California Lutheran University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go where your heart tells you you should. Don't go somewhere because it will "look" the best on your resume. Don't go somewhere because others think you should. Go where you want to, because you want to. And once you get there, continue to do things for yourself. Be open to new things, but don't be stupid. Don't let your education get in the way of your learning.


I would check the majors, the cmapus and campus life, financial aid availablity, size, and distance from home.


Find a school that offers what you're looking for, then GET INVOLVED. Join a club, try out for a sport, etc. Find a school that's going to offer you more than just classes.


The most important thing about finding the right college is knowing what it is that works best for you. Finding a place that is comfortable for you, a place you could see yourself for the next four years. For me, it was a small school with personal interaction with professors and a close community feeling. The campus and the people became home for me and I have been back many times since graduating to visit professors, staff, and current students. Money is always a huge factor when selecting a school, and the thing is, everyone leaves college with loans. There are ways to make it managable, but dont let that be a deciding factor. Make a list of what is important to you and go out and find it. Stay overnight (if possible) and get a feel for it. Sit in on classes. But dont let money be the reason you dont go to the school of your dreams.


The college that's right for you will most likely not be your first choice. California Lutheran was the last school that I found on my search but it would have been my first choice all along had I known about it. The best thing that I can tell you is to look outside of your surrounding area because you only have four years at college so why not experience someplace completely different while you're there. And if you're not happy with the choice you made the best thing to do is to leave. Go where you're happy!


My advice to parents and students about finding the righ college is to do your research and visit as many schools as possible. I believe that the visit to my undergraduate institution is what sealed the deal on my decision to attend California Lutheran University. Visiting the school gives you a sense of what the school is like (how big it is, what the students and administration are like, etc.) and also allows you to see how you feel when you are on the campus. I visited a few schools and just had a gut feeling that they were not the right places for me, but once I set foot onto the campus of the school I attended, I instantly knew that it was the best place for me. The best advice I can give is to follow you instincts and do your research. To make the most of the college experience I would suggest that you be strong in your ideals, but also be open minded to the entire experience because college is about exploration and finding out who you truely are as well as what you truely believe about the world around you.


I am from Arizona where there are only three universities in the entire state. Like many other students, I wanted a college experience that I could be involved in and not feel like one more student out of thirty thousand. I chose to attend a small, beautiful school in California. With CLU's price tag it seemed like a dream but with two jobs, an academic scholarship, and hard work, it became reality. I cannot express how grateful I am that I found CLU. I have become a strong, independent person who enjoys waking up and going to class every day. I have many friends back home who are unhappy with their college choice of staying in-state and wish they could do all it over again. My advice is to not be afraid to take a chance with college; follow any passion that has been building up inside. Small schools especially give opportunities to become involved and learn on a deeper level. Find a ticket out and just try it. Maybe it will not work, maybe it will, but living with realization that you tried is something incredible that will always be there. follow passions


make sure to visit and really weigh your options. be social and willing to make friends, sometimes you would expect to be friends with some one but in college people are more willing and excited to meet new people. and parents i know you will worry but your son or daughter will be safe with friends. good luck and i hope you find the right school for you.


Talk to students that are currently attending the university because they will have the most insightful and current information. Look into the programs offered by the university that are related to all prospective majors (and remember that students change their majors a lot!) Look into how often the university raises tuition when deciding if the university is a good choice, financially, for you. Find out about free activities, tutoring programs, etc. and take advantage of them! Explore the surrounding areas and decide if you will be happy there with the activities/attractions nearby. Will you need a car to get there? Find out if the university is made up of mostly out-of-state students, in-state students, commuters, etc. What kinds of scholarships are offered at the university? Visit, and ask a lot of questions!


Follow your heart and remain open minded. In the end the school you choose will reflect you as an individual. Look for a school that exemplifies you as a person "in the now" and will affect you over the years in a strictly positive manner. Although your parents may influence your decision in choosing a school remember, your are the one that has to spend the next 4 or 5 years at that institution. Look for a school that is liberally sound. Professors will be more likely to empathize with the hardships of being a college student. Since a college is a community in itself ,take time and explore the different clubs, activities, and sports. In the end you will find yourself branching out and coming into your own as a member of the human society. Pick an institution in which you can imagine yourself leaving as a young adult and returning as a man or woman.


Choose a school based on where you feel at home when you visit. Don't worry about who has the best record.


Go for it


Making the most out out college can be a difficult thing because it goes so fast. Although, if you pace yourself and stay organized college will do most of the work for you. Be involved, ask questions and travel abroad and you can't go wrong.


