California Lutheran University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I knew I was capable of being a good teacher when I began my credential program in September, 2010. I now know, that after only one semester, I am going to be a better teacher because of my instructors, my classmates and the teacher credential program at Cal Lu. I have learned about physical and mental development; I now better know what I can expect from a class of Kindergartners. I was taught about the difficulties people from other countries can experience upon relocating to our country; I will be more culturally aware and sensitive to my students' backgrounds. I heard about the struggles of special ed, learning disabled and English Learners; I now have techniques I can use to help a child, not only survive, but thrive in my classroom, as we learn how to work together. Yes, my program is expensive, but it is worth every cent. I am investing in not only my future, but the future of the children of California. I am going to be a great teacher and owe much of that to the preparation I am receiving from California Lutheran University.


Through college I have learned that organization and time managemnt is key for success in college. Also being that I am a football player at my college these traits are vital to balance out school work and fun.


CLU has presented many opportunities to me, including: job and internship assistance, the ability to learn from and develop personal relationships with wonderful professors and faculty, and useful graduate school preparation. While I have only been at this university for two years, I have seen tremendous growth in my academic and social skills as well as my social networking ability. Likewise, professors, faculty, and students at this university have introduced me to different causes that I am passionate about. Upon entering CLU, I declared psychology as my major, but after taking a sociology course, I changed my major to sociology. I believe that I discovered my strength in and passion for sociology primarily because the small class size enabled me to form a relationship with a professor who demonstrated his belief that this major might be a better fit and continues to encourage me. As a result, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in sociology and intend to pay it forward by encouraging and passing on knowledge to other young adults as this professor and my other mentors have done for me. My experiences at this university have transformed who I am and my plans for the future.


The main experience I have gotten from my college experience is that it's nothing like how it is in the movies or television. You are your own parent and it is the time were you have to start going up and taking out time from everthing else. Depending on how many classes you take for the year and what you want to major in reflects on how good of a student I can become. College is were you have to step it up a notch and give it your all because if you don't you will get let behind with now one to push you. My parents have aided along with supported me in life. However this is the part were I do things on my own and make something out of my educational life following to what I want to be as an adult.


I am a biology major and I learn a lot at California Lutheran University. I have wanted to be an Orthodontist for quite some time and I believe that this school or many colleges will direct me in the right path to obtain that goal and to stay focussed. I love science and learning about science and the programs that they have offered me I have enjoyed very much. Living on campus has shown me how to be responsible and I have met some friendships that will last a lifetime. I love being in college and getting the full experience that I love.


My college experience has been amazing. Although I have only just finished my freshman year, I cannot imagine changing anything. Attending a university is defintiely something that has changed my life for the better. It has made me want to get out and do something with my life, rather than just coasting through. One of the greatest things about college is that everyone is doing their own thing, as opposed to highschool where everyone is doing pretty much the same thing. It allows you to really be yourself and express yourself in whatever way possible without feeling self concsious because everyone is doing it. This experience really makes you get out and make active decisions to ensure your future. Not only have I come out of my shell but I have become so independent from my parents. As any successful adult will tell you, being independent is one of the greatest feelings in the world and I owe it all to my experience at California Lutheran University. Afer only one year, I have made life long friends, taken steps to make my dreams come true (no matter how cheesy that sounds), and truly discovered who I really am.


My college experience has been great so far. Ive been able to experience being on my own and taking responsibility for myself and the classes i take. I look forward to experiencing so much more in the up and coming school years.


The old cliche that "college is the best time of your life" is really true. It is a time where you discover who you really are and where you want to go. In college you will most defintely be challenged, but the beauty of it is college will in turn teach you to challenge the world. This is a place you meet friends for life, and together, have the time of your life. Here not only will you learn the important facts and figures you will need for a degree, but you will also learn more imporant leassons such as growing up, diversity, leadership and responsiblity. I wouldn't have given my experiences up for anything.


