California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dont give up - just keep on trying. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to graduate - now look. You are finishing your second year of college. It is really nice to witness your progress. From being a senior in high school to a sophmore in college. Who knew? Now to have dreams of working in the medical field! Didn't know what I was going to do and now there is plan. It might work out or it might change we'll just have to see. For now it is becoming a Physicians Assistant.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get more involved in college life. As I live at home while attending CSU Fresno, I don't have the opportunity to live in the dorms and live with my fellow classmates, so I feel as if I have not met many people yet. You can go to class and enjoy the subject, but what is really going to make the experience a positive one is the fellowship you have with your classmates and the chance to help eachother through the college years while creating lifelong friendships. Joining a club or organization or doing college athletics would be a great way to meet people; I wish that I had known that when I started CSUF, but fortunately I have the second semsester to change this and become more involved.


Do not waste time or money on useless things such as playing video games all day. Take the time to decide what you really want in life because life is coming fast, whether you know or like it. Do not aim for the minimum or barely passing, yet aim higher because if you fall short, it will be where you're satisfy. Don't waste a semester on 12 units, that's four classes, yet make use of it and start at 15 units and ascend from there. Make college a time to remember rather than torture yourself with last-minute papers or homework. Be free yet careful with what you do at social events and gatherings because your peers will be observing your actions and body language. Lastly, do not be so afraid that you will not even take the chance and join a fraternity. There are rumors that fraternities can be a bad influence, but you have to choose the correct one to join. By joining a fraternity, you've just committed and opened up doors to lifetime brothers and sisters. You won't regret joining any organizations on campus, plus it looks good on your resume.


pay attention do the work and get the grades. but learn to understand what you are doing with anything.


There are many things that I regret not knowing now that I am a freshman in college. At the start of my senior year, I expected my high school councilors to take care of everything involving college and financial aid. However, I was completely wrong. They only helped me start the process and it was my job to finish. I had a lot of trouble in my first semester of college from almost being kicked out of my dorm to having my classes dropped due to an incomplete FAFSA. I have long since taken care of these problems and I am now prepared for a much less stressful second semester. However, if I could tell my high school senior self anything, it would be ?Not everything falls in to place how you think it should. Sometimes it is best to go out and make things happen for yourself, because not everything will not just be handed to you in life.? If I knew then what I do now, college definitely would have started out much nicer.


The advice that I would give myself if I could go back in time as a high school senior would be to stay calm and focused. Most students entering college usually get anxious and lose focus on their studies because entering college is so new. I think that's the biggest advice that I would give myself because I could have been a little bit more calm when I started college. As for staying focused, there are so many new things in college and you have to stay focused on your goals because you can easily be distracted by other things going on at school.


I graduated high school is 2007, and i stayed in my home town to go to college. But i moved out of my parents house my first semester of college, and i am a junior now on my way to complete my B.S. If i could go back in time to talk to myself about going into college, the first thing I would say is " Don't sweat the small stuff, and know who you are and don't be ashamed of who you are." There are some many people that go to Fresno State, and many opputunities to explore and learn and to have fun and be silly. This is a place where you discover who you are and what you want to become. Senior year of high school you are on the top of the world, but the moment you step onto a college campus you are on the bottom again, it is a bit shocking but take one day at a time, and discover your dreams and goals you want out of this experience. Its ok if you change your major many times, as long as the outcome is what you want it to be.


I would tell myself to just keep doing what I do. My transition from high school to college so far has been fairly good, I managed to get a 3.0 on my first semester at Fresno State. If I were to give myself advise I would tell myself to read more. Ever since grade school, reading has been boring to me. If I could have changed my point of view before college began, the first semester would have been much easier.


The advice i would give myself would be not to get into any financial situations that could require to work a full time job. It is difficult to work full time as well as go to school full time.


Take some AP advanced classes, get some scholarships to help pay for college and start a college saving with The Golden One Bank at Fresno State University that was designed for future attending students.


Do not give up. It is rough right now being broke and living off school loans, but it will be worth it in the end. Social work is a great opportunity to help people until you retire. Concentrate on your grades, so you can get into the Advanced Master's Program and finish in one year instead of two.