To find the college that works for you, you need to look at the classes that are offered, and the teacher student ratio. Also take note of the religious affiliations of the school; if its conservative. Take in the campus structure as well. The campus will be your home for your college life. Once in college never forget who they truly are. Always be aware of those people in your life that truly love and care for you, and dont turn your back of them. Do what you love, and believe in what you do. The easiest thing to do is lose sight of who you are. If people dont accecpt you for the way you live your life, then be patient, becuase other people will. If people dont want to accept you, dont worry about them, they wouldnt deserve to have someone like you in there lifes. As for the parents, my words of advise are to try and not worry. Your kids are leaving home, and you dont want to push too much. This may cause them to rebel or act out just because they are out of the house and can without you knowing.


Look everywhere. Go see multiple schools. Start your junior year of high school and take the tours!


You should research colleges as much as you can. Look for class sizes, cost, how the faculty and students react with each other, and also the social environment of the school. In addition to that, you should look at the location of the school, you would like to go to a school where you know you will be able to find things to do when on and around campus. I would just say, if it feels right, go with your gut choice, if you have a good feeling about it go for it!


If you are staying in a dorm room, leave your door open! You can meet a ton of new people that way.


Some advice I would give is to make sure that you choose not only a college that you feel comfortable with but also that your parents are comfortable with. Nothing is worse than having worried parents. Lucky for me my parents love my college and love to visit. Also, make sure you make yourself familiar with the area your college is in so if you ever need to get away from campus or do something fun, you have outlets. You need to make sure that you are going to enjoy your college and the area surrounding it. It will be your home for four years.


Go with what your gut tells you. I was on the fence with two schools and I went with my gut. Visit the schools you are really interested in at least twice and spend the night. If you are into sports make sure you meet the team and the coaches. Try to be active on campus for your freshman year because it is easier to adjust to a new environment and easy to make friends. Parents, let the kid choose; don?t push them to go to your alma mater or what is cheaper.


Apply to every college you want to go to no matter how much work it takes. Really take the time to look into all the programs the university has to offer. Participate in activities that you never thought you would. It will balance you out and you never know who you might meet that could possibly help you later down the line.


Always do what you you're passionate about and what your heart tells you is best. Even if you know that a business major at a state school would make you wealthier in the end, if you have a passion for painting, go with the art major at the liberal arts school. Always talk to people, even when you're shy. Don't push yourself too hard. Get involved in things and remember to have some fun as well as balancing your schoolwork. Write your papers and study over a period of time, rather than last minute. That way you won't get too stressed out and you'll have a better college experience over all.


While choosing a college I would look for four main things; majors available, activities, distance fron home, and size. These three things were what made me attend California Lutheran University. The first reason I decided to come to my school was my major, make sure your school has one or more different majors you are interesed in. Next I choose my school because of the sports it offered both, varsity and intermural.. The third reason I choose my schoo was the size, for my major it is nice having a small school. It is also very nice because you can get to know your professors very well on a personal level. The last reason I picked my school was because of its distance from home. It is two hours from home, which is nice for me, I can go home on weekends if i want, but I am independent from my family. Over all when you are looking at schools take all four of these topics into consideration to help you figure out what school is the best for you. Good Luck! :)


Go with what fits best for you (meaning the student). While, scholarships are a bonus, if it doesn't feel right, it probably won't fit. when you start, get involved! but also remember to go to class, do your work, and hang out with friends!


I would tell them that the school will pick the student. I fell in love with the school I go to and I used to not want to go. Once at school, getting involved with several co-curricular activities is the best way to make the most of your time since you find life-long friends, and great relationships. College is not just what you learn in the classroom, it is wha tyou learn from one another and what you teach your friends, and what they teach you.


Put in the effort.


One of the many things that I considered when I was searching for a university was the location. Is it near the beach? How?s the weather? City or country life? Close to home? Research on the city that the university is located in, crime rates. Research on the university itself, how big is the campus, the ratio of professors and studnets in class, percentage of diversity. As well, looking into scholarships and finding different ways of being able to afford the costs. Every little thing counts when looking for a good school to attend. Look for a university that offers the major that you are planning to study or that will give you plenty of opportunities that will broaden your ideas if you are undeclared. Do not be a follower and go to the same university that your best friend, group of friends, or even your girlfriend/boyfriend will be attending. When choosing a university, you want to be selfish and see what the best opportunity is for you. You are looking out to better yourself. Always remember to be yourself, let people know who you are, and make plenty of friends. These next 4 years will fly by!


Attention future college students and parents, try colleges on for size! Similar to shopping for new clothes, there is no better way to genuinely determine the right college than to immerse yourself in the campus community. Students, visit older friends or relatives at their schools, take campus tours, sit in on a lecture or two, bascially, sample what a typical day is like for a student at each university you visit. Don't forget to try diffrent sizes! Parents, get in touch with the office responsible for parent relations at each prospective university and learn about the ways parents are getting involved. Be sure you get the dates for Parent's Weekend to mark on your calendar. Making the most of your college experience comes naturally at a college that fits you well. Confidence to introduce youself to classmates, approach professors and try out for choir happens when you are comfortable in your new community. However, analogous with purchasing new clothes, there are instances when you need to make an exchange. Realize that not every college is a perfect fit and that inorder to make the most of your college experience you will want to transfer schools. Happy shopping.


