California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To me, thie experience of going to college was priceless. I was recently displaced from my place of employent due to reasons beyond my control. By attending college again I will be able to obtain an Associates degree in Industrial Technology. I am looking forward to making a difference in the field I will work in, and continuing my education further into a Computer Science degree in the future. I made many contacts that will be helpful in the future. I have been able to stay on the Dean's List as well and keep my grades up. Thank you for the opurtunity to apply for this scholarship.


I have learned priceless things attending college. One thing I learned is to value my family being on my own made value my parents twice as much and more. It is not easy to go to school, work, try and finish homework assignments, cook, and have a social life. Experiencing all that made me value my mother's hard work in raising my siblings and I, while working hard, full time trying to care for us, buy us what we needed, and being their for us not just financially but emotionally. My mother always tried and never let herself fall or quit. I feel that by attending college and following a career I am on my way to giving back and thanking her for her hard work and support. Being in school has thought me how to get along with people of different cultures, ethical backrounds. Being a Criminology major I learn there are sadly a lot of horrible people but also that there are plenty of good people that want to better the world. Like in everything I feel I gained good experiences and valuable lessons I will never forget!


I have made many friends through my experience in marching band. I also believe college is important because I am now one step closer to achieving my goal to become a teacher and being able to provide for myself.


All of it will go to paying for my education. I'm currently disabled for life and can not work for my entire life time. The only way of me to obtain any aid is either through finicial aid or a type of scholor ship to assit me in my education.


I have had a great experience attending a community college. I have always loved learning and my mind is always eager to aquire new information. I am happy to say that I gained this at the college. I learned so much information concerning my classes, however I also learned lessons that are valuable for everyday life. By meeting new people (students and proffessors), I have gained a new view of the world. This is why its been so valuable attending school. I would recommend that everyone attend school because so much is learned that can not only be used for classroom purposes but for life. Education is truly the key for the future.


I have recieved a full college experience i got out a great amount of partying and freedom and great education that will build me with the neccesary skills towards my future career.


I was the first one to graduate from Pre-Kinder, Elementary, Middle School, High School and today I will graduate from college. Being a Mexican American Can be the worst thing a person can be when it comes of having all your close relatives looking at you waiting to fall. I personally didnt want to go to college, but when in was in my senior year in high school I decided to go to college only to prove to my family that i could do it. But I ended up enjoying college I may not have the 3.0 GPA but I do have more than what a person with a 3.0 GPA has, I have the potential to never give up. College has tought me to pursue my dream, and to learn many things I never existed. The professors I have gotten have all been really Encouraging, they push all the students into there dreams.College is very valuable to me today. It has opened many doors and helped me mature unlike my other high school peers. My college experience has been wonderful, and I hope that my siblings follow my lead.


I have gotten so much out of going to college. I was the kid in high school that never wanted to go to college and work in fast food for the rest of her life. Once I was inrolled it was like wildfire, in Feb of 2010 I finished my first degree in surgical technology and felt the need to go on to help make people better through my work. College taught me to have a fire and never give up even if it seems like it is going to take a life time to get through.


Before my first day of school I was scared to go, scared about my dad not being here to see his little girl go off to college and hopefully soon one day graduate. I was scared that it was going to be like my high school where everyone only knew me as one thing. For example, in high school I was known as the daughter of a great dad that was diagnosed with brain cancer. Once the school year began I actually learned a lot. Learned its ok to change, that I can really do anything I put my mind to and that College is a whole different ball game where I can start all over. Attending Fresno State is valuable to me! Its where I have began to grow up, change for the better, meet so many new friends and decide that becoming a 1st grade teacher is the best job for me in the future. And most importantly Fresno State is a place where my dad would have been so proud of me to attend and also be proud of me because of the person Fresno State has shaped me into becoming.


I have received tools necessary to exceed even my own expeactions in my career. I believe education is a vital foundation that is so often ignored. It took my years to enroll into college and I'm glad that I finally took that leap!