I would tell myself to focus on engineering to begin with, do not fool around and try deciding what major interests you the first two years of college. Biology is not for you and you will see that by taking many biology courses that will not interest you.


I would go back and to tell myself that college is not like high school. it may seem like all fun and games but once you get here there is so much that you dont know and so much that needs to happen and your not a kid anymore and if you need something then you have to do it yourself. But you should never forget to have fun because if you dont have fun then its just not worth it. College is an amazing experience and you should live a little bit but never forget that your school work does come first. Grab a hold of every opportunity that life presents you with.


If i could go back to high school i would tell myself not to be afraid of going any where for school. Its ok to take out loans and go to the school you really want to. Yes there are some schools there in your town but that is not what you really want. Do want you really want and go to that school by the beach that you have been wanting to go to. Even if it meant going to a the JC there its ok. Lastly take chances dont settle your in high school got the rest of your life ahead of you.


If I had the opportunity to know everything I know now, I would have told myself that the most important aspect of college is learning time management. Time management starts from the minute you fill out a college application because you have to be organized and supply all requirement by a deadline. I would suggest to make a plan by going to a counselor, plan out every semester, print out calendars, and make sure that you have the general graduation requirements handy. Organization and time management can make college life so much more easier and a great success. I have realized that without these two components, it is easy to get behind, confused, and out of compliance with what is expected. Thus, this could make being a student very frustrated, spend more money by taking the wrong classes, miss important deadlines, and even drop out of school. As we all know, knowledge is the cornerstone to success.


I would tell myself to take my science classes at a community college before transfering, to not get a job right away, work only fifteen hours a week, listen to my parents more, and to not think I needed to go out every single night and study more.


Keep on top of homework and show up to class. Forgetting an assignment or missing points for not attending class can cause serious damage to your grade, and therefore your GPA. If you plan to attend grad school, keeping your gpa high is the most important thing.


I would definitely tell myself that I need to learn how to study more. Academics has always been easy for me and I never really needed to study or even do homework in high school. That was and is still the hardest thing for me to do. Time management and discipline are a collegians best friend. If they can have those two things they will succeed in school and their career.


i would give myself the advice of bringing up my gpa i would have prepared more so i wouldnt have to take remediation courses and not start right away with my courses for my major.


If I could go back to high school and do something different. I would advice myself to pay all the attention possible in class. I've realized that if teachers say something it is not just to make you think, but to help you. Another thing would be to apply for as many schoolarships as possible. My senior year I didn't apply for many scholarships, I didn't think I would need them. Now I realize that money is the number one problem in my life. Thirdly, it would be to listen to all the advice my teachers give me and not slack off. On the way I would practice time management, because it is something that I really need to work on as a college student. Time management can make you succeed as an individual and as a student. These are the most important pieces of advice that I would give myself.


Just find a school that fits you and your interests


Before transferring to a four year college I made sure to apply to multiple schools that fit what I was looking for. It is important that you check out the colleges of your choice with your parents. Make sure that you not only like the college, but the area where the college is located. To parents, make sure and support your children. Take trips with them to the schools and make sure that they know about the additional help that is offered to them.


Make sure that you feel at home on the campus.


Make sure you pick a school that has a program that can help you with everything you need to know about your major. Make sure it's affordable, according to your or your parents' income status. Then, learn about the campus environment to make sure that is suitable for you.


There are many different types of colleges available for every different type of student. It isn't necessarily about where has the most prestige, or where you'll have the most fun. Finding a college should be about going to a school where you are comfortable, and can find a healthy mix of both schoolwork and a social life. If you give up four years of your life to a grueling schedule, and begin to lose sight of real friends then you graduate with none of the connections that can get you ahead in a career, and if you don't focus enough on school then you can possibly not graduate at all. The key thing is to remember that getting out in four years isn't a necessity, it is more of something one can strive for. Also, finding a university that caters to your personality will help to relieve much of the stress of becoming involved in school. School is about getting a degree, and making connections while doing it.