I truly enjoy college; I appreciate what the instructors are trying to do. If college was not an option in my life I might be dead, in jail or a junkie in the streets, College saved my life, and I am thankful for it. Currently I am the president of the schools business club; I have maintained a 3.5 and have been consecutively on the dean's list. I tutor math and computer on my free time. I just love life and they education I am getting.


Through my college experiance thus far, one main value that I have pulled away with is living on my own. Even though I have the support of the school, my parents are very far away. Its very good to learn how to make your own money and do things just on your own.


I would say to my high school self to not second guess myself in the desitions I will make. Always use your head when it comes to finances and to not go around buying needless things. Always stay focused and do the assigned work on time and always ask the questions that no one is willing to ask. Your professors and classmates are nicer than they look and understand what you are going through. Try to never go it alone by talking and getting to know the classmates in all your classes. Above all else be kind and patient and understand that you will not understand the material the first time around and never give in anything you do.


If I could be a high school senior I would tell myself to prepare for pain. I would let myself know that students at a rich private university tend to be cold and heartless, that they look down on people like me, who have large families that need government support. I would tell myself to prep money because the government is weak and can not help people like me. I would tell myself that working hard is not the only hard part of college but financing myself to get through college is the other piece teachers forget to reccommend.


The advice i would give myself is to stay focused on school and make as many friends as possible. I would also tell myself to not get to distracted with football. I would also tell myself to strive and do everything possible to get at least a 3.2 gpa because it will make college life a lot easier.


If I could go back in time to my senior year of highschool, knowing what I know now about college live, I would give myself a few words of advise. I would tell myself to think very carefully about what college I picked. I attented the University of Colorado my freshman year. Basically my whole family has graduated from Colorado U, and I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to follow in their footsteps. I would tell myself to be patient and think about what is the best decision for ME. I now realize that was the right thing to do. My freshman year at Boulder was anything but memorable, I felt lonely in such a big school, and felt out of touch with my proffesors. I didn't do as well as felt I should have, and I felt as though I had let my parents down. My sophmore year at Cal Lu has been ideal for me, small classes, passionate professors, and nice kids. I feel as though this is where I was meant to be.


There are many things I would tell myself before going to college. First I would have tried to be more independent my senior year because in college you have to step up and go out and look for things you need. They are not handed to you and you do not have any one pushing you to do something. You have to motivate yourself in order to be successful. I also would have told myself to look for more scholarships because I underestimated everything and thought that the school you went to would provide many scholarships. Well it doesnt work that way and now I am struggling to find scholarships. I would have told myself to go the extra mile my senior year by finding out more about the schools and what it is they exactly provide for me. Overall, I would have put more effort into finding scholarships and preparing myself mentally for the change in independence. I would have done more things on my own to prepare myself for the change of being alone.


In high school, EVERYTHING seemed so important. The only big concerns I had were boys and friends. I had no real responsibilities except school and chores, and as an ignorant high school student that seemed like too much. I had no idea what a challenge college life would present. There is no more mommy and daddy paying the bills, cooking the meals, buying the groceries etc. I have to be so much more responsible in college and I wish I had prepared myself for that more. I was too wrapped up in high school drama to realize what reality was ahead of me. Everything has always been pretty easy for me. I had responsibilities and definitely had earn my things but my life wasn't as difficult as some have it. Even academics came very easy to me in high school and I wasn't prepared for what a challenge college classes would be. If I could tell myself one thing in high school, I would tell myself to stop worrying about high school drama and wake up to the real world; to the responsibilities that lie before me; to the mature adult I've always wanted to become.


What could I say that wasn't already told to me before I set off for college? I would probably beat into myself the idea of getting out there and participating in everything that is possibly available, especially that first sememster. That is when you meet everyone, when new groups are being made. As well as don't be afraid to talk to the teachers. I could get away with it in high school but it took me awhile to get the courage to visit a professor in their office to discuss the class. But was so good to have that experience and it helped out my grade in the end as well. Don't be afraid to try anything, end of story.