I did not have a very good high school experience, so I was hesitant to go forward and pursue college. Now that I have gooten here I have done better than I ever did in high school. The teachers are very willing to help with any problems you may have and another plus is there are not any cliques like there was in high school. I love how I am able to walk around in anything that I would like and I don't get judged for doing so. I have met so many new friends and have gotten better grades than I ever did in high school. My grades were even good enough to be recognized my the school as well as the country. College has turned my attitude towards school around and now I love going to school. College has been such a valueable journey that I am going on for so many reasons, but the number one reason is that it has raised my self confidence dramatically and that is priceless.


From my college experience, I have gained a higher education, as well as life lessons and skills. It has been a valuable experience because I have made a lot of friends that could turn out to be lifelong friends. Additionally, through my college experience I have created a strong network within my major that will assist me in the years following my graduation. Overall, college is a once in a lifetime experience. After all the highs and lows, obstacles and struggles, deadlines and exams, I will leave college with unforgettable memories, a positive outlook on life, and more knowledgeable.


My college 'experience' has branched out over 20 years, which is not the most 'traditional' method, but is one I would not trade for anything in the world. Through my life and work experiences between stints at college, it has taught me the invaluable nature and importance that a quality education can provide. I have attended many schools in my undergraduate and graduate educational career and absolutely love the experience of 'learning'. My personality and 'who I am' has been almost exclusively molded by the interactions that I have procured in my college experience. I feel that I have gained more by going to college and learned more about 'life' than I have in any 'job' I have had in over 25 years of working and/or going to school. I cannot emphasize enough how important getting an education and a college degree is in today's world. The people that you meet and the things that you are 'exposed' to will benefit you more as an individual than most anything you can 'read in a book' or 'hear' from a parent or peer. Do not miss the 'opportunity of a lifetime'.... get 'in' or 'go back' to school- NOW!


This will be the second time I have attended college and I am sad to say that in my first experience I did not get much out of it. This is no fault of the institution or the professors. The fault is no one but my own. I was young and fool hearted and went to college for the wrong reasons. Now however, almost ten years in the ?real world? has opened my eyes and I have high hopes of getting something more out of this college experience. I want to be able to be proud of something. I want to be able to show my step daughters what they can do if they try and attempt to teach them not to make my mistakes the first time around. I want to earn a degree so that I may obtain a job that will both satisfy me and help my kids lead an easier life. That is why I have chosen to obtain my teaching degree. I believe that this degree will help me accomplish both my goals as a mother and as a person and that is what I hope to get out of my college experience this time.


I have gotten to meet new people from different backgrounds and majors as well as change my thoughts on first impressions. I have been given the opportunity to learn something I love and I am passionate about. I am grateful every day for learning new concepts on an every broadening horizon for agriculture and education.


College has been a most enriching and eye-opening process. Yes, I have learned enough to pass my classes and continue towards my degree and future career, but I often think that it?s the little things that make up the most important changes in my life. Being exposed to so many new ideas and cultures has helped me broaden my horizons, so to speak, and question and/or reinforce my previous beliefs. I have become a much more open-minded individual. I am still coming across foreign concepts and ideas that challenge my core, and yet, whether my values are altered accordingly or not, I cannot help but to be thankful for the chance to seriously evaluate what I think and why. Moments such as these help to define character, as well as shape the person I will be in the future. Without attending college, my mindset would be stuck in the same narrow ways of my hometown. I would be yet another mindless drone who had no idea why she thought a certain way, only that she did. I wish everyone my age had the opportunity to be challenged in this manner. It could only help our future.




My college experience was one of the most uplifting and rewarding experiences of my life. Not only did I learn the value of leadership as I had several leadership roles, but I learned the value of teamwork. One might say, didn't you learn about teamwork in elementary school? I have to respond with yes, but in a whole new way. The girls in my major (there were no boys) and I learned to work together on everything from studying for huge exams to putting our minds together to create an amazing lesson plans. We saw the expression, "two is better than one" come to life. By learning to work together, not only did all of us graduate with a masters degree, but we also became the best of friends. Without this experience I would not be who I am today and in an incredible job I love. I currently teach seven of the most amazing deaf and hard of hearing children. I have the best class in the world and Fresno State helped me become the teacher I am today. I couldn't trade my college experience for all the money in the world. It could never be replaced.


to learn, and to grow in my knowledge of visual communications.