Go somewhere that you can afford for your undergraduate studies, maybe even a city college for your general education. Save your money for higher degrees at better colleges.


Parents and students who have a love one attending a college or university it doesn't matter whether it's at home or away just make sure that the decision of choosing that right college was made by the person who is attending. If the college is everything that they've wished for and have been waiting for then that is the place that they are bond to be. If a person gets what they desire most then that is the things that they will treasure the most. What everyone want most is to succeed in life? In order for that to happen parents and students must make the most out of it and get involve. Getting involve is the best way to get the best experience out of anything. It doesn't matter whether that experience was worth it or not all that matter is the great feeling of experiencing something new for the first time. That is one way of how to make the most out of a person's college experience.


In order to find the right college, the student first needs to think about the things that they are passionate about and what they want to do when they grow up. Then they need to look at all the possible school options and find out which school best caters to their passions and has the best program in the field of their interest. In my experience, the best way to make the most of the college experience is to meet as many different people as possible and to get as involved as possible, while still putting studies first.


I have had both the fortune of excelling in college, and the shame of failure. When I originally attended college, right out of high school, I failed almost every class. As a returning student, I will have completed 75 units in three semesters with a 4.0 gpa. This experience has given me keen insight to the struggles and obstacles that face students. As a parent myself, I would advise that a major focus should be on the guidance and counseling services available. Students are graduating from high school, and although they may have excellent study habits, the notion of planning class schedules, meeting requirements, and selecting the courses, is entirely another matter. It can be very difficult to jump through all of the "graduation requirements." In order to meet a goal, you have to have a plan. This is the crucial step that is often overlooked in the first few years of college. This isn't to say that other aspects of the selection process aren't important. Success for the college student is going to depend on these resources. Regardless of the college, success is ultimately what matter.


Before looking for a college, you have to want to be there. Don't go because you just graduated high school and you think that is what you have to do next. I did that and I wasted time and money. Needless to say I got nothing out of that short-lived experience. But when I was ready, I went back with goals and a thirsty mind. And now I am enjoying the experience to the fullest. Because I want to be there, I am able to engulf myself in the journey and get the most out of it. Thank you, Marlies Hughes


When looking for the right school, you should check the background of the school you are looking into. Also find out if it is best in your field of study , how many people have succeeded in that field and what the school has to offer you once you graduate. I started attending Fresno State because I wanted to gain my independence and branch out, and since I've been attending Fresno State I have acumulated several new friends, and I have also gained more independence then I expected faster then I expected. So just check the background of the school and make sure it fits what you plan to gain from your college experince away from home. (I'm having more then fun)


Take your time when picking a college it is a very improtant chose that you are making. Do some reseach on every college that you want to go to and go visit the colleges. Once you pick the college get involved meet every teacher that i teaching in the feild that you want to major in. Be opened with new and other ideas. See a counselor before entering the school and a least twice a term after that. join some club get into leadership program.


I would say to the parents set up a college fund because college is not cheap.


VIsit the school for a day or two


Go into college with an open mind and take your GE's with a mixture of classes. This way you are getting a well rounded education and you have a better idea of what you would be interested in majoring in.


If you want to go for your masters or Ph.D, don't go to a very expensive school. Go to the school that's giving you the most money and make the most of your environment. UC's are nice, but in the end a Cal State education will give you the same benefit if you put the work in. I went to a Cal State and now I'm at a leading university for my Ph.D . Little debt, and plenty of hands on experience. I'm much more prepared than the rest of my classmates. Choose wisely.


I think the best way to find the right college is through actually visiting it. Websites and brochure packets from the school are just not enough. It's best to actually go to the college and get a feel for the environment. Also, if possible, spend the night at one of the dorm rooms or apartments depending on where you are planning to stay during the school year. It's also helpful to talk to other students who are already there to get their personal opinions on the professors, classes, social life, etc.


