California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I think that if I was to go back in time and give myself advice about college I think that the advice that I would give myself would be to always make time for everything. One of the things which I had to learn to do now because when I just came I was having struggles with managing my time to do my homework for all my classes and because of that I end up failing one class. Another advice would be to always do my homework before is do because procastination makes everything harder that it is, since when you leave things to do at the last moment you always end up doing most of the things the wrong way and also you end up doing it very late meaning that your work lack of either information or effort. Teacher in college always want you to do good but if they see that you do not put the effort for success they will noy be there to help like high school teachers do.


I would let myself know that it is extremely important to save your money! I know shopping may be an addiction, but tuition, books, and rent is no joke, so it is best to start early to avoid extra pimples due to stress. I would also encourage myself to not be afraid of taking chances and getting out of my comfort zone. Nothing is worse than leaving your hometown and being all alone in a city you are not familiar with. Make friends, have fun! You only have one chance to experience this transition so don't be afraid to be afraid. You are not alone. Do not try and visit your family every weekend! Get comfortable with getting comfortable, I know it may take time, but it will all be worth it. Do not be afraid to email your professors. Although they may seem intimidating, they really are there to help you succeed. Oh yes! Be extremely careful when walking down the bleacher stairs at football games, falling is no fun, and scraped knees are not attractive. However, do not be surprised when you recieve a bunch of followers on instagram, they all love your clumsiness!


Take Colonel Vandiver’s offer on the Air Force Academy. He is one of the best people you have met and he will help guide you through the whole process. It may seem scary or far-fetched right now but trust me, you will not regret at least making the Air Force Academy one of your options. Also, apply for any UC colleges. ANY! Going away for college will be good for you! I know that you do not want to take out any loans or feel like you are abandoning your family which needs you at the moment, but it will be good for your soul. The independence and distance will be rejuvenating. The very least you can do is apply for those colleges outside of Fresno so you have options, instead of just going to Fresno State. Lastly, get out of your comfort zone. I know you are an introvert, but make new friends! It will make college a whole lot more fun than it is now.


If I could speak to my adolescent self, I would give myself information on how life could be different with knowledge. Staying in school is important and the fast money that you see only last a short while. In contrast, I know pursuing an education seems slow to you now but the outcome will remain with you for a lifetime. I know times have been tough for you, loosing a brother would damage anyone but trust me in time the hurt will ease up. In a short while you will be 18 years old and the most important thing you could do in life is stay in school; college life is easy the most imortant factor is appearing and staying in contact with your instructors. Believe me their there to help you I know that majority of people believe that help is not available. But this is not the case in college; and do not believe the lies about not being able to afford tuition. There is money for you and if you really work at it there is scholarships and grants available to help. Believe me college life is for you.




As a high school senior I was involved in a diverse range of activities. I was constantly busy and loved every minute. I took AP classes, competed in three sports, played in band, took piano lessons, was an active member of my church youth group, and engaged in many hours of community service. My first year of college I decided I should "focus on my studies." If I could go back, I would shake myself and try to express how incredibly stupid that idea is. Staying involved in at least some of these interests wouldn't have distracted or taken away from my studies, they are what made me a happy, well-rounded person. I know it is a common occurence to be told to "get involved" in college, but I don't think anyone realizes how much it really does matter until you aren't involved in anything but school. I spent the first year of college life completely lonely and miserable because I was missing all of the other things that could have enriched my college experience as well as the learning I was tring to focus on. Don't completely overwhelm your schedule, but do something. Anything!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to start looking for a job and play softball to the fullest because it would be my last time playing a competitive sport.


Regarding applying, I would have told myself to immerse myself in more activities and clubs. I would have also told myself to remember how to actually study and write papers, because it is difficult. The most important part would be time management, because it is difficult in college to manage your time.