Being freshmen at Fresno State and completing my first semester has been the most unforgettable experience. Transitioning from High School to college was difficult since there were many changes I had to get use to. First of all moving out of my house has been the biggest change and challenge for me. I have never been away from my parents and living on my own has also being a great experience. I have learned to be more responsible and also do things on my own. Another challenge for me has been getting use to the different professors and a different schedule and adjusting to it. I have also been learning how to study for my classes because even though I did it during High School I learned college is different than High School. I am proud to say I attend Fresno State because it has help me grow as a person and student.


I have gotten a lot of things out of my college experience. For example I got the ability to choose the fireld I am passionate about. I also had the opportunity to meet so many different people and faculty. I also have enhanced my education. It has given me the opportunity to expand my field of job opportunities. It has been valuable to attend because with a higher education comes more opportunities. I aslo believe that its been valuable because of the experience that ones goes through in doing different projects, research and applying them to real life situations.


Use your judgement, think before you act, join a social group that gives you alot of respect, network, make friends, and walk with a clear mind.


If I could turn back time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would tell myself to take college seriously. During my freshman year of college i goofed around and even failed a class. It was a very big wake up call for me and it allowed me to work even harder. I would tell myself that college is so much fun but be sure to balance the party nights and your education. I would remind myself that so much time and finances are going in this and that i shouldn't mess around. I would say "You're going to college for one reason, EDUCATION." College is fun but be sure to set your priorities. Make friends for life and all together have fun with it. College is going to be the greatest experience of your life. Be yourself and true friends who like you for YOU will come along. Trust me. Break out of your shell and stop being too shy. Have fun but be safe!


I would tell myself that high school is nothing like college. What I concidered hard in high school will be easy in college. I would tell myself not to mess around in high school because it sets your work ethic for college. I also would have applied for more scholarships because college is more exspensive than I had realized. I would prepare myself for the work that I was going to be faced with and guide myself through the classes; I also would have told myself to pay closer attention. When college comes some people are not ready and can not handle it, I would warn myself about this and tell myself not to be discouraged and to never give up. I would also warn myself how important it is to go to class and that it is fully up to you. No one is going to call your mom and tell them you were not there; no one cares. I would equip myself to be self motivated.


Hey Joelene. You're 16 years old, in a small town high school, where pretty much everything, academically at least, comes fairly easy to you, and you never really have to put too much effort into the work you do to get a good grade. But that's going to be enough after you leave that small town high school. When you hit college, no matter where it is you decide to go, a lot more is going to be expected of you. Teachers won't breathe down your neck to get you to do your homework or to come to the lectures; you have to breathe down your own neck to do those things. So don't slack off now. Get used to the idea of dedication, efficiency, not procrastinating, and being willing to go that extra mile in everything you do. It will be worth it. And if you can, you should probably try to avoid the partying; it will, more than likely, get in the way of the more important things you'll have going on at that time. Good luck.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a very young and naive high school student I would tell her that college is very different from high school. College is all about learning who you are and figuring who you are as a person and figuring out what it is you want to do for the rest of your life and achieve that goal. Your soul "the treasure'" that is your key to happiness knows everything what you are going to do with your life and there is always a time when things come to you. Whether its time to take this certain class or this class. For you it is all in perfect timing and when your at the peak of doing what it is you need to do. You may worry, you may not be sure, you may compare yourself to others and be like, "Gosh, man others have good jobs and I'm still here at school. " But don't worry Fermina, everybody has there own time." Your time will come but its not always on your time there are always circumstances and life situations that get in the way. Now you know.


As a high school senior, I was very open and could communicate well with others. I could talk to anyone and could hold a good conversation. When I came to college, I realized that this had benefited me in a huge way. In the first week of college, I probably met over 100 people. Being open with others allowed me to make friends and have a good conversation. It also reminded me that I am not alone. Many students in their first year feel alone because they are not used to being in a place that is unfamiliar to them. The transition is not easy by any means, but it can be simple by making minor changes. I am a very driven student and of course my senior year, I had the tendency to drift off every now and then. I realize that it is easy to get sidetracked, but now I always invision my goals inside my head. My first semester of college, I wanted to earn A's and B's. As a first generation college student, it was up to me to learn how to study, take notes, and pass tests. I did achieve my goal.


