California State University-Northridge Top Questions

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Northridge has a diverse population and a fresh college feel. Our student body and our faculty are diverse in ethnicity and thought. Everyone has a chance to be represented and heard, and there are no cliques or segragation amongst the students. Students and faculty are genuine and will not shy away from lending a helping hand to others.


California State University is eco-friendly. The gym machines generate power.


Beautiful campus. Well regarded in my major.


Northridge campus offers a plethora of diverse clubs and organizations that help integrat students into the community. What is unique about Northridge is the ethnic diversity that is witnessed almost immediately after stepping onto campus. The variety of cultures that surround this university is definietly one of the reasons this campus is so unique.


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One thing I think that is very unique about my school in comparison to others is how diverse the campus is. There are students of different nationalities, sexualities, and belief systems. There is so much culture on my campus. There are a number of foreign exchange students and national exchange students that come from differnt counties and states. Students are able to connect to others on differnt levels so its great.


My school helps students who ever thought that there no way that they make it to college. Many of us did not do so well on our Sat scores and not have got accepted into the big university, but Northridge gave many of us a chance to prove that were not all about test performances but how bright you can be with other things. Also we are home to the National Center on Deafness.


There is so much space for student life whether for study sessions, or social life, and even for fitness purposes.


CSUN is beautiful and diverse campus. Embraces all students, whether local or out of the country, offereing plenty of resources, clubs, and organizations for everyone to participate and feel at home.


The thing that makes my school better than other schools is that it has a homely environment. My school's environment makes you feel like you are at home and welcome. It's not just a school, it's a family.


I really liked the campus vibe and the fact that people are friendly. I have always gotten help from staff whenever i needed help with anything from classes to advisement. I feel like they actually have time for the students.


California State University Northridge is one of the most diverse schools in the nation. This makes the environment of the campus feel like no other place. Everyone is well integrated with each other, and it is a place where race is not a filter of anyone’s reality. I have never had such an experienced with other cultures of the world and it is a place where racism, prejudism, and discrimination is deplenishing because of the integrating students that attend the campus.


It has a strong community.


What makes my school unique is the Oviatt Library on campus it’s a very big, the building has also been used as a shooting location for movies and TV shows such as Star Trek.


this school is very diverse. This school is also very personal, even though this is a university i feel there is a sense of community. Some say that this is a commuter school but i have been there since i was a freshman and i love the university for allowing me to build strong relationships.


CSUN is centrally located in the valley. It was easily accessible because I did not own a car at the time. Also, I appreciated that many of the courses I took at Pierce College were transferrable to CSUN.


CSUN is huge, and is a diverse university. It has reputable programs in Journalism, Cinema/Film Studies, and Deaf Studies. In fact, CSUN is widely recognized for its Deaf Studies program. CSUN is located in a beautiful part of Los Angeles - the San Fernando Valley. The area has all the good aspects of city life without the hectic bustle. I chose CSUN because of its Journalism program, the school's size (I wanted a large school), and for its beautiful location.


This school has so many different clubs, organizations and other involvements services. Being a commuter school mainly, many students join a club to help them get and stay involved on campus and create a unity here at Cal State Northridge that is unique to other colleges/universities.


Besides Csun being affordable, the campus is safe and friendly. I've noticed a big difference between Csun and the rest of the school in California, and that would be that because the classrooms contain a smaller number of students, a better teacher/student relationship evolves. Professors at Csun are involved in research but they are even more involved in their students. They take the time to really enhance the learning experience and to keep the student motivated. I have yet to see professors in other colleges take initiative in student’s succession than the professors at Csun have.


The atmosphere is warm and enagaing, tand he campus is constantly growing.




The Beautiful campus, the city, tne buildings, the people, they really care about the community and helping one another something that is very rare in other campuses.


Cal State Northridge is a very diverse campus which I think is a main attribute to its uniqueness. The campus is very open and accepting. Everyone feels at home.


Whats unique about my school that i choose is my major. My major is Deaf studies, and Cal State Northridge is one of the only colleges in California to offfer Deaf Studies as a major. I love walking around campus and being able to communicate with deaf people.


Some of the things about CSUN than other schools are that the people here are very helpful. Also EOP is something unique in this school that helps students of low income with financial issues. They help students and guide them throughout their college experience. The students here have a lot of school spirit and are all very cheerful during school events.