Now that I?m in college, and know what it takes, I would have told myself a few things as a enior. I?d start with time management. It seems like you really have a lot of ?free? time while living at college. But it?s all about what you do with it. You have to manage your time well otherwise you will find yourself up till 2am every night doing homework. Then you will be tired the next morning, meaning it will be harder for you to focus in class, and eventually your grade will suffer. It?s crucial that you manage your time well in college and prioritize wisely. Also any easy way to transition into college would be to get to know your professors and touch base with them once in a while. Make sure they know who you are, and continue to show them that you are making an effort to get the best possible grade in the class. Another way to show them that your really care about their class is to ask for feedback on your work. And if there is criticism, avoid making the same mistakes again to show the professor your improvement.


When I was in high school, I thought the world was small and that I could hold it in the palm of my hand. I believed life would just work out. If I could go back in time and talk to myself then, I would stress the importance of the choices we make. I would urge myself to take inventory every day of what matters most. I would tell myself that I can achieve anything I pursue, but that nothing will be given to me without hard work, dedication, and dicipline. I would also take it easy on my high school self. I'd let him know that life is a journey; every misstep, every false note, every decision that goes awry can be learned from and used for his advantage. The transition from high school to college is monumental and can truly define a person, and with that in mind, I would assure my high school self that through focus and a stubborn determination never to give up he can reach any goal.


Stop stressing out! If you don?t get into a top tier school, you?ll survive. In fact, you will thrive. Find the perfect college for you; where you?re challenged just enough and still have time to make friends. That a university is called ?the best? doesn?t mean it?s best for you - and you don?t want to spend the next four years miserable. So, don?t worry about that B in Spanish, and stop freaking out about Calculus. You?ll be fine. If you let yourself take a break once in a while, you?ll be better than fine. Life is too short; you miss too many opportunities if you try to be the best at everything. Most people aren?t the best, but they?re still able to be happy. You want to be a writer - but you can?t write if you have no life to write about! Join clubs and make friends. Do something that you?ll look back on and laugh with your children about, the way your Mom does. College is about growing up as much as it is about education; so find yourself some good soil to grow in.


If I could go back and give advice to my high school self, I would tell myself to go outside of your comfort zone and to stick to whatever you think is best for yourself. Right now in my senior year, I would have been stressing myself out about finding the perfect college. The fact is that wherever you decide to go, you can make it work out. I realize now that I would have done well at any of the colleges on my list, if I just put myself out there and became involved. Wherever you go, the first year at college is going to a huge adjustment. It is for everyone. Now is the perfect time to make big decisions, step outside your area of comfort, and to take opportunities that are presented to you. Don't be afraid- everything comes with time. Be involved with activities that interest you on campus, get to know your professors, and be friendly to everyone around you. College is what you make it.


When I was starting high school I thought that these were your best years by the time I was a junior in high school I realized that this was actually just the beginning of the start of a new life. I always had craved more and I new college would fulfill that. Knowing what I know now I would have prepared myself for the possibility of life going really wrong and I would have given myself a chance to realize that. That no matter how good you are in school and how good you are in life things can happen around you that completely devestate your life. I have realized different things are the most important, no matter what the world may tell you. Family is really important and something that is so far from being replaceable. Life does go on after a death in the family but it goes on in a very different and hard way. I have had to learn to readjust to my new surroundings after the death of my father and I have had to find a way to continue and strive for the best life possible at the loss of such a great man.


As a transfer student, I ran into trouble trying to figure out which classes to take and which ones transered to the schools I hoped to attend. If you are planning on going to community College or want to finish College in a timely manner be in contact with your Counselor. If you are questioning, go to them. At first I tried to plan my way all by myself; unfortunately I ended up repeating a requirement and missing application and other deadlines. To avoid this, talk to your Counselor and use their available resources. It saves time and money. My other advice is to get to know people in your classes. Sometimes this will come naturally and sometimes not. Either way making friends in a class (though not talking all through class) can help you. If one of you misses a class or needs help understanding the material, you can go to each other for help. It's nice to see people you know on campus--it's way more fun and you learn which teachers and classes to avoid or to take. Enjoy College. Plan it so you don't worry and enjoy new people you meet!


