California Lutheran University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Nickole, take time to breathe. From your very first day of college, it will feel like your hours are minutes, and your minutes are seconds. These are the best years of your life and they will be gone before you know it. So, take time to get to know the people around you. Take time to enjoy the beauty of every moment. Take time to truly absorb and appreciate everything you learn. Find the courage to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things and meet new people because life is so short, because these four years are so short. Try a little bit of everything because you will be pleasantly surprised. And most importantly, take time to be with your loved ones and let them share in all of your amazing experiences at college.


I would tell myself to get involved with clubs and other activites right away. During my freshman year at college, I was very homesick and my school work suffered. However, half way through that year I became very involved with on-campus groups and my morale was instantly improved. Also, this year I learned how much having an unorftunate roommate can effect your outlook and your schoolwork. During my freshman and sophomore year, I lived with girls who I did not get along with. They didn't care about their classes as much as I did, and they wanted to drink and break other campus rules. I would tell my high school self to not feel bad for wanting to find new roommates. If I would have gotten out of that situation sooner, it would have saved me a lot of agony. (Also, none of the girls I lived with my first year of school continued their education as far as I did... so I guess not partying paid off)


I would tell myself that college is not like high school at all. College is a different learning experience and that I will have challenges that I never had to face before. I would tell myself to prepare to be one of the only people in my class of color. I would tell myself that just because I am African American doesn't mean I am any less than the students here who are caucasian. I would tell myself that I can make it here even if I can't afford college. I would remind myself that I worked hard to go to college and I should take my financial challenges head on. I would remind myself not to put work over my grades because I can't afford tuition. I would always tell myself to stay strong and appreciate the opportunity to go to college whether it's expensive or not.


If I could go back to tell to talk to myself In high school. I would tell myself that it's not easy like I thought. Also do everything that you need to get done to be successful. For example talking to your advisors at school, do research for the college that you want to go to, see how much school Is going to cost, and make sure right now you start getting those grades up In school. Also the most important thing Is do more to get scholarships. I know that you try to get some and you still never got any, but don't give up on trying. Because someone Is going to give you a chance for a scholarship, and you when you get It justs shows they believe In you. Just like you believe In yourself, and as always keep working on you goal to be a journalist.


I would start the conversation by saying that college is different from high school and the unknowns make most high school seniors anxious, but that's normal. Because college is such a worthwhile learning opportunity, it is worth working through the uncomfortable feelings. To prepare for success in academics, I would make sure to learn about advocating for yourself. Choose your class schedule wisely so you get off to a good start. If a course is challenging , find out what resources are available and seek help right away. Professors want to help you, but they also want to see that you are the one going to them. Also, I'd tell myself to do things outside my comfort zone because it helps broaden your interests, and have opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. Because I attended a high school for kids with learning differences, I know what it feels like to be different. With that in mind, I would tell myself to believe in your self and appreciate your unique qualities. You will find yourself surrounded by others who value you too. College is such a great chance to grow and get to know yourself better.


If I were to talk to myself as a highschool senior I think I would tell myself to work on my relationship with my parents before leaving for school, because since coming here my mom's health has not been the best and the stress of trying to spend time with her has been really hard. I would also tell myself to be more financially aware my freshman year because times would get hard later on. In regards to my studies I would definately tell myself to let go of some of the friends I came with from home to focus more on my studies, and to learn to relax so that what life had planed for me wouldn't affect me as hard as it did; and to pay extremely close attention to myGPA, and to my courses to make sure my GPA didn't slip like I accidently did, because I know I could easily have handled the work if I hadn't let my home life stresses get the best of me.


Knowing more about the the college life and making the transition, there is only one big key advice I would give myself as a highschool senior. The only advice that I would give myself would be to stay calm through the entire transition. Throughout the entire college transition I was a worried freak. Since , I signed up to live on campus I was completly terrified knowing who my rommates were going to be. Luckly, my University did an excellent job in matching me with three other girls that later became my three best friends. I added stress that did not need to be added. I should have not have worried about it , since everything worked out for the best. I was also terrified on taking my first college test. Being nervous about the first test was not beneficial at all , because this made me have careless mistakes which cost me a whole letter grade. If I would have stayed calm I would done far beyond better on my first couple of test. Although , I did learn from my mistakes and stayed calm after. Overall, staying calm throughout the college transition would be my biggest key advice.