Not sure.


This campus had a certain spark to it. When I first arrived here everyone was friendly, focused, out-going and helpful. There is a real sense of community here.


i would say Northridge is a one of the best schools in California, it offers good programs for majors, its a diverse school and (my personal experience) you feel welcomed the day you come for the first time.


A lot of people commute; CSUN is a commuter school. Now this can make things a tad less festive, but I have found to like it quite a bit because a lot of my friends live within a few miles of me. It allows us to get together over breaks a lot easier.


compared to other schools i applied to CSUN is very unique. This campus is very diverse. It has alomst every major a student may want to pursue. Our campus has some interesting people. celebrities attend and also visit our campus to perform. we have many amazing clubs and oraganizations for students to participate in and it these programs further unify the students on the campus keeping the peace between everyone.


Something unique about my school compared to others is there is always something going on or something you can become involved in. There is never a dull day on campus. Whether its a protest , a club or organization holding an event, or a flee market in the middle of campus. there is always something that can be done or particapted in on campus. I think that sets my school apart and makes it unique.


The unique thing about my school compared to other schools is it 's ethinic diversity and population it is one of the most diverse schools in the state of California.


Compared to other schools that i've been to, I feel more comfortable at CSUN. I grew up in Palmdale so I wanted an area that was simlar and Northridge feels almost like the same type of place. The main difference between the two cities is that there is more entertainment in Northridge and the weather is less severe. One thing I loved about CSUN is its location. I have family in LA and in Palmdale so for me the school is right between both, giving me a transportational advantage.


Cal State Northridge offered me chance to get a great private school education at a more practical price. It allowed me to stay close to home while still being able to get a college experience. The professors' I had were very caring and hands on.


Northridge has a very nice campus. I'm surprised the campus is so nice comapred to the surrounding area.


Lower cost compared with University of California, and most other state universities in the U.S. despite 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} fee increase this year.


The most obvious unique thing about my school compared to other schools are small, helpful, and the students are always aware of where their tuition is going by them constantly building new buildings on campus.


The Disabled Students office and professors work one on one with you a lot.


It is very diverse,and it offers a lot of different programs. You can easily find a program that fits your major. Also the teachers are very friendly and they help you throughtout the class.


I visited many schools before making my decision about Cal State Northridge. Most of the other schools I visited were off by themselves and secluded or they were not very diverse. As soon as I got to Cal State Northridge just for the visit, I noticed the diversity. It felt comfortable. And it was also in and close to a large city.


I think that at CSUN the diversity and the fact that it is a comuter school makes it unique. There are so many different cultures and groups of people who attend CSUN.


The most unique part about my school is the fact that my major, Deaf Studies, is found here as one of the three most presitgious campuses in the country. This unique major has anchored my decision since it is a prime location in Southern California.


It had my major. When I started college my major was Music Therapy. I have since changed my major to Recreation Therapy. However CSUN is still one of a few schools with either major. I did consider other schools with other music programs but liked the one here the best. Now that I'm no longer in music, I really enjoy the recreation department. The dorms here are also very different and much more spacious than other schools and I really like that.


The unique thing about this campus is that no matter how out of place you may feel that everyone belongs there is always something for everyone you just have to look around.


Professors appear to be experts in their field. Therefore, you will get a knowledgable educator.


Diversity and the unique programs and majors they offer.


This campus is one of the most ethnically diversed campuses I have ever seen. As a supporter of equal opportunities for everyone, it is great to see a campus filled with people of various racial and cultural backgrounds. In addition, it is a delight to see people interacting with each other, with little to no racial tension at all. Furthermore, it is amazing to see people willing to learn about the different cultures that make up the campus of California Sate University, Northridge.




We have a very diverse student background. There is no judgement or discrimination and I feel comfortable expressing myself in the classroom.


The location and the people of the school makes this school unique. Being in the Valley of Los Angeles, there is diversity unlike other places in Los Angeles that are somewhat designated a certain place (i.e: Koreatown, Chinatown, Olviera Street know for Hispanics, etc.) . Here you can make new friends of every walk of life, rich or poor, black or white, asian or latino, and even bi, gay, transgendered and its very accpeting!