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice before I entered into college I would tell myself to get involved on campus right away. I would suggest that I sign up for as many clubs and activities as I could find that sounded interesting to me. I would also tell my high school self to be more confident and to put myself out their as I enter college because the friends you make and the roommates you live with will be with you for life. College is a new beginning, a place where you can shape yourself into the person you want to be. Each day it challenges me to grow. So I would be sure to tell myself to be prepared for the most challenging, but best years of my life. We are all more than we know ourselves to be, and college has helped me to uncover part of who I am.


I would tell myself to be sure and spend time building relationships that matter. Whether it be with roommates, friends or teachers, you begin a life separate from home and those relationships you had will not be so tangible. I would tell myself to be more outgoing and friendly because it will enhance my college experience. I would also stress the importance of making aquaintances in classes. Studying in groups is far more beneficial than doing so alone, and from those study groups, friends can be made. I would tell myself to be sure and have an alternative source of transportation since I didn't have a car. A bike would have been very useful for local trips to the store. I would have told myself to be prepared for things to be different than I imagined. To be aware that the people may not all be people you want to be friends with, and that I may have to make the best of it, and not be let down by the change or surroundings.


If I could give my senior-self advice, I would give it in the form of 5 tips. Tip #1: Consider the location. College is where you'll live as well as work, so think about what you want your new home to look like. For example, a small town or a big one? Greenery or cityscape? Tip #2: Try the food first. Food is what will sustain you when you're studying, playing a sport, etc. I would recommend trying the food first. Tip #3: Don't let the price tag discourage you. If you want to go to a school that you think is out of your financial reach, don't give up. There are dozens of avenues that can get you the resources you need. Tip #4: Be realistic about how often you want to visit home. Think about how much you depend on your parents, and base the mileage you put between you on that. Tip #5: Remember that college is probably one of the biggest gifts you'll ever get to give yourself. Don't base your decision on your friends, or any other social pressures that you face. Do what feels right for you.


As a high school senior, I was more focused on enjoying college life and being on my own than I was about the fact that I was going to school. I would tell myself to focus more on my classes, because fun and friends will always be around, but not taking classes seriously will follow you for the rest of college and you'll have to compensate for those mistakes later. It's much harder to play catch up than it is to stay focused all along.


I would say to myself back in High School, Ember, college is not going to be easy. School will be tough, you will be stressed, and it sure will be an experience living with someone you don?t know. You will make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them and move on, you will be fine. The purpose for this time in your life is to grow and experience life on your own. Learn something from everyone, continue to work hard in everything you do, and you will be successful. There are so many opportunities out there for you, so take them as they come. Just keep in mind you may not always agree with what your school does but there is a reason behind the whole college experience. You never know what the future holds so don?t ever limit yourself or your abilities. Remember, have a little fun while you?re at it too.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self and remind myself not to settle. During my high school years I had a hard time transitioning into the Honors Classes at my private school, and because of this my college counselor did not encourage me to go further and give me the confidence to believe in myself. This led to me settling on my choices I chose my junior year, and in result I ended up improving my senior year and did not have any new options. So if I had the chance to go back in time, I would tell myself not to settle and to be confident in myself and choose schools that would fit me.


I would tell myself that going to a school with a prestigious reputation is not as important as going to one that is right for you. Make sure to tour campuses you are interested in and try to see yourself there. Get a feel for the people, because they will be your friends for the next four years. Once you get to school, make sure you try to meet a lot of people, and get involved with activities right away. This will help with finding a place you belong at school. Know that the work load will get more and more difficult as you begin taking upper division classes. Make sure you set aside time for studying, but also make time for friends and a social life.