My advice would be, make sure as far as athetcis: that if a coach wants you to play at that institution-the coach as well as the staff better be on the same page and you better be able to get on the team and play. As far as everything else, make sure you get all the "aid" you can get and stay on top of that each semester. Besides all that, work hard-have a focus, and do the best you can do-college is more or less where you really start learning and being able to apply what you know and what you have come to know-make the most of it.


First and foremost I would like to address that I hope parents to be supportive in every aspect of the college experience. Whether it's a student's first, second, third or fifteenth choice in a school, as long as they choose to go, be thankul for the choice they made to beter themselves by getting an education. Parents should also be a part of the college search with their student and when it comes to finances, discuss this openly and fairly. Point out that their first choice is great but, their second or even third choice may have better financial options, ike my parents did. I had orginally wanted to go out of state, but after talking to my dad about pursuing the scholarship I was offered at my university now, I have come to be so grateful that I have chosen to go here and not anywhere else. Another big thing to take into consideration is parents, please, understand that it is college and a student may or may not experiment with new and different things that you don't precisely agree with, however, trust your child and know that they will learn and grow from their experiences.


My advice to anyone whether it be a parent or student is to be open ad flexibe. Most students picture their college experience to be filled with fraternities and sororities and non-stop partying with school work on the back of their minds. Most parents want their students to get the best education and look for schools with highly regarded acedemic programs. What is important is to find the middle ground when making a decision and to actually visit the campus and if possible stay overnite with current students. This will allow the prospective student to see what the social life is about and because a middle ground had already been reached the parent will be comfortbale knowing the acedemics at the school are top notch. In order to make the experience the greatest the student needs to learn to balance school work and social life and elicit help from teachers or peers if this seems to be difficult. If the student is struggling in school their time will be stressful there and the social aspect will therefore decrease as well. Like anything it is important to reach equilibrium and live optimistically.


I would advise student and parents to visit the campuses the student is interested in and meet as many people there as they could and talk to them about their expereinces. After learning as much as possible, pick the school that the student feels they would not just do well in, but thive off of. Thrive off of academics, social happenings, and being in an enviornment that makes them feel happy to be themselves.


Be open to new things, and try to meet new people and stay busy. It helps a lot with the transition to college, especially if you are moving out of state. Always give a new school at least a full semester before deciding it isn't right for you, and always take advantage of any social oppourtunities offered to you.


Visit the school for a weekend and let your student spend the night and maybe sit in on a few classes. It is very hard to find what you are looking for in a school with out seeing it for yourself. The most important part of finding a college is making sure the student is comfortable where they plan to spend the next four years of their life. Always remember that once in a college that you only have four years there which may seem like a long time but it is not so make every moment count. If this means running to Denny?s at 1:00 in the morning because you and bunch of your friends cannot sleep then do it. Grades are only part of the experience although it is important not to stretch your self to thin. Find that middle ground where you can balance school and fun.


My advice to any student looking to get into a good college would be to look at the diversity of the school, the student to faculty ratio, the surrounding area, and the overall atmosphere of the school. When looking for the right college, you should look for a school that has a very helpful faculty and administration. You should never have to feel lost or alone. After all, you're putting money and time into obtaining a good education, and you're going to want a school that is not only willing to help you reach your goals in life, but wants to see you succeed. I go to a school where my name is Catherine, not student #12345 and that's a quality every prospective student should look for. As far as making the most of your college experience, my advice would be to get involved! Join every club that you find interesting, play intramural sports, participate in community service, go to all the sporting events, keep an open mind, and most of all stay organized so that you can balance all of these fun activities with your school work.


If I was giving advice to prospective students and/or their parents I would tell them that the most important part in any college search is to visit the college campus. When you walk on campus and take a tour you will know whether or not the school is right for you. Then, when you find the school that is right for you, get as involved on campus. Whether you join a sorority/fraternity, a sport, a club, or a church group you will never regret getting involved but you will regret letting the opportunities pass you by. The biggest piece of advice that I can give anyone beginning their college career is this: Although grades are an important part of college, the most memorable and life altering aspects of college are the friends you meet, the experiences you have, and the memories you make along the way.


Look around at all different types of schools. Check out not only the campus, but the surrounding areas, the housing, the things to do at night, and on weekends as well. Get a feel for the people around town, and around campus as well.


Visit the school and take risks. Your young nows the time to discover the world and different cultures around you.