I would advise myself of the pace and responsibility of college. College prepares you for the rest of your life. I would advise to get out of my comfort zone, meet people, and try things. This made college life easier. Doing this was difficult. I dreaded and feared it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I am thankful I did. It can have many positive outcomes. Meeting people is a good trait and resource to have. It provides good opportunities throughout your life. Without trying there are things in life that you will not be able to experience and regret. With a different viewpoint you can be open to new things. The dorm experience provides the chance to meet many different people. One of my roommates was from Norway. Living with three other girls was hard enough, but know meeting someone from another country, was life changing. With things changing all around us, we need to adapt. It is nice to understand there are many different types of people in the world. Freshman activities are a learning experience with socialization mixed in. Without trying new things you will be missing out on a lot.


I would tell myself to keep my head up through everything. I have had a rough life already and nothing should be able to stop me now. Set goals for yourself some long term, and some short term. Things will get complicated at times but that's no reason to give up because there are those who are behind you and believe in you. Apply for as many scholarships as you can even if it means that you don't have time for other things, there will be a time and place for everything, you just gotta keep your head help up high. Don't forget that this isn't only for you, but for your parents, who have sacrificed everything to give you what you need to succeed. When things don't go your way, find another way, but never ever give up on your dreams.


My advice to my high school senior self would be to create good study habits. High school is a time to start making habits or ways to study so that once you get to college, you already have the process perfected. College takes so much more study time than high school does and if you don't have good study habits coming into college, you may find yourself overwhelmed, especially the first semester. Also, don't be afraidto talk to new people! It's easy to become nervous around new people thinking that they're going to judge you, but the truth is that everyone is looking for new friends, just like you will be! You don't need to be afraid about sticking to how you acted in high school, because almost no one will know you from high school. Focus on making good friends now because everyone else is looking for good friends too!


I would tell myself that high school will not last forever. The problems that seemed big in high school will fade, and new ones will take their place, but you should never lose hope. The friends you lose will be forgotten when new ones come along to take their place. I would definitely remind myself that in college, studying is not just for final exams; every piece of information counts if you want to succeed in class. However hard it is to let go of the past, the future will always be ready to surprise you. Oh, and get used to sharing a bathroom with other people; it will never get any easier.


Stay open to diversity. You will be open to a vast number of cultures that you have never even heard of. You might learn something interesting.


As a high school senior, I was enrolled in a groundbreaking academic program that enabled juniors and seniors to jumpstart their college careers while concurrently earning a high school diploma. It was an ideal program for me, as I was a conscientious student and eager to begin working towards my future as a Psychologist. Shortly after entering the program however, my life took an unexpected turn, and I began to experience health problems associated with an extremely rare, life-threatening autoimmune disease called Parry Romberg Syndrome. Throughout my senior year, studying and extracurricular activities were replaced with doctor's appointments and fatigue, and my plan to get ahead in college was replaced with something I had never before considered a challenge--- earning a high school diploma. Although it was difficult for me to keep up in school, I never lost sight of the importance a college education and tried my hardest to compensate for the new limitations. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to do everything the same as I actually did my senior year. When my future was uncertain, I remained vibrant and upbeat and ultimately came out on top.


Dear self, It seems like high school has finally come to an end this year with applying to colleges, receiving acceptance letters, attending grad night, and saying goodbyes to your classmates who labored with you through these four-years. College is a time of exploration and learning to discover who you are in terms of your intersts and likes. However, responsiblility is the key to doing well in college and maintaining good grades. You'll have the freedom to do whatever you feel like in times, but if you don't have strong time management skills or start to keep an organized school life, college will become a hectic journey for you. Keeping a connection with friends and having a good social network of professors, classmates, and advisers will get you going in the long run for future jobs and gettting those letters of recommendation. College will be an exciting time of your life and a good opportunity for you to find out more about yourself and widen your perspective as you develop strong relationships with those around you. You'll be exposed to various cultures and different people. I wish you the best of luck in your future journey.