1. Learn to live without sleep 2. You will have to be able to say "no" to the many distractions college presents. For example: No, I don't drink; No, I need to study; No, I have practice in the morning 3. Be open to new ideas, this is the time to mold your own views and not purely mirror your parents views 4.. Learn to do laundry!!! 5. Know the value of a dollar 6. Avoid the "Freshman 15" by exercising, staying away from regular soda, and not overindulging 7. You will be homesick, but you have to wait it out. In no time, college will start to feel more like home than your parent's house does. 8. Work on your study skills, you'll need them 9. Apply for scholarships, college is really expensive!!!! 10. Have fun, don't stress, and take part in as many new things as possible


Although less then a year has gone by since I have been a high school senior, I feel that I would have some very valuable advice to myself. I would first tell myself to not be afraid to take a step back and analyze your life as it is moving so fast. Sometimes you need to really think about what you are doing, and how if you do everything with the right attitude, you ahve the power to effect both yourself and others in a positive way. I would tell myself to be grateful for current friendships, because they are very valuable, but also be prepared to make new friends, because in college, you will meet many new people who have common interests, and there is no way to know if you share interests with these people, unless you go out and meet them. Furthermore, I would remind myself that there is no substitute for hard work. Studying shouldnt be a weekly habit, but a daily one, In order to receive the grades that you are capable of. Yes, school feels like a juggling act with everything else that goes on, but with the proper balance, anything can be achieved.


Always have a back up plan no matter what. Even your parents will tell you one thing and do another, so be prepared for the worse situations and do your best no matter what.


I would tell myself to get out there more. By out there I do not mean socially, I mean in the world. I would tell myself to go to a school far away and really make each moment count. I think new experiences are really key in developing as an individual, which I learned from studying abroad this past semester. If I could do anything all over again I would go somewhere much cheaper and study abroad a lot more.


Emilie! Get up and have fun. In college you are going to regret that you didnt go out and meet new people. You need to learn those chrismatic skills. You also need to get yourself more involved with clubs and sfterschool activites and don't forget about those grades too just push through. In college you aren't going to have those opportunites to just go out and have fun, especially before an exam. Also dont forget to eat as much as you can, especially those goodies since you'll feel like your starving in college. Don't forget to tell mom and Dad that you love them too beause when you get to college you'll miss them and wish you didn't take them for granite. Now Emilie remember it is highschool, your senior year have fun! Oh yeah don't forget to pack toliet paper!


You are about to embark on huge new part of your life that will change you completely, and force you to find who you truely are. Don't give up your beliefs and values for anything, they are what will keep you strong and keep you honest and comfortable in your own skin. Your true friends will accept your values and embrace who you are. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there and throwing aside your reservations and the shyness you've always hid behind, it will get you nowhere and I know its a comfort zone for you but doing things that make you uncomfortable often help you find parts of yourself you never new existed. Take advantage of everything you can because you will be given so many opportunities to do amazing things and if you don't do them now you may never have the chance again. You will never have a better time in your life to make something of yourself and have so many new experiences and friends. Don't let any of it slip away, there?s no reason to miss out on anything in this life changing time of your youth.


If I could back to high school and rethink my college career, I would have prepared myself better and chosen a college that I would feel comfortable at. I chose to go to California State University of Northridge because my soccer coach talked me into going there. After being away from home for half a year I realized that Northridge was the wrong choice for me. Now I am trying trying to go back home and go to my local University, which is California Lutheran University. I was not ready to be living on my own, and to not play soccer was probably even worse to me because i felt as if i were not doing anything. I think if I could go back in time, I would ask myself if I really liked being away from home or not and if Northridge was the best choice for me. Now I have the chance to come back home and go to a great school.


Matt, college is a whole new kind of adventure. Be prepared for professors to be harder on you because you are a first-year student. If anything, just prove to them you can handle the workload. DO NOT leave anything to do for the last minute. The least "all-nighters" you have, the better. College is all a test to see if you can roll with the punches. Take whatever your professors and peers throw at you and embrace it. Turn every challenge, whether it be a 12-page paper, a research project, or a group presentation, into an opportunity to make a name for yourself. Take pride in anything that can be associated with your name. Create an identity on campus and make yourself known. The last thing, do not be afraid to get involved. Attend events and support your school. Whatever interests you have as a student- your school will probably have a group devoted to just that subject; if not, find out how to start your own club. Stay active on campus. Although it seems cool to be in your dorm, soaking up the fun, the real core of the excitement is right outside on your campus.


