California Lutheran University Top Questions

What should every freshman at California Lutheran University know before they start?


I would tell my past self to be open and have an amazing time in college. Also, to stay true to yourself and hold your ground. Furthermore, I would tell her to not be too trustworthy because you are meeting new people and to try and form close friends that you can trust. The classes are hard, but if youwork hard and get to know the professors it will pay off.


Grades was something I was not concerned with. Advanced classes were in my agenda, but the grades nor the effert seemed to be there. I was never informed on the importance of G.P.A. With that being said, I did just enough to get by. I never really tried to see how smart I actually was. Now that I am twenty four years of age, I know more infrmation about education than I could imagine. I am one of the firsts to graduate with a college degree in my family and I should have known this then. If I could go back and speak to me in my present form, I wouldn't say a thing. I would sit down, take me thorugh all the steps and let myself figure it out by doing. Hands on is best for lesson learners.


Erin, I know you are ready for a new scene, a new life, and new people. However, that doesn't mean you should stop working hard, and shutting yourself out. Be yourself, be productive, read books, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime. keep swimming and practicing with Eric, even though he grind our gears like noone else he knows what he is talking about, and cares about you(side note: don't let them take your car to New York. It doesn't turn out too well). I know it will be hard, but try to save as much money as possible, because you may think you're ready, but being a broke college student is harder than you think. Spend as much time as possible with mom and dad because you will miss them more than you know. Be prepared for heartache and many tears, but it will make you stronger and smarter. And don't forget that I love you even though you're not perfect.


I would tell myself to be open-minded and outgoing, that friends are around every corner and I would have to be willing to go outside of my comfort zone. I would also tell myself that no matter how hard it seems, it is all doable- classes, sports, work and extracurriculars. Getting involved is also a very good idea because there are so many clubs and organizations on campus, all full of great people. Studying abroad is also one of the best decisions you could make, not only because of the awesome places you will see, but because of the great lessons you will learn. Work hard, play hard.


I would tell myself to get more social, meet some new people. Coming into college I did not know anyone, and it would of been a great help if I had practiced talking to knew people while I was still at highschool. I also would of told myself to take those AP tests so I didn't have to repeat classes I already took.


Stay focused on our classes and finish. You will make it and you will be great. Don't be afraid to fail. It is so much easier to go to school now then to wait until you have a family, and a full time job. Listen to your Grandma, she is usually right. Even though is it hard to admit. You have potential, you know that you can finish college. Just stick with it!!


If I could give my high school self one piece of advice regarding college, it would be this: breathe. When you enter college, a whole new world is suddenly thrust in your face and it can be incredibly overwhelming. Suddenly, you have to juggle your social life, and your workload and you sleep all on your own with little regulation. It’s hard to find a balance, and there were quite a few times when I felt ready to break down and cry. When this happened, I just had to remember to breathe. I had to remind myself that I could get through the schoolwork, I would find my social niche, and I could handle this new experience if I just took a moment to take a few deep breathes. I would tell my senior self to be sure to take a moment to find that inner peace that makes the world seem like a nicer place. Sometimes, you have to remember to slow down and breathe.


The best advice I can give myself is to not close myself off, and find indidivuals who are positive to be around rather then loners and individuals upset with the world. College is hard and when you are going through a difficult transition its better to surround yourself with individuals to tell you its ohk to be who you are rather then those who tell you to hide it or run. Coming out in college especially mentally with class life wasn't the best choice I think, and maybe to stay on the books because yes true at the end of the day you only have yourself but if you cant support yourself then you have nothing.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school senior self about the preparations for college I would tell him this... College is another phase in your life. Do not forget about your loved ones at home, but conversely you cannot let them tie you down from meeting new people. When starting your first semester of college make sure you have all your books and notebooks, read before class, and don't be afraid to ask questions. When moving in meet your roommate and sit down to talk about how you all want to live; discuss such issues as cleaning your room, having guests over, and when your bed time usually is. Furthermore, know that just because you have a roommate and live with him does not mean that you have to be friends. In fact, try to make friends outside your residence hall because you tend to fight with the people you live with - just think about your brothers! My final advice for you is to be ambitions. Everyone that is coming into their first year of college is feeling nevrous and shy just like you, so get out, join clubs, and be involved!


High school was a time of growth and development and college is only an extension of the process. If I could go back to my high-school self, I would tell myself a truth I have recently discovered: life is never stagnent, it is perpetually changing and there is little I can do to control that change. The fact is, I thought I would hang onto my high-school friends and that I would continue those friendships but because of the ever-chaning nature of life, it is impossible to hold onto the past and continue to move forward. I would remind myself that life does change and that all I can do is embrace the changes that occur. I never though I would lose so many friends or that I would be so different but all this has occured. I would remind myself that as my life changes, so does that of others. I would tell myself to expect the best from those changes and be prepared for them. I would tell myself that the changes should be embraced and the past cherished.