California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Somebody who cannot be tolerant of others' views, especially if he or she does not agree with someone else's views. There are a lot of opinionated people on campus, and there were many outspoken people. I didn't agree with a lot of them, but they did help me understand my own views, and they still had the right to express their own views as well, no matter how outlandish they seemed.


One who is uncomfortable taking self-directed steps to enhance the material they learn.


Sac State shouldn't be a place fora person who isn't willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. Sac State shouldn't be a place for aperson who us unmotivated and is only here because it is their parents dream. Sac State shouldn't be a place for anyone who isn't willing to work hard 110 percent of the time. Sac State is not a place for those who just want to get by.


It is not upon me to judge who should attend this school and who shouldn't. I think that if you are given the chance to attend this school or any school, you should take the chance to because it's a great experience getting to meet new people.


Someone who isn't really that serious about their education. If you really want to learn then it's the ideal school.


I would like to see more friendly people at this school who want to interact with each other because we spend so much time on school work it would be nice if the people around you were happy and friendly.


People who need a school where classes are available all day every day so they can pick the schedule that fits their needs.


Someone who cannot drive. It is a commuter campus. Not a whole lot within walking distance.


Although Sacramento State University possesses some wonderful attributes it is a university that is known for not having the best academic advisors for undergratuate studies. A student who needs help managing his/her courses and/or planning for graduation will find themselves under stress trying to schedule appointments with counselors and get proper academic advising. Also, students who desire a "big city" feel shouldn't come to Sacramento which is a smaller city.


A person who is looking to challenge themselves.


I don't believe that this school turns anyone away for any other reason than the fact that our school is extremely over crowded. All types, shapes, sizes and races are present at this school and I believe that we are quite diverse. I am a transfer student and I know that making the move to come to Sacramento State was the best thing I could have done for my education. The professors work with you on any and all issues. They want you to learn and do your best while attending here.


A person who thinks they could not fit in with liberals. Very liberal school. Also very diverse and minorities get the hook-ups here. Most teachers speak very poor English too so make sure you listen well.


A person that is not determined to do their very best should not attend this school. If you are not ready to become a responsible person, you should also not attend this school. If you do not know what you want your major to be, that is an exception because the school will help you find your talent. But if you do not have goals in life, this will not be a good school to go to because you have to goal oriented and be willing to become successful and do what it take to get there at this school.


A person who is not willing to dedicate their time to doing their work and learning new things should not come to CSU Sacramento because it would be a waste of their time and it takes away from the other students who are there to learn.


Someone who is not whilling to work harder for higher education because by going to college you are saying that you want to continue to learn and grow as a student. Anyone who is not wanting that should go to a different school because everyone at CSUS takes their education seriously.


There is not any type of person who should not attend Sacramento State. Anyone can be apart of this university. Sacramento State does not judge people by religion, ethinicity, sex, or disabilities. Anyone who wants to recieve an education can join Sacramento State. ANyone who is willing to learn and succeed in life.


I am attending two different community colleges in preperation for university next fall. I see many students who don't know why they want to go to school, unfortunately they don't put much effort into school work. I would tell these students to enter the job market for a while, it will give you a better perspective on why college is important.


Sacramento State is a commuter school, so if you want a school where you can make tons of friends through dorms, or have an awesome football team and boatloads of school spirit, this isn't the school for you. Students just go to class and leave, and the quality of the dorms isn't very good . However, you can easily connect with other students by joining clubs that suit your interests, going greek, joining student government, etc. There is a sense of community, you have to go search for it harder.


A person who is not motivated shouldn't attend CSU Sacramento. If they lack dedication or perserverance they will find themselves failing miserably. Students who don't believe in hard work or studying should also not consider attending CSU Sacramento.


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who is looking for a small challenge and an easy ride through college.


It doesn't matter how people's economic background is like or who they are, if they do not want to try or put any effort into their academic work, then they should not attend this school because there is no point for them to be here.


The person that should not attend this school is an individual who is looking for an easy way out. This university is tough for the party type human being. This institution is not hard, but it is not for everyone.