High school life is full of everyday exitment as well as an everyday schedual prepare this senior student to the real world of college and employment life. Senior year is a fashion year for many students from keeping a cool status in their social lifes with friends, music and not so much school anymore distracting them from reality. Advice to my self usually would come from friends not so much from knowledgeable adults fist advice error that brought my overal conflicts in having a succesfull high school expeirence. As high school student first advice would be to not cheat on any school assignments advantage of that would be maitaning an advrage student mentality with smarter choice decisions. Attendence would be important as well to build strong confidence as a young adult commiting to attend the last year of a 4 year contract then reflecting that expirience to college success. Last advice eating evryday to keep focused energized and a brighter overall analyzis of what high schools purpose is all about preparing students for an educated life style. Also that as a young adult in high school senior year should be a fun to learn and prepare to utilize skills learned.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to talk to my counselor more because they can help students plan their future as well as offer advice on how to attend college while still in high school. At my high school, we had a program where we were able to attend college for college credits as well as high school credits. If I would have known about the program sooner, I would have taken my general education courses during high school at my local community college, in order, to save time during college to work on my major as well as possibly double major. I think that I would also advise myself to take more time to enjoy high school and hang out with friends even though I am glad I put so much of my time and focus into my schoolwork and younger siblings; however, I wish I had been more involved in my high school activities with my friends. Most importantly, I would remind myslef to be grateful for everything that I have and to listen to people more rather than complain about the little things.


School is the key to success. Make good decisions and stick with them. Taking a break after high school was the right decision because you'd probably be majoring in degree without huge upside. Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.


Troy, I know you think you know exactly what you want to do and nothing is going to change your mind. I know high school felt like it lasted for six years and college is the very last item on your list of things to do. If you decide to go down the road you are on, you will end up working hard and playing hard for six years, you'll take what seems to be an easy way out, but then you'll work twice as hard when you realize how vital education is to your life. You'll have to recommit information to your memory that other students have such an easy time recalling, since they came straight out of high school. On the other hand, no matter the advice I give to you, you won't be ready to commit yourself to exploring a career that involves a higher education until you realize what you DON'T want. You end up with a beautiful wife and more determnation and drive than any other .... Actually, just do exactly what you do!


I would say: Dear Maria, Keep in mind that college is going to be ten times harder than high school. You will have to focus and work hard towards all your goals. It will be hard, but take advantage of all the resources given to you. You will have to remind yourself to stay confident and meet new people. Become involved as much as possible in school to stay on top of your academics and meet new great friends through clubs and organizations. Being a first generation student at a private school means you will have to find the help you need on your own and be willing to ask many questions. Stay possitive and be that great example for your three younger siblings that you can be. They will soon follow you in your footsteps. Stay connected, dedication, and work hard!


I would myself to not be afraid to get involved in school. It is a great way to meet new people and build a family on campus. Also to not party as much and take some of the classes more seriously.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self, there would be numerous of suggestions I would make. But I believe the most important would be: "Just do it!" . Take every opporunity given to you in college and expierence it. Whether it be thinking about studying aboard or taking a class out of your major because it interested you, do it! Do not limit the amount of expierences you can recieve by meeting new people, traveling to new places or by even taking on a new major. There is so much that is available to us during college and sometimes we get fearful of things out of comfort zone. But by expierence new and exciting things we find out who we truly are, what we want out of life and how we can become better indiviuals for the world.


Going back to my senior year, I would definetely have pushed myself even harder to aim for a higher gpa and make sure I applied for more scholarships due to the cost of attending college. I would have trained more for sports and make sure that I would have been more involved with activities for college and would have definetely tracked and managed my expenses. I would get to know more schools and do research on how to be able to save more money. I would also have gotten a job for the summer and be more prepared for what was about to come, emotionally and mentally wise.


The advice to give myself would be to get everything prepared ahead of time and put myself in the mindset that I am transition into an adult who is going to be responsible of living on my own and getting my academic work as well as other stuff done without a parental figure there to tell me what to do. I needed to realize that I was not going to have my parents there to remind of every little thing that I need to do. Also, with the transition, I would have told myself to get everything done, such as paperwork and financial aid, ahead of time and not procrastinate as much as I did. That definitely put me at a disadvantage because I had to get all of that done when I was supposed to be meeting new people and participating in other orientation activites. Looking back, I wish I would have seen all of the errors and wrong paths that I decided to take, but without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. It is true, one does happen to learn from their own mistakes which I feel only makes you a stronger person.


Make this decision for yourself. You don;t know where you will be in a few years. Even though you want to declare a major take core 21 classes first. Decide what you really love by trying a little bit of everything.


I would tell myself to keep up the hard work because it will all pay off in the end. Go to school to learn something that you are passionate about and you will succeed!