I would make sure to tell myself to get involved! If I had gone into college ready to step out of my comfort zone and really challenge myself, I think I would be a lot further than I am even now. I would tell myself that relationships are important and making friends is not as hard as it looks. I would encourage myself to pursue what I love, even if it's not what everyone else is expecting. I would tell myself that school will be hard and that I have to stay foused as a student before anything else. Finally, I would tell myself to relax--college is an amazing experience, so enjoy the ride!


Althought i haven`t started college yet; I have experienced some of the real world by having a full time job and bills. So the advice i would have to give the high school senior version of myself would stay true to who you are and don't get losted in the crowd. Keep in mind the reason why you`re in college in the first place and learn how to stretch a dollar.


Knowing what I know now about college life and CSU Fresno, if i could go back in time to give some advise to myself as a high school senior I would mention a few key points. First , I would tell myself it is okay to feel a little confused about the direction you want to go in for a career so don't get discouraged. This will unfold itself naturally with experience in your upper division classes so make sure you continue to plug away at your school work and stay focused to get good grades. Second, it is easy to get caught up in the social dynamics of college more than you should so make an honest effort to balance the amount of time you party vs. study. Party nights are fun but keep in mind that you will take on the traits of people you surround yourself with. By being yourself you will naturally make good friends and build strong relationships with your professors which will ultimately give you the best education and the most out of your undergraduate experience. Stay true to yourself, take in as much information as you can and have fun during the process!


I would tell myself to stay true to yourself and just be you. College is a place where you will find yourself. Don't follow others, make your standards high and don't lower those standards for anyone. No cute boy or girl is worth it. Don't take a class because your friend is taking that class and don't not take a class because you were told that the teacher was mean. Make sure you major in something you are truely passionate about, even if your parents think you should change your major. If your parents want you to major in law because they want a lawyer in the family but you are interested in theatre. Then listen to youself and major in theatre. You will regret not doing what you are passionate about.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I'd tell myself to finish as quickly as possible no matter what the cost. I had to pay for all my college myself and I was not eligible for financial aid. So I put off going to a State college until I would be eligible for Financial assistance, age 23, because I didn't want to have to get a student loan. Before I was able to go back I started a family and got married. Now, I'm trying to go back while having children, and I still had to get student loans. It would have been easier to do it from the very beginning.


The advice I would give myself as if I was a senior again, would be carefully research your school choices. I think that even though senior year is fun and you do not want to think about college, you really need to. I am happy with where I am now at Fresno State, but due to the fact that I felt rushed and was just going with the flow has made me re-think my college choice. I now plan on transfering to culinary school. I would love to attend The Art Institute - San Diego or Le Cordon Bleu - Los Angeles. Deciding what is right for you is the best option you can take. You are the one who has to go there and further your education, so choosing a school you really want to go to is critical. I would also recommend visiting the school and getting a tour. By doing this, I believe it will make your decision a million times easier!


If given the opportunity to reverse time and speak to myself as a high school senior, there are many lessons that I have learned about college life that I would inform my younger self of. One of the more important lessons being to never conform; college is a time for new experiences and friends, but all of which will bring you joy only when you are true to yourself. In college, the people are so diverse and unique that there is a ?group? for everyone, therefore do not change who you are! Another lesson I would tell myself would relate to my spiritual faith: keep God first in your life, for when you do, amazing things happen. Additionally, the high-school-senior-me would need to be told that it is ok to stick to your morals and create your own path, because when you do, others respect your decisions. Last, but not least, I would instruct the young, na?ve version of myself to enjoy the time while it lasts; college will be over in the blink of an eye, so make the most of every activity.


I would have applied for more scholarships that i did. School is exspensive and things add up. I was so preocuppied with running school council and sports that i did not take scholarships too seriously. I also would have taken more classes at the community college in town to also save money. My goal was to graduate from high school and at the same time have my AA but that slowly faded into the background. No matter what happens i will always regret taking for granted the opportunity of scholarships.


