California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


someone who wants a very high end school with a prestigious name. If you want something small and new then do not go here. If you expect a lot of help through school then this isn't for you. Or if you want small class sizes dont go here.


I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone that wants to have a crazy college life. My experience at this university has been a very good time, but I have to stay very focused as well.


Someone who doesn't enjoy a commuter schooler


People pursuing art, language, and literature degrees. People who want an intimate school environment. People who want lots of extracurricular activities. People who want to live in a "college town."


A person shouldnt attend Saramento State if they are not willing to go out and meet new people.


This university is intended for an individual who enjoys a nothern californian atmosphere where weather can sometimes be a factor and where academic motivation must be present. You can not be an individual who looks to others around you for answers. You must be self motivated and determined to achieving your goals at the end of the academic rainbow.


I believe that any "type" of student is eligable to attend this school and no one should be discriminated against attending.


People who aren't open minded towards diversity, whether it be ethnicity, religion or political views. Also it's not very BIG on parties, for those students that like to party every night.. There are parties, and the school is semi-dry. The school is in a quiet community, and about fifteen minutes away there is the very typical urban night life. People who prefer rural area it might not be the best school, but there is farm land about half an hour away towards Davis.


Well it is a very diverse school and that is what I most enjoy about it. My first year was hard because I was shy but once I opened up I meet some really down to earth great people. This school may not be for the type of person who needs discipline or small class rooms. The class rooms are too big for class, which imposes problems with class participation. Someone who needs small class room and a good relationship with their teacher should not attend. I feel it is more for the independent student.


You should not attend this school if you do not like warm weather. It gets very hot here over the summer and very uncomfortable if you are not used to it. Other than that, it is a very good school and the campus is very beautiful.