I would tell myself to be more independent and more focused. If your in class and you need help just raise your hand and ask for it or ask questions to more understand the problem, dont be afraid if people will laugh at you for not knowing something because i bet they didnt know it either. when your at home really study and focus on your work, dont get destracted, make sure all neccessary work is completed and turn of tv and have quiet to yourself. Have fun be apart of school activitys learn more and take school importantly. Most importantly try hard dont give up when the going gets tough keep going and remember life only gets harder and harder. Take responsibilty for your own actions dont blame anyone but yourself if you fail something blame you. study more and work hard because your education is the most important. graduate high school and feel happy that you succeeded and know that you did your best and you tried hard. your education is the success to the future. be ready for college because its not easy. love life. always remember that school is for you no one else. Cape Deim.


Dear Young Me, The first and most important thing I want to tell you little Richard is: STAY IN SCHOOL ! Do not chase Lisa to Idaho to waste your best years partying. You will need all the brain cells you have to deal with life on life's terms as a real adult someday, believe me. Use those early nineties years at ventura college to practice focusing in class and disciplining yourself to stick to a study scheldule. Your social life and carving a niche in the pecking order of your friends pales in comparison to the importance of your education. Even though I have made a lot of money in the trades over a fifteen year period, my body paid a significant price. Use your mind, believe me you are smart enough! Secondly, do not be afraid to take your higher math classes, you love it. I now know my career path is working with numbers as an Accountant. Remember, only at the edge of your comfort zone will you find pesonal growth, so take chances Rick! The last thing i would like to convey to young Rick is that hard work and perseverance can conquer all obstacles.


I would have told myself to keep calm. Stressful times will occur but things will get better in the end. Also to make sure i always stay in tuned with what homework and tests I have coming up.


The emphasis on education for a student entering college should be placed on their amount of passion for a certain subject, rather than on the amount of money a specific degree promises them in future salary. The greater amount of passion a student has toward a certain subject, the better they will be able to perform. Not only will information be better retained, but the student will have the advantage of loving the career that they will obtain in the future. A college graduate who strives to obtain something that they are motivated to achieve will have better opportunities in their career for advancement. Whether an individual makes their way into a high paying job, disliking what they are doing, or enters at a lower salary position and working their way up in their industry, the college graduate will eventually end up in close to the same wage bracket. The college graduate who strives to obtain what they love will be far happier with the outcome of their college path.


I would tell my self to try harder and do a lot of reading. As a high school student I was not forced to do the assignment, I did do them but not the best I could. I would prepare myself more by doing more research on my own and also a lot of community service.


DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA! I would advice myself to just stay focused, take as many AP classes I can, so that I can test out of college classes. College is an extremely fun time and you should get ahead during the four years in high school so you can have even more fun in college, whether that be socializing or taking classes outside of your major that seem interesting.


I would tell myself that college is very important, and no matter how difficult it is to pay for in order to make it in the world today a college education is needed. Even if its taking out loans or writting a million scholorship essays you have got to find a way to make ends meet because it will pay off in the long run.


If I was a high school senior I would tell myself to stay close to home because going far away isnt worth it. No matter what everyone else is telling you always follow your heart and it will help you to make the right decision. Even though time is running out due to a shoulder surgery that is coming up, there are plenty of options out there. Never rush into a decision just because you feel it is the only one. Lastly always remember family is number one and they will always be there for you no matter what.


As a High School Senior studying is not always the first thing on a person's mind; usually it is about graduating and being the oldest in the school. Rarely are minds set to how being in college will be exactly and what it entails. In college teachers are not as close to the students as highschool students. Sometimes a class room has over 400 students in it and there is not a constant reminder to study for a certain thing or complete an assignment. It is good to establish those types of habbits before you get to college and do not have that extra reminder so many of us need. Another thing students need to worry about more is how to financially afford college without going into debt. Though loans are easy to get for college, they are not the best way to pay for it. Applying for scholarships during senior year releaves a lot of stress when enrolling in a college or university. It is an entirely different world from highschool, there are a lot more people and more things going on to distract from schooling. Learn to prioritize because it is most important to get an education.