Sweetheart, trust me. College is nothing like you've ever dreamed it would be, like nothing you've ever experienced. Don't tune me out, just listen. Your first year will be tough. You'll find that the classes you are required to take are boring and hard, and you will struggle to keep up your interests and your grades. There will be times when your cashflow will be slim, and when you'll have to decide between a tank of gas, a textbook or a week of meals. Most of the time, you'll find yourself missing your best friends, wishing you had swallowed your pride and attended their schools. But its also going to be the most amazing years of your life, because college is when you learn how to live. You learn not only to survive, but to excell. You'll figure out how to balance your academic, social and economic priorities and once you ride out the rough spots, you'll be proud and confident of your independence. College isn't freedom to do whatever you want, its the freedom to choose a road and to see it through. Don't stress, you'll be ok.


The advice I would give myself would be save up money. i would tell myself that there are going to be a lot of distractions being while in college I would say dont leave the marked path because its hard to find it again.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, my advise to myself would be to take my ACTs and SATs. Taking harder classes to challenge myself insted of taking easier classes to higher my GPA. If I would have taken my ACTs or SATs it would have made college exceptance a lot easier and less stressful. Instead, I have to re-teach and re-learn subjects like biology and math while if I had taken these in school, these subjects would still be fresh in my head. I would also tell myself to take more time and look into what I wanted to do with my life insted of always focusing on the present. However, if I had done things differently I wouldnt have the drive and determination that I do now to get into college. I believe now that I am working so hard to get these things accomplished I will appreciate it that much more.


I would tell myself to practice on my reading skills and to read more. I would also tell myself to stop playing video games and complaining about how highschool is hard. When you go to college, it's going to be harder and you need to step up in your academics if you want to make something out of yourself. And lastly, I would tell myself that to not worry about the stress of succeeding, but to enjoy life and don't take things for granted. If you study and do your homework like your professors tell you to, then you'll do alright.


I would tell myself that it is going to be okay. Though it is difficult to be the first one in the family to attend college, you will become a stronger person because of it. Not only that, but your frustration in finding information about schools, and students to look up to will lead you to become a person to be looked up to. You will be there for the freshman that are nervous and don't know who to look for for assurance. Your experience will help other students avoid the same stress that you encounted when first going to school. You will be motivated to go to Pony Club Meetings, 4 H meetings, etc, and tell the kids your story and reach out a helping hand to them. Every difficult experience teaches you something; it's going to be okay.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice on college life I would tell myself which specific classes to take with specific teachers and what to expect from them. I?ve had my share of teachers I liked, did not like, and teachers that were highly recommended by other students. I always had a feeling that if I took a class with another teacher I might have done better based on the class? letter grade statistics of how many people received specific letter grades. On the other hand, if I could not select a different teacher I would tell my self what to expect from the teachers I did have in terms of their assignments and tests. I would make it so easy for myself that I would have to do next to no work. In addition, I would tell myself which events to stay away from, which people to talk to early on, and which objective to complete in advance before others.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to take college much more seriously, and to focus more on the educational aspects rather than on socializing aspects. I would tell myself to give my best effort and to push myself in order to have very good grades like i did in high school. I would tell myself, "Do not forget how important of an education is to you but most importantly do not forget how important you getting a great education means to your family". Remember that you are priviledged in having the opportunity to have an education.


If I was able to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stay on top of any paper work. Not just school work but actual Financial Aid forms. And to double check your FAFSA. I would remind myself that there aren't going to be guidance counselors double checking all of your work and haggling you until you fix something. If there is a discrepancy with any of your enrollment or financial aid eligibilities, stay on top of it. Be pestering the faculty in whatever office you need assistance from everyday until your problems are solved. Never leave things for the office to figure out, because they will never get around to it. AND always, always, always make your own personal copies of every paper you turn in- homework or otherwise. Do not ever procrastinate when a deadline comes around- always get ahead of schedule.


If I could go back in time and tell myself about college life and making the transition, this is what i woud say: Half the college movies you seen on TV is what college students do and others what they don't do. I would just say that you need to keep our mind open to new experience such as Study Abroad and getting involved more (because it will come faster than you know it). Also don't let poeple break you down so you won't believe in yourself because everybody has a purpose to reach there goals in life. Also make wise decisions on the friends you will make and also finanical decisions in your life. Don't be afriad to ask for help when you need it because we can't be Wonder Woman all the time. Just keep in mind that the dreams that you made can also change along the way so plan out your classes and make sure that the major that you want to study is the major for you will stick to for life before you add a few years to your college experience (which is ok). Goal after your dreams Jazzman!