In almost all the movies I have watched College is portrayed through students partying everyday; however, none of those prepare you for the amount of work that you will encounter, and the amount of time you need to spend in each class. The one advice I would give to myself is not ?judging a book by its cover?. I came into college thinking it was all about going out and having fun just like many movies have described it. Since I came in with that mentality it was difficult managing my time in the first few months, but I got back on track with the help of my advisors and teachers. This brings me to another advice, in high school everything is given to you from the materials to the help. However, in college you are now consider and adult and must learn to look for the resources because no one will know you are struggling unless you let them know. You are now a responsible adult and you should take advantage of all the resources school has to offer, because it is your time in money that is being used.


First off congratulations on making it to this point I know there were times when we thought this was not possible so congrats! Secondly knowing what I know about getting into school and maintaining my class work and sports I have some advise for the future: take advantage of your professors that?s what their there for, also plan ahead your financial situation, you don?t want to have to stress about where money is going to come from during finals week. Other then that have fun because this time flies by so enjoy all that you can!


Take your education seriously. While you may not get the best GPA to gain a great scholarship, your grades help your chances of being accepted to various colleges. Truly think about what it is that you want out of college. What matters most to you? What kind of atmosphere do you want to be in? Visit the universities you're applying to, as many as you can. Touring a campus can give you a feel of what it'll be like at that college. Find which one feels best for you; find your home for the next four years of your life.


I would tell myself that I need to actually apply myself more because my luck can only get so far. Also that I need to stay active and keep my head up!


I would tell myself to talk to your roommate more and see if you truely will fit with your roommate before you get to school. Also I would tell myself to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible because college is going to cost way more than expected. Finally I would tell myself to spend as little money as possible before school starts because you are going to need it when you get there.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school self anything, it would be to buckle down and really focus on my school work and learn some proper study habits. I never took the time to study for tests and quizzes in high school, and I always waited until the last minute to do my homework. Friends of mine that were already in college warned me that college students study at least double the amount of time high school students study, but I did not really pay attention to them. I figured I could get away with doing the same amount of work that I did in high school. Now, as the end of my first semester is approaching and finals are coming up, I wish I had listened to those peope that warned me about focusing and studying. I am currently trying to find the time to catch up on all the homework I missed while still completing the assignments that have not been due yet as well as studying for my finals that are coming up in two weeks.


I am Retire Vet with alos to offer the young poeple of today a better way . We who has retire have alots to give to young poeple of today


If I had the chance to meet the future Me, I would make sure to let myself know the importance of taking risks and following what one honestly loves to do, with the people you love being surrounded by. I would like to have had someone tell me that staying on top of things, and getting involved on campus as well as committing to community service would be extremely helpful in finding who I am as a person but also a great learning experience. I would want to have been encouraged to remember time managing and not waste time doing things one doesn't feel passionate about. College is truly a time for new experiences and shaping who you are going to become, therefore making the best of any and all situations. I would encourage myself to stay positive, make tons of friends, work hard, go above and beyond, and remember to call family often.


To be completely honest, I absolutely love my life right now. If I were to change anything about it, I might not really be in the same place as I am now. However if I had to say anything, I would say a couple of things to myself. One, go into college without a boyfriend, it will only hold you back for a while. Two, start looking at colleges and putting those applications in the beginning of fall semester, not the end. Third, make sure you research financial aid and scholarships well and closely. Other than that I am happy with my beautiful life and would not change much. I just need some help along the way.


Make sure you get involved like you did in highschool. Focus on school but do not forget about your social life. Dont be afraid to apply to other school or go far away from home


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell Younger Me to be more open to experience, that college isn't as scary as she's making it out to be, and that help is always readily available should she choose to accept it. I would also tell Younger Me to suck it up and take more AP/IB classes because eight more credits on entry would have meant that not only could I have avoided taking a global studies class but also I could have graduated a year early.


The first year will be the hardest. Transitioning from home to living on campus and not always being around family. However, make lots of good friends, because they become your family. Work extremely hard in classes because in college there isnt always second chances. And any moment to have fun and experience new things take it! This is your time to be free!