I would choose the college that has the best program for the student's major because if the program does not support what the ideal career is when graduated it will be hard to find faculty and colleagues that have similar interests, along with trying to find someone who can help guide the student in the right direction for graduation. In order to make the most out of the college experience I would have to say living on campus in the dorms (if provided) is the best thing for a student who has moved away from home. It provides the best opportunity to interact with students who are in the same situation and also provides a chance for making friends who are learning how to adjust in the same environment. Another thing that makes the most out of the college experience is joining an on campus club, one that is of interest for the specific major or one for socializing, either way it provides a chance to interact with people who have similar interests as well as providing a chance to make lifelong friends and gain support by fellow students, something every college student needs after moving away from home.


The one advice I would give to parents and/or students is that when it comes down to making the perfect choice of the college you want to attend is to really explore what you think fits your need and what the universities will offer you with your perfer major. All colleges has different majors but they always have those couple of majors that make their university standout more than others. Also, once you're in college, it is once in a life time chance to experience something that you won't be able to experience after college life is over. I recommend you to get involve as much as possible and get to know people thats how you make new friends and they just might be you lifetime friends from then on. Go to to most of the games your university offer, join clubs, do activties, and just socialize with people, its the best way to make college life worth while. There's different aboard programs, which is a great idea to do because you get to go to a different country and see a new part of the work. Its a once ina life time thing. Enjoy it!


Find someplace that makes you happy. Make it your decesion. Don't base it upon what your parents or anyone else may want. You are the one that will be living your life through the school you choose and so you must be happy with your decision.


I would like to tell students to find a college campus that makes them feel comfortable, and study things that they have a genuine interest to study.


Look at as many schools as possible. Visit the campus prior to accepting an offer. Talk to random people on campus, including maintenance people and food servers; not just students and faculty. Determine whether the school really does offer the best educational experience for you in your chosen field. Don't be afraid, though, to remain undeclared for the first couple semesters. Try new things, take classes you wouldn'r normally take before you firmly decide on a major. Get involved on campus, but remember to maintain a balance. Its harder to raise a GPA than it is to lower it!


I would say just go with your gut. Find a college were you feel like you can succeed and get a well rounded education. Look for a place that is academically driven but also socially. Only you can know the right fit.


I think the most important advice I can give about picking a college is for the parents and student to both go and look arround, sit in classes and just wander around (without a guide). Then I think the student should spend some time at the campus alone because it's really the only way to see what it is like. I also recommend that they go check out classes, the library, bookstores, and visit all the buildings they can. If you feel comfortable, it's the place for you. Plus, this experience will help you better compare and constrast with other schools you visit.


The best advice i could tell a student and their parent is to research the scool you have in mind. when you research you look up what they have to offer you, in the sense of academics, programs, activities, and titution, student dorms condition. than take a visit to the school to see if you feel comfortable attending.


If a student were trying to decide what college to attend, my best advice would be to choose the college that would most satisfy them. Many students tend to make the mistake of choosing a college that would make their parents, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend happy. I would tell them to go somewhere they can picture themselves living and being happy. I would advise them not to be concerned with what others will think or judge them on. Another important thing to keep in mind is that it really doesn't matter where you are living or going to school, as long as you are surrounded with good friends and positive people. I have learned in life that attitude can make such a difference and can have a major impact on your life.


Find a school with a setting where you can properly focus on what is really important, your studies. Stay away from any addicting habits and try to make friends within your major that you can talk to if you need help.


Find things that you as a student like, make a list of you want to get out a school. It is important to find those things after you list them so you know you are not settling. Money is always an issue when applying to school, but it is important to remeber there is financial aid and loans available. College isn't cheap and you get what you pay for. The more time and money you invest into something the more you will get out of it. The social scene of college is also important, so go somewhere where it is easy to meet people and to get involved. Friends you make in college will help you through some hard times. Four years is a long time, so go to the campuses, check them out and sit in on a few classes if you can. Talk to people, the students, advisors and teachers. Testing the schools out is the only way to know for sure!!!


Visit the campus during different events, meet with your major department, and get excited, and go with your instincts about what is a good fit for you.


Talk to as many people as possible about the campus, students, staff. surrounding shopping centers everyone and any one. you will be living there for the next 4 years of your life!