I would advise myself to study a lot more, like I do now in college. I wouldn't settle for a low B, I would aim for something higher and put full effort into whatever I do. I would also tell myself to put forth the effort of enrolling in at least one or two AP classes, so I wouldn't be so stressed about trying to fit my college classes into my schedule. Although I would advise myself to work harder, I would also remind myself to ensure that I have fun with my free time. I would tell myself to cherish moments with my friends, and when offered an adventure to go on, never back down from it.


I grew up in a poor naighborhood with my grandmother. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not stress about having to do everything on your own. There are people who can and willingly help you because my responsibility is to be "taxi" for my younger siblings who are involved in many extracurricular activities because my parents work full-time and do not have time to get off work and pick up their kids after school or take them to practice. I am like their second mom because my siblings rely on me for food and transportation. This has affected my transition from high school to university because in high school, my siblings were still very young that they did not attend school nor participate in many extracurricular activities; however, now that I have a drivers license and my siblings are older, my parents rely on me for everything from making payments for them and my grandmother, taking care of my siblings, and working at a retail job for my own money for car and school expenses.


Get involved. Join any and all clubs that your interested in and don't weigh yourself down with any overwhelming school work. Join sports teams and intramural teams and go to all events that you're able to attend


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to expect the best. I went into college very nervous, and unsure of what I wanted to do in life. I had dreams of being a pilot, and a news broadcaster, and I still do. As soon as I got to college, I realized that everyone else had the same feeling I did, we didn't have a clue where we were in life and what we were going to graduate as. I began my freshman and sophomore years as an "undecided" student, now I am a marketing communications student, with an internship that will turn into a career that will take me far in life. Knowing now about college life, and the friends I have, I would tell myself as a high school senior, that it is okay to not have a clue what I want to do in life because college is about discovering yourself and achieving your dreams.


Dear 2006 Imagine, I miss your fun spirit, and your ability to not have a care in the world. I thought I would give you a couple of words of advice for the future. Do not date that boy your senior year, and make sure you watch your step at prom, i'f not there might be a seriously embarrassing moment. Don't waste time applying anywhere else, CLU is the right place for you. Don't loose sight of who you are and don't forget to stand up for what you believe, Do not miss classes because it may cause you to get very behind on your work. Pay careful attention to this next part, okay. Laugh as hard as you can, stay up late. Season your words with honey so that everyone you meet knows your true beauty is within. Save your money because it would suck to be so close to graduating and not have enough money finish. Dream as big as you can and never regret the mistakes you make because those are what make you who you are. Sincerely 2012 Imagine Vincent.


I would tell myself to start learning how to manage my time a lot better, because when I started as a freshmen I was still in the highschool senior mode of doing no work and I wasted a lot of time that could have been spent on doing better in school and figuring out other things like my four year plan. I would also tell myself to get a job during highschool so I could have had some money during my freshmen year of college. One of the things my college self came to a realization about is that everything costs money. I would also tell myself to start learning how to get more organized, because I am not a very organized person but I feel that if I had worked on that in highschool it would have made better habits for me in college. I would also tell myself to not worry so much about college because although it is a big change it eventually becomes just another part of life.


I would tell myself not to freak out and place so much weight on the decision. Also, if you pick a school and you don't like it there is nothing wrong or shameful about transfering...basically, everything will be more than ok! In addition, roommates aren't always your best friends, but that is normal for your first year. Most importantly, remember that everyone else is going through the same thing you are!


I would advice myself to learn to manage time early on, as much of college is being able to manage time as much as you can. As an entering freshman, my time management skills were poor and because of this, I started procrastinating in the first few weeks, but with the help of many services at CLU, I was able to manage my time well and learn of how to make use of each hour on each day. Now that I am a sophomore in college, my time management skills have become better, and it's only getting better because as I mature, I learn that we only have so much time in a day and each hour of each day is precious.


Make sure you have a general idea about what your passionate about, what interests you and what you love. Knowing that will allow you to choose a major that will be best for your future. Rememver that in order to succeed you need to work hard, practice does make perfect and the only way to achieve your goals is to put time in effort into what you do. When it comes to college use all available resources; library, professor office hours, tutors, fellow students. Make sure to make friends with people, they can help you with you class and give you advice on what classes and professors are the best. Never procrastinate, try to finish your reading and assignments atleast 2 days before its due. This gives you time to go over your work and allows you to relax. Lastly, when it comes to exams and tests go talk the professor, they like it when students take the initative. The one thing that everyone must remember is that high school is not college. College is fun because of the freedom you receive but with the freedom comes responsibilty. The greatest part of college is realizing that you are an adult.