My whole life, I have been a hard-worker in school. One thing I have always struggled with, however, was being too hard on myself if I was to recieve a sub-par grade on a test or if I was not living up to my own expectations or goals. I had intense worries about my future- I was plauged with anxiety about not getting into the school I wanted, or getting into the school or not being able to handle the financial aspect of attending my university of choice. If I could talk to my 17-year-old self, I would tell myself not to worry so much and to focus all of that energy on my studies and enjoying my senior year. I recieved many acedemic recognitions my senior year and was accepted to all of the acedemic instutitions that I applied to, so I would explain to myself that there was nothing to worry about and that I should go out for ice-cream with my friends and enjoy myself rather than worrying so much so that I can go on to university with an open, fresh outlook.


I would have immediately smacked some sense into myself- you need to find what you want to do. Geomatic Engineering is a very interesting field and my past self would definitely be interested in the ability to travel, not to mention the chance to get the best education possible on the subject! Also, work hard and save your money, you need it for the coming debts. Haha.


Advice to the high school version of myself. Do not be quick to judge. Don't dismiss a person or idea too early just because you immediately get a bad impression from it. Pick the right classes. Think very carefully of the classes you take. You are setting the foundation for your career with these classes. Have respect for authority. Your teachers and your parents care about you and are only doing their job by giving you advice. Listen to their advice and heed it. Do well in academics. You want to develop good academic habits for college. Invest a good amount of time in researching and applying to scholarships. Money is hard to come by as a college student, take advantage of these opportunities. Create a set of goals. Both short term and long term. Make a plan on how you would like to reach those goals. Learn to take accountability. There is nothing wrong with admitting you’re wrong. And last but not least, learn to see things in others perspective. Everybody has their own lens. See and appreciate other people’s perspective, I promise you will learn a lot from them.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that the grades do matter, and to keep up the good work. I would encourage myself to practice writing more, because you do a lot of paper writing in college. I would also tell myself that it's ok to relax and have fun sometimes. The most important thing would be to encourage myself to save money. Although I recieved grant money in undergrad, I have struggled greatly in my graduate school. I have had to take out student loans and now I am experiencing a great deal of stress because if the financial burden.


Fernando, You will be fine. The application proccess will be difficult; you will get rejected, and you will be accepted. Making a decision will be the hardest part of the process, but you will be happy with the decision you make. I know that going to college seems scary, but after meeting some of the people, you won't be nervous anymore. You will pick Mechanical Engineering as your major, which will be an extremely difficult major. Transition from high school to college will be a diffiult change, but you will enjoy the college atmosphere much more than high school. Don't stress your last year in high school, and have fun.


I would tell myself to try harder in college once I started. High school was a breeze, so when I started college, I thought it would be the same way. It took me a semester to realize that I have to crack the books open and put in some work to do well in college. No longer could I get by with only paying attention in class and not doing anything else. I would tell myself firmly that college is not like high school at all. It is some serious business that requires hard work and dedication. It is definitely not like how it is portrayed in the movies where people party all the time and never do any homework or studying. I would also tell myself to make the most of it and meet new people. I learned a lot just from the people I met in college. The toughest advice I would give myself is that sometimes there are professors who want you to tell them "what they want to hear" and not your opinion if it goes against theirs. This was the hardest thing for me to accept about college.


I would try to work on my study skills.


If I were to be able to talk to myself as a high school senior, the main thing that I would tell myself would be to work harder and study more. I can remember being told that if we did not do well in high school by our senior year, we would not succeed in college. I would tell myself that this is not true, and there is always a chance to work hard and succeed. I would make sure that I knew that the college transition from high school would be difficult, and to do prior research to find the departments and services that would help me to succeed in college. I would also advise myself on the importance of volunteering, and encourage myself to start as a high school senior instead of waiting for my freshman year of college.


Given the chance to travel back into time and talk to myself as a higschool senior I would only have one thing to say: Keep calm, and carry on. I would explain to myself that there will be speed bumps ahead, but as long as I continue to work hard I can overcome any obstacles. It is important to remember that in the end everything will bw fine, and if everything is not fine don't worry; it's not the end. I would also tell myself to approach people, don't be scared. The world is full of amazing smart people, the only way to learn from them is to approach them.


