your life. College can mae you or break you, and a lot of people, it breaks. Only the strong and focused make it through college, without letting people get into their way. College is a bunch of obstacles you have to get through in life, and once your past that, there are many more obstacles waiting ahead.


If I could go back in time the only thing I would do different is apply for scholarships. I could have had a lot more money for school and even could have got a scholarship that would have paid for my Associate degree in full, but I was scared and I did not think that I would go to college. So I had to take out loans to pay for my Associate and I really regret that. I did everything else right I had the good grades as a senior I had On the Job Training (OJT), I went to school for two classes and left school to go to work the last two classes.


I will advise myself: ?You are about to enter to a wonderful college life. Do not waste any minute!?


Try very hard to earn good grades


My Dearest Beloved Sharon, Well you please listen to me with all of your heart and pay attention? I know that right now in life you are so excited and emotional about the future and your boyfriend, Kevin. Your future depends on you having a plan and sticking to it. You must start early planning your finances, housing, and budget. Don?t wait until the last minute, show up on campus and say??Now What??. It is your responsibility to plan for your future. Don?t be so afraid to ask for help and advice. That is what the staff is there for and they love to help with whatever you need. If you don?t plan and know what and why you are doing what you are? YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT IN THE LONG RUN! You will be get tried, frustrated, end up working two jobs plus going to school, due to poor planning and drop out. Get the Picture? Patience Grasshopper, Patience. I will love you forever no matter what, but let?s do this the easy way, please.


You must STUDYYYYYY make time for study dont work to much, have a straight head on your shoulders, know what you are in school. Your not in College to waste your money and or parents money or time. My mistake was that i didnt study enough and i didnt make time. You have to know that this is what I want. Maintain your grades and be all you can really be.


I would tell myself not to give up and to keep trying because I know that your dreams of becoming a doctor to help others will happen no matter what others may say. I also would tell myself to stay in school and focus on the things that you want out of life. I would tell myself that you are smart, determined, a pusher, a survivor, and a self starter. Believe in you when no one else will. Find other students who share the same interest as you. Love you for who you are. Ask the teacher for help when you don't understand an assignment or homework. Don't be afarid to raise your hand to ask a question. Yes, I would tell myself all of these things and more to help myself be more secure and comfortable with being me. If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would be more carfeful with my studies and it wouldn't matter what people thought about me as long as my dreams and goals were accomplished.


I wish I had told myself to follow my dreams and pursue a degree right after high school. It seemed so complicated at the time trying to determine what to study and truly intimidating trying to pay for college on my own. Entering the work force however enabled me to make connections but also I feel it prolonged my attending college. I would have also told myself to focus more on obtaining better grades and attending college right after high school instead of waiting a year. Overall I was just an average high school student. If I had only focused and applied myself more I could have allowed me to qualify for more funding to attend college and or the possibility of a full ride scholarship; instead of working; not that its a horrible thing, but if I had just attended a 4 year college right away I would have made more freinds, developed networks and had the whole college experience, instead of working full time and taking online courses. and finding it hard to find time for anything else.


I would tell myself to work hard and to get prepared for what college has to offer. You never know exactally what to expect untill it happens so just do what you can to be prepared.