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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study!!, read always the chapter before you go to class, don't give up keep studying you can pass the class!, check your clases requierments and don't trust the counselers!


I would tell myself to take a year or two off after high school to put my life into perspective and decide what I wanted to do with my life. Jumping right into college doesn?t give you a chance to really think about what you're going to major in. It took me five years after high school for me to realize that aviation and becoming a pilot is what I wanted to do with my life. Take the time and emulsify yourself in jobs, talk to people in different industries, and try to feel your way through the daunting task of deciding what career you?re going to partake on.


I wouls have to take myself from the sixth grade time frame and have a sit down with him. We would discuss the facts of life, I'd enlighten him on things ot come, letting him know any major changes will change who i will become. We'd get to school and alll joking would have to cease;I would have to tell him, your foundation for college begins now, you build your study skills for now, yes you are young but you can have fun and be intellectual as well. We'd strategize, plot and map out the steps he should take,which would only be a edited version of the steps i've taken once before. I' introduce him to diagonostics and scholarship website and advise him to utilize those now. I would reiterate on fact over and over until he understands: You must build your tomorrow today because it is not guaranteed that someone will be there to help you when tomorrow becomes your present.


College is one of the major stepping stones in life you will have to encounter in order to attain success. At times it will seem difficult but remember that with hardwork and determination , you can overcome any obstacle. This is your final year in high school so you might be a bit nervous now but belief in yourself and promise to never give up. Continue to work diligently in your academics so that you will graduate with an excellent gpa. A high gpa will not only guarantee you scholarships for college but also, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Not to mention confidence and a high self-esteem! In addition, continue to be involved in extra-curricular and volunteer service activities. These will build character and workmanship! I believe in you and I know you will be successful. When you get to college, work hard, get involved and join the honors institute or any other honor society. Maintain a great relationship with professors and advisors; be proactive! Remember deadlines at all times and never wait till the last minute to do any assignments! I love you and goodluck!


I would have planned early. Planning early is very important in college it helps you get things out of the way and its less hassel . Also I would have done more Community service and be more involved in school . A lot of the scholarships ask for school involvement and community service.


Stay focused. There will be classes that are very hard, but there are also classes that aren't. It is just a matter of picking your battles. Don't overburden yourself. Passing the class is important, but passing the class and retaining the information you've just learned is just as important.


Dear High School Self, As you enjoy your senior year in high school please take the time to look forward to the future. Do not be afraid to strike out on your own. As you consider different colleges to apply to make sure you consider ones that may take you to a new place and allow you to meet new people. Stepping further away from home can give you a unique opportunity to grow, which will give you the confidence to succeed. When thinking of the future, a college, a major and ultimately a career make sure you follow your own passions. If you are passionate and enjoy what you study you will do well. It is your life to choose what will make you happy and ultimately successful. Thinking of you fondly, Your Future Self


Study more, don't drop clases because you think is hard and you can't do it... you CAN! I would know exactly which clases to take, and professors not to take.


I Wolud tell myself to work harder because it does not get any easier. I would also tell myself to participate in more activities in the school., one reason is it helps on your application. Another thing i would tell myself is to start filling out scholarship applications they can only help you.


Kylee Kylee Kylee, I know you may not listen to me, but taky my advice and do not spend your freshman and sophmore year hungover! Remember you have a passion for helping others, dont get lost in the new found freedom of being your own parent, use this passion as fuel to do well in college. Fear will only hold you back; dont be afraid to ask your professors for help, thats what they are there for! Also, you may want to look into tutor centers, before you got a tutor you didn't do too well. Make sure to study in advance and not wait until the night before, you do want to do well in school, right? You are going to fall in love a million times over, dont settle for the losers, they too will hold you back from your dream of being a psychologist. Whatever you choose to do, know that i love you and support your individuality. You may fall off track and get lost, but know that every mistake you make is another chance to learn. Remember, you are going to help alot of people... Enjoy your journey. I Love You!


If I could go back I would tell myself to go for it, don't let them bring you down. You're just as talented as anybody else there the only difference is you never got the chance but right now you can give yourself that chance and you can go to any school you want, so don't just settle for any school, go to the one you want and quit holding yourself back. Do whats right for you.


Never procrastinate!