Focus on school and save more money. The VW is a lemon and will end up costing more to fix than originally paid. You need to self-motivate above all else, and remember that your education is important. Nobody will be there telling you to go to school or complete assignments. Test out of as many generals as possible - the experience of those classes isn't worth the stress. Make friends and do things besides work so you have those experiences. Mom will help out more than you expect. You won't be ready for the courseload until after you have a child. You're pretty immature yet and won't fully comprehend the gravity of flunking out of college until you're trying to pull your GPA out of the gutter, and it WILL follow you around years later.


Dearest Claudia, I know you think you have everything figured out all ready, but you are about to enter a bigger world with lots of opportunities. There are good and not so good apects of college. You will be exposed to several different types of people in your community and you will need to know how to get along with all types. You will make plenty of new friends and loose lots from high school. However, the friends you keep are the ones that will help you get through college and become successful. I advise that you get involved with school organizations because not only do you get to meet new friends, but you also begin networking for your future career. The people that you know really can open opportunities that are not always apparent. Don't ever be scared to express yourself either physically or verbally because college is a whole new playing field compared to high school. Instead, you want to make yourself stand out on campus and in classes because it shows you mean business. Lastly, even though classes look rigorous, DO NOT DROP OUT! You will learn the most in those classes. Goodluck, you got this!


If I would be able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would remind myself of how difficult it was to transition into not only a college student but also into adulthood. Aside from having to worry about maintaining good grades, I would also have to worry about wheather or not I would have enough money to pay for my rent and basic expenses. I found myself struggling all the time, if it wasn't one thing it would be another. So therefore, I would tell myself to save up some money, start saving some of the allowence money because in the long run that would make my life so much easier. I would also tell myself to research more about what my University actually has to offer, I went in almost as if I was blind. I had no idea where anything was much less what kind of services Fresno State actually offers. I would also encourage myself to try getting into a sorority because I believe that would be helping me out even more, I would start becoming more social rather than just dwelling on what could have been.


The advice i would give myself as a highschool senior is keep my grades up and complete many scholarship applications. keeping your grades up will help you get into a college that you desire and will accomplish your major. Completing many scholarships will help pay off college and get the books and utilites you will need next year to complete college and be successful in life.


I could go back in time and talk to my senior self, I would have told myself to have applied for more scholarships because college is more expensive than I thought and also break the bad habit of procrastinating. I would also tell her to wake up and start getting serious about the future and to stop being so passive about everything. Another I would tell myself is to be prepared because high school is no the same as college. College takes more responsibily and you become more independent, which is something my old self would not understand since I have always been dependent on everyone else to guide me to my goals. Most importantly, I would tell myself to not be afraid of the transition between high school and college and to stay calm because college isn't as scary as it seems as long as you stay focused, on track and know not to give up when the going get rough because I know I can achieve any goal that I put my heart into.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior, the first thing that I would tell myself would be to save up more money. It is easy to blow your money away when you still live at home, but it is not until you live on your own that you truly understand the value of a dollar. I would also tell myself to be more open- minded about creating new memories and experiences. I used to be so inwardly drawn, but having friendships and relationships with others is what allows you to grow as an individual. Lastly, I would tell myself not to be so afraid to move three hours away from everything and everyone that I knew to go to college. A move that I once dreaded has become the best decision that I have ever made because it allowed me to expand my knowledge, make lifelong friends, and find out who I truly am.


Linda, you should spend more time reading newspapers than watching TV. I know the symptoms of senioritis are addicting, but try taking part in activities that are both fun and educational. Volunteer at school, local fundraisers, the zoo, marathons, etc., and start building your resume and experiences working in different environments. Also, start getting used to public speaking and giving presentations. You’ll give a lot of these in college and being able to present yourself well may be one of the most valuable skills you can have. Go to the public library and check out books on every subject and career you find interesting. Then narrow your choices down to a few and register for general education courses in those subjects during your first year of college. This will save you a lot of time because you’ll figure out what you like, and you won’t transfer as “undecided.” And lastly, try not to worry about what other people think. Have confidence in yourself that you will find what you love to do and work as hard as you can to be successful at it. Don’t ever stop learning, even after school.