Receiving a university education has never been easy. Tuition continues to increase, while financial burden becomes a serious struggle. For myself, college is a time to keep focus, requiring hard work and perseverance through a troublesome economy. I realize student experiences will differ, but when I see students sleeping in class and focusing on parties I feel education is not their top priority. I recommend future university students intend on receiving the best education possible and be ready to learn. Those who focus on a party lifestyle should wait until they are ready for the privilege of a higher education.


I think people shouldn't attend this scholl if they aren't willing to commute or put their best effort in it.


Someone who is smart enough to go to a better school.


Anyone can attend California State University of Sacramento, but those who slack off and expect other people to do their work for them should think twice and consider a Community college instead.


A student that really wishes to be challenged in college. There are a number of students who are enrolled 'just to graduate' and have a tendency to bring down the level of academic discussion, as well as the quality of group work.


Someone should not attend this school if they are wanting a more active campus and "college community". Although there are plenty of activities, it is still a commuter school. As well, a person should not attend this school if they are wanting a school near the beach. There is the river close by but it's not as scenic as other schools.


School is not for everyone, and for those who do attend college, they must know that college comes with responsibilty, ambition, and organization. Students who decide to go to college with the mindset that it's all about fun and games, drinking and partying, should not go, because they are taking classes from other hard working students who have paved there way toward greatness, while students who slack off , take up classes in the education systems. Its hard enough that college tution is high and classes are filling up and now in California is continuously riasing.


Students who are looking for the full college experience should not attend this school. Also, if you are looking to get the best educational value for the money you are spending, this is not the best place. This school does not offer the same amount of educational value or prestige as many other 4 year universities.


Someone who is closeminded and not academically oriented.


Slackers who thinks that they'll pass a class just by showing up.


Someone who is looking for "easy" classes should not attend Sacramento State. All of the classes that I have taken require hardwork and a complete understanding of the material. There is a definite increase in work compared to the high school and community college I attended. There are also many potential distractions which include parties, bars, clubs, sporting events, as well as other social events. Succeeding as a Sacramento State student requires focus, dedication, and good time-management.


Anyone can attend Sacramento state. The university is well diverse in culture and ethic. Apply and have decent grades and choose a major that is not impacted(which many are not) and you are sure to get in. If you are very involved in sports or other extracurricular activities thats another plus to your application.


On the academic side, if one is unmotivated, or not able to take initiative, or just not able to crunch when they need to, you will get swallowed up at this school, at least in the Engineering department. On the financial side, tuition is getting ridiculously high and students working or not receiving financial aid might run into financial difficulty while attending this school.


i think everyone can attend very diverse school


Slackers, quitters, those who aren't serious about their education are taking up seats from those who are serious, whether it be a State college or a UC


Anyone can do well at Sacramento State; the students and professors are very welcoming to people from every ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and walk of life.


If you are looking for a graduate student to teacher your class because your professor is too busy with his or her own research, don't go to CSUS. If you would like to sit among hundreds of other confused students while your professor hurriedly writes on the blackboard and never turns around to face the class once during lecture, then don't go to CSUS. If you don't like fun, interesting, and free lectures throughout the semester on a variety of cutting edge and current topics, then go somewhere other than CSUS.


Not goal- or education- orientated.


If you are looking for the movie type of "college experience" I would choose to attend a different school. I feel that this school is more of a commuter school so people who are not looking for that should attend elsewhere.


Someone who has the chance to attend any other school!


The person who should not attend this school is someone who is looking for a very active campus life. Someone interested in partying and fraternities and sororities would probably not like this campus. There is not much for on-campus living and the greek life is not that popular. It is more of a commuter college.


Students who should not attend CSU Sacramento include those who are looking for an easy ride or a "party" type of school. Students who are not self-disciplined, detail-oriented and motivated need not apply.


Someone who is very focused on a strong education


A student who regularly cuts classes and opts to miss assignments should not attend this college due to the slight difficulty of getting specific classes and the cost of tuition.


I would have to say someone that is not used to big cities. Or that doesn't feel like they can get used to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Definately someone that is not willing to grow and be adventurous .


Not recommended for big city lovers because Sacramento is big, but it does not have the big city feel.


Someone that wants to go to a party school


People who don't care about education shouldn't attend. If you don't like hot weather, stay away.