I would advise myself to be more organized and take college more seriously. I would tell myself to save a lot of money to be able to afford college and everything in between. Times will get tough, but it is important to stick it out because one day your friends and family will be so proud of you the day you graduate with your Bachelor's degree.


To the high school me,In high school you’re lucky,allowance you earn. You think you’re an adult,yet rent’s no concern.Your parents know nothing,Your friends are the best.You spend your money on junk,…and blow the rest.Dad grounds you, Mom yells:“It’s past curfew…it’s Three!!”Too many rules and chores,you just want to be free.But you’ll graduate and learn, You were a fool all along.Your parents were right,it was you that was wrong.Those times you splurged ,When mom said put it aside.You’ll later wish you had listened,cause now the bus is your ride.You’ll miss your old home,It was pleasant and calm.But most of all, You’ll miss dad and mom.You go off and realize, Mom and dad didn’t hate.They were just trying to help,and now it’s too late.In high school, I thought, Staying in was a bore.But spend too much time out,And you’ll miss home even more.Please consider my words,make use of this speech.Spend time with your parentsand grasp what they teach.


Senior year proved difficult not just academically, but financially too. My parents were struggling to pay my tuition at the private high school I was attending and the household bills. I often considered dropping out of school telling myself that I was not worthy of an education . Thankfully, I did not. Instead I juggled three jobs during my senior year to alleviate my parents' financial worries. I cringe at knowing that I was so close to giving up on academics due to financial issues. Currently, I am attending a four year University and enjoying every moment. Had the possibility of traveling in time to my high school senior self been possible, I would encourage the scared and hopeless girl to have faith in herself. College is possible and not limited to only the fortunate. A girl from the ghetto can make it in the world and should not be discouraged from succeeding. I want all young students to realize education is a gift. With hard work, perserverance, and faith a person can achieve despite certain setbacks. I am proud of the young lady I am today and for not losing faith in my abilities.


Relax, breathe, and have fun. You are going to meet great people who will become some of your dearest friends. The classes will be interesting and difficult at times, but you will get through it. Do not worry so much about people back home, they will be there and if they are not then they are not your true friends. Enjoy all the experiences with your new friends and take in every bit of information in your classes. Cal Lu is a great place to go to school, you are making the right decision by considering it so highly among the other schools. Apply for as many scholarships as you can because they are very helpful, get on top of everything so you will not be stressing at the end.


I would tell myself to jump into college feet first. It's okay to make some mistakes along the way as long you learn from them. People want to get to know you and will like you, so let them. There will be a lot of fun activities to do throughout the year, so participate in as many of them as possible. Your homework will still be there on Sunday. Work hard, and work smart. Your first semester is going to be hard, but just keep doing your best. Remember: your professors want to help you.I would also tell myself that living with people is hard, and it's important to set up guidelines before things get out of hand. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and make people respect you by respecting them. It is important to get scholarships and stay on top of your financial situation. And finally remember your old friends, but makes tons of new ones! Have as much fun as possible!


I would tell myself to take more then a couple classes to start up because it will take a long period of time to take all of the classes required to transfer and your schedule throughout college will be more balanced as opposed to cramming a lot of classes required to transfer into your second or third year. Also to make sure and show up to class, because even though some teachers do not take role and do not grade based on attendance, it is extremely difficult to turn things in and get assignments as well as full details on assignments if you do not attend, which in the long run makes it nearly impossible to pass the class. And if you do not pass the class then you just wasted around $800 of your own money and even more of your own time.


Honestly, the transition to college life requires much more study time, patience, and diligence than you put forth in high school. You will have to stay focused and apply yourself more than you ever have. But, the sacrifice and the intrinsic reward in the end are invaluable to you. You will see the benefits of an education unfold in your life like you never imagined. Making this important transition in your life will bring you the honor and the integrity you have been searching for your entire life. Because let’s be honest, you never even applied to college because you did not think you were smart enough and you were worried about how to pay for it. But you just have to trust in yourself and believe you are capable of amazing feats. You can apply for FAFSA, you can apply for scholarships, and you can apply for student loans to pay for college. More importantly, these days you carry a 3.82 GPA and you create memorable relationships with the faculty and students around you. So if there is only one piece of advice I can give you it is to believe in yourself.