The advice I would give to myself would be, make sure I know actually what my goals were and what kind of job I want to do in the further. It is so much easier when you know exactly what you want to do in life. There are many programs that helped under serve students for only undergraduate. I had a hard time doing it the second time around without any financial help because I didn’t qualify as an undergraduate even though I qualified for everything else.


Have fun every now and again. Life isn't all about getting a high G.P.A. School, as it always has been, should be your top priority, but in the next few years you'll realize a 4.2 doesn't carry as much weight as you thought it would. Keep up with the AP classes; the credit you get from them will definitely help you get a lot of the GE classes out of the way.


The advice I would give myself would have been to stay focused on my studies instead of worrying about my social life. I would remind myself that academics leads to my future along with helping me become successful. Remember the one thing my mom always said, " This is your future it is now time to become serious and realize that you are an adult."


If I were somehow permitted to address my former, pre-college self, the advice given would largely address college as a full time job. There are 24 hours in day. If you correctly distribute your time you recieve eight hours for sleep, eight hours for school, and eight hours for work, study, or recreation (but most likely work). Time efficiency in college is critical. If at all there is a free moment, utilize it, especially for upcoming papers or assignments. No one enjoys sacrificing precious sleep in order to scramble words and enlarge font sizes to meet the bare minimum for a paper that was assigned weeks ago. Also, meeting your professor during their office hours, preferably before finals are around the corner, are extremely beneficial and cannot be emphasized enough, Another piece of advice I would give is to get involved at school, especially if you live on campus. Clubs, volunteer services, associations, even art shows; they all appreciate your interest and participation. Getting involved boosts vital leadership skills, and can add that extra shine to your skills or resume. After all, the purpose of college is to make that dream of yours turn into that career of yours.


Dont stress so much dude. Older people arent ok with gays yet and thats their problem but dont worry you will land on your feet. Also you need to try harder because it would have made things significantly easier. Also draw something every day, even just a sketch or something just draw. Its the only way to get better. Also lobster is fabulious so dont shy away from chances to eat it. Driving isnt that hard just be defensive and go at your pace. No accidents yet!. Other than that just really do what you can to stay calm because things are going to get alot worse before they get better. But they do get better. you~


I would say to spend your studying time wisely because if you do not study, then you are only hurting yourself. You need to take college more seriously because you are paying for your education, so you need to make the best of it. Also, I would tell myself that I need to go out and meet plenty of new people. Meeting new people can help you build strong relationships, and help you out in school as well, such as getting information on which professor to take for a certain class. Lastly, I would advise myself to not become overwhelmed when it seems that so many assignments are being given to you at once. As long as you take your time to do each assignment correctly, you will succeed in college.


Having the chance to go back and talk to myself in my high school senior year, I would tell myself to appy to as much scholorship that I can appy for, so when I get to college I won't have to worry about not getting any money or have any finance problem. Then tell myself take AP course that are available in my the school, so that l could prepare myself for the classes that I will take in college. Not just only taking AP course and appying for scholorship but then pick a subject or something that I like as my major, then when I get to college I don't have to worry about what to choose for my major, so that I don't waste any of my units for classes that I don't need. These would be the advice that I would give myself if I could go back in time to make my transition into college. These advice will help my present-self, so that he doesn't have to go through all the situtation that I did.


Be prepared to learn so much about yourself, your friends, your family, and yourbeliefs. High school and the drama you thought would never end, actually does! When entering college, you will start to realize what is important in the real world, along with the many different challenges that actually do matter. College is super exciting because you will be surrounded by positive people who are all there for the same reason you are. No more worrying about what to wear to school, who to sit by at lunch, or what friends to hang out with. None of this matters in college, and everyone there actually wants to learn. You will grow in so many ways by just attending college, and those life experiences will definitely mold you into the adult you will become. When you are picking your major and emphasis, follow your heart and your mind. Do not pick a degree just because it has simple requirements or all your friends are majoring in it. I say follow your heart, because if you go to school for something you are passionate about, school is that much more fulfilling and fun.