I would give myself so much advice if I could go back and talk to myself senior year. First off, I would tell myself to stop being so lazy and apply to colleges. I only ended up applying to three, but looking back, I wish I had applied to more. I was just too lazy to write the essays. Now, though, I write an essay a week! I would also tell myself to not procrastinate on applying for scholarships. I was not able to apply to all the ones I wanted because I thought it would not take as long as it actually does. On the topic of procrastination, I would also reiterite to myself than school is much more fun when you do your work ahead of time; it leaves more time to hang out with friends and less time to stress. Most importantly, though, I would tell myself to make sure to keep in contact with my high school friends. Being able to talk to my friends helped with my transitioning when I did not make friends quickly at college. In keeping with this, talking to your family at least once a weeks is definitely important, also.


Knowing what I know now about college and myself I would tell myself of six years ago to follow my art and do what I love. I would tell myself to continue taking each day one step at a time and be patient. I would say, do not be afraid of what may come, you'll meet some great people who will be there to support you. Hard times will come, you'll make it. Take risks, being safe is not always going to be best. Only by taking risks will you find real satisfaction. Go with your gut, its usually right. Talk to your teachers when you need further instruction, they're there to help. Continue experimenting with your art and practice, you'll learn a lot and develop your own style. Above all, learn to trust people, you're not alone.


I would tell myself not to be so nervous about something such as college. CSU Fresno is more fun and exciting than high school will ever be. You meet new people and have great experiences like riding long boards through the campus at 11:30 pm., or playing racquetball in the gym and hitting your friend in the back of the leg. It is much more difficult academically but socially, the friends that you will make will be there for you during the good times and more importantly when things are going bad. Also, in College you don?t have to be perfect, you just have to be yourself. People will like you for who you really are not just because you are a great athlete or an A student, so you don?t have to prove anything like in high school. Lastly I would say college is not just an extension of high school where you just have to do good enough to pass the class. The information you will learn throughout the tough science classes will help you on the MCATS so try your hardest in keeping the information in your long term memory


Knowing what I know now as a college freshman, the advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to not worry about what others think about you in high school. Becoming a freshman in college has been one of the best experiences of my life because I am doing things that I never would have dreamed of doing in high school. I have become a more confident person and I have made new friends that I enjoy being around and spending time with. I feel I am making good choices and that I am setting a good example for my younger sister who is a junior in high school. I know my parents are extremely proud of me and that keeps me going every day. I do not think I would give my high school self any other advice besides staying true to yourself and that college, not high school, will be some of the best years of your life. College is a place where you can find yourself and become who you want to be and destroy the label that was given to you in high school.


Do not stress about college. It is not as scary as the high school councelors make you think. As long as you continue to stick to your educational values, you will do great. Always attend class, because those who do not tend to do poorly. I know we are good at cramming for exams, but periodical studying will help even more. So far, the essays have not been as hard as the fifteen-page report that we did in AP English, so don't stress too much about those, but don't procrastinate! There will be less stress if you do assignments on time. Take lots of art classes because they will help with any college stress, and you will meet lots of awesome people. And do not be afraid to talk to your professors, they really are willing to work with you. Lastly, apply for scholarships more than what is humanly possible. We will be taking more than the maximum number of units, and there will not be a large number of jobs available. So keep up the extra circulars, grades, and volunteer work, and hopefully you will get more than the two scholarships I received.


I would tell myself so save as much money as I possibly could. It is getting harder and harder to come up with tuition fees as well s pay for books due to all the increases. Also to work hard and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do anything because you can. If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything and to never give up. Do your homework as soon as it is assigned that way you have time to relax and have fun. It is not as easy as high school so you have to keep organized as well. Being on your own may seem easy and fun but in all reality it is hard. You will have a lot of responsibilities such as paying bills. However, just remember it will all be worth it in the end.