Marlene, forget about how the current situation is now with your family. Continue with your school and graduate from high school. Do not take the wide road that offers distractions and hardships. Study hard and suceed like you never have and you shall see what great accomplishments you will acheive. However avoid and do not give into what others your age are doing. It will not accomplish nothing. when you are done with high school, take the college accuplacer and go for the Assiociate Of Applied Science in Business Administration right away and shoot up from there. Everything will fall in place, have faith in yourself that you can and are able to do the impossible. You can and will succeed. God Bless


If given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that the most difficult part in making the transition would have to be with living in a new area without anyone that you know. Academically I know that would be prepared as in high school I had taken Advance Placement classes so the courseload would not be anything that I would be unfamiliar with, but not knowing anyone is a great obstacle to overcome. I would let myself know that the best way to adapt would be to go out there and just talk to people as no one that I have initially met has been rude or unapproachable. Overcoming shyness will make the transition easier as there will be a connection that can be established with people that are in similar situations.


In high school, especially as a senior, I was very involved with my school, my church, and my community. I was the president of several clubs, involved in both marching and concert band, and had almost 1,000 hours of volunteering in one year. I have no regrets about my activities, especially since they helped improve my work ethic and the value I still place on volunteering and other campus involvement. If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to continue on the same track I am on. I would encourage continued volunteering in the field of physical therapy, my chosen career path. However, I would also encourage high school me to get involved with the Sports Medicine Club. I would tell myself to learn as much as I can both in and out of the classroom and to keep sight of my academic and career goals, doing whatever I need to best prepare me to achieve these goals in the future. I would tell myself this, because this mentality is what has kept me going throughout college and helped me almost realize my career goals.


Get studying advice from your IB friends - it won't seem like it your first year, but when sophmore year rolls around, you'll definitely need to know how to study. Stay motivated, think about what you really want out of life, and keep in touch with your friends!


From my college experience, I gained knowledge, but not just book knowledge. I gained knowledge about myself, and others around me. I learned to deal with different personalities, and different conflicts, with roomates and friends. I learned to balance school, my job, and community service, while still keeping myself in a healthy state. I learned that if I focus enough I can actually achieve what I want to. I learned that parties are fun but they are not the reason why I came to college. Overall college helped me realize that not everything is going to be handed to me, and that life is hard, no matter how easy television seems to portray it. Academically college taught me not to porcarstinate as much because news flash college is not like high school, where the teacher would just give you an A because you tried to do your homework. I have to stay on top of my assignments because the professors are not going to baby me and tell me when the assignments are do. It is a whole new world, of freedom, freedom that you have to use wisely. Overall college was great and I can not wait to continue.


The most valuable experience I had gotten out of my college was to value study groups. I had taken an organic chemistry class and my instructor advised the class to get into a study group. I got into a study group that met once a week. I then got an A in the class. I felt that this was a huge change because the prerequisite I took for this class I had bearly passed with a C. I would recommend all current and future students a study group for at least one to two of their classes a semester.


I have learned to have ambition. I have seen what peoples lives can be like when they do not pursue a career after high school. College has given me a drive to live a better life and exceed at whatever I end up doing in my life. In college I am around people that want to challege each other to be better, smarter, and faster than each other. I have learned how to respect. Graduating from high school, every freshman thinks that they are at the top of their class. Two and a half years of college has made me learn to respect the fact that there will always be someone smarter and wiser than myself. The good thing about still being in college is that these people will help you learn difficult concepts throughout all of your courses as long as you show respect to them and all of your peers.


I have learned many things from the first semester of my college experience. I have definitely learned to become independent as I left my house to attend Fresno State. My parents did not believe that I would succeed in college since they believed that I would not be able to live on my own. Now that my first semester is over and I have exellent grades, I am proud to say that I have proven them wrong. College has been awesome because it has taught me discipline, responsibility, time-management, and the importance of making friends who can make a difference in my life. Not only am I learning what I need to learn for my major, but the other courses are teaching me many things which are expanding my knowledge about the things that will enable to better understand and appreciate the things that surround me. I am also very proud to say that my confindence in writing as well as my writing itself has greatly improved thanks to my English class. Altough college had been challenging at times, I love it because it has made me stronger as an individual. I thank God for giving me this opportunity.


For me, education is a priority to most of the things in my life. It's very valuable because no one in my family has gone to college and graduated from it. I take this experience as a good one and very seriously. If I recieve the financial help from this contest, it would help out a lot and allow me to continue and pursue my degree.


I have learned how to manage my time. Working, going to school and riding horses made me plan out my study times and what I was planning on doing for the day. I love learning new things and every day I learn something new, whether it is school related or not.


College has taught me to examine the world around me more closely. It has made me look at situations from other points of veiw and acknowledge that we are all connected. I would encourage everyone to go to college to expand there veiw of the world.


I have learned a lot about responsibility and the value of what my education costs. Also what it is like to be in a great community of people who are all striving for the same goal and who all understand the value of our educations. It makes me feel really great about caring about what I am getting out of college and not feeling ashamed for working hard or gulity for getting good grades like you sometimes do in high school. Also I am ready to graduate knowing that i will have a job and be able to provide for my family as a great father when I am grown. It is quite a great experience.


I have learned many things during the first few weeks of attending college. I have had a some challenges, but my college experience has been very good over all. So far, I have learned to be independent and away from my parents. Taking part in community events has made my college experience that much better and it has provided me with new skills that will help me later on in the future. While living with roommates, I have learned from them as they have learned from me. My challenging classes have made me a better and more responsible student since they have pushed me to study more and take an active approach to anything that I am doing. My writing, being one of my greatest academic weaknesses, has already improved. While at college, I have also developed better communication skill as well as learned that it is ok and actually good to ask for help. As a member of the CAMP program here at Fresno State, I am very happy and greatful for all the help and support that the program has provided for me and many others.


My college experience so far has taught me a lot that I have just taken for granted. This first semester has shown me that if you really want something in life you must follow that want with all of your heart and with all of your time. This has been a experience that everyone should have and Fresno State really offers some work intensive majors. This has shown me how people got to be where they are at now and it wasn't as easy as you would think.


My college experience has been excellent so far. I have been able to meet new people from different ethnic backgrounds with the same interests as me. I have learned to manage my time well and to prioritize. College has been valuable to attend, due to the new people I have met and the experiences I look forward to having. Also, because I have learned so much from my professors and their experiences. I am excited to continue on this journey, and to learn from my experiences as I advance into the ladder of education. Overall, college has been what I expected, plus a few good surprises.


Thorughout my college experience, I have become more of an independent adult. My experiences here have helped me become a better person and have broadened my herizon of life. Not only did I learn more in my classes, but I learned that there are more important things in life than just fashion, friends, and who is the popular person in school. When I came to college all of that did not matter. What mattered was who was getting their education, who was doing something in their life, and who was making a change. Attending college has been truly a blessing because I have grown into a somewhat educated student. This experience has motivated me to finish what I started because my mother was not able to so I hold this to keep me determined.


During my two years of college at Fresno State University there are many valuable experiances I have gained. Playing on the first ever womens varsity lacrosse team. I learned how the community is closely related to the athletic community and how unsupportive they are of title nine. After taking a very interesting psychology class I was imformed of an internship oppurtinity at the Central California Autism Center which is located on campus and where I completed over 200 hours of work. The most valuable experiance are creating relationships with my fellow classmates. Some I have met at social events, assigned roomates, people who sit next to me on the first day of class. These relationships I have with my classmates I have been enriched with their thoughts and views on the world around me making me a more worldly person and enriching my overall college experiance.


So far from my college experience I have gained new friendships and a greater network. The connections i have made in my first few weeks in college will help me stay on the right track to accomplishing what i want to accomplish and in a timely manner. At first i doubted my decision on staying home for college, but now i really like my decision. You couldn't ask for a better group of people to be on campus with.