Central Washington University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




Just like every other school, there is diversity. There's always going to be that kid that makes you wonder how they even graduate high school or that kid who make you feel inept.


Since I have not attended this University yet I cannot speak for the classmates I will be encountered with but I can speak for my previous colleges. Most of my classmates in the two years I spent at Yakima Valley Community College were older than the average right out of high school student. A lot of them were middle age adults that went back to college for a degree. These were the students that seemed more devoted to their schooling. A few of my other classmates seemed like they might be doing just enough to get by.


Everyone is there for the same thing most class mates want to succeed and are very committed to that, but yet at the same time no one is too uptight


My classmates are interesting and very diverse.


I am part of a cohort at the Lynnwood satellite of CWU. My classmates have grown very close to one another as we spend nearly everyday together. Sure, we are a very diverse group. But we are also very passionate. We put aside our differences to strive for our common goal, and I've found that we always lend a helping hand when someone is in need. We all want to see each other succeed.


Loud, enthusiastic, friendly, interesting, smart, party animals.


Their is a wide array of students that attend Central Washington University. People come from all over the world with the excellent foriegn exchange program. Their is the AUAP program that brings students from Japan to Central. Then there are the local students who all have different interests but with the music and education programs being at caliber they are, you generally see a lot of people with those interests.


The students at Central Washington University are both eager and welcoming.


Friendly people who are all there to get a feel for their career path.


My classmates here at Central Washiongton University are all very friendly and kind people I meet someone new everyday.


My advices for prospective students at CWU are: In order to realize success, you should work hard and don’t give up whatsoever the difficulties and problems you face. You should be organized in order to use your time wisely. You should ask for help when you are struggling with your homework. You should turn everything in on time and study for tests. You should participate in class and take note even when the professors don’t tell you to.


My classmates seem like they are at school to have fun not to finish a degree.


I'm in the Honors College, so my classmates are kind of intimidating, but friendly.


My classmates are extremely determined, competitive, and outgoing.


Many are friendly and interested and want to study together while others seem to not care as much and stick to their own social groups but there are plenty of people that are in the middle of these two extremes.


My current classmates at Central Washington University are open-minded and accepting people that have made my experience worth remembering.


My classmates are open-minded, artistic, and happy to learn and grow.


My classmates are a variety of people from all over the world, all with their own amazing features.


I anticipate that my classmates will be eager to learn and passionate about the PESH program.


My classmates are driven, focused, and determined individuals with similar goals.


I don't know many of my classmates because I am a single mom and don't have much time for an academic social life. I do have a a couple friends who also have children who attend my school.


Diverse backgrounds with a clean slate of possibilities.


Many of my classmates are typical college students, they go to class and do their work but spend their weekends at off campus parties. However there are many Christian clubs on campus in which i am involved. If students wish to find friends with similar morals and standards there are great people on this campus if you look in the right places.


My classmates at Central are very diverse and creative people. There are many asian exchange students in classes here and also students from out of state. My classmates that are in my major (Geology) are a lot like me. This makes sense because we are in the same major. There are several of us that like to hangout and go hiking together. The outdoors is what my major is all about so we get to go out an enjoy it together and we get to learn new things all the time.


My classmates at Central Washington University are unique by being friendly.


My classmates tend to be Family Studies majors, like me; they tend to be very involved in the community and campus activites and are self-motivated; they like to take initiative in group projects and get the job done as best they can.


My classmates are great people who enjoy challenging one another to better themselves.


My classmates are great at Central. So far, everyone that I have met or had a class with really seems to enjoy it. That's really what I like to see in a University, that everyone else wants to be there to focus on their higher education. I enjoy the dorms because it is nice getting to meet new people and find new friends. I think all of there activites on campus are great as well. Central is an amazing school, and I am excited to be apart of it.


My classmates are a friendly group of people, who show up to class on time, are attentive, participate in discussions and keep the atmosphere feeling lighthearted.


My classmates are very friendly, encouraging, and are individuals who I would consider to lifetime friends.


My classmates are always excited to be in class and we work often times collaboratively in our efforts to not only learn from what the teacher has to say but we also try to teach or help each other.


My classmates are very quiet.


My classmates are bright students, willing and ready to learn to better their chances at finding a job in the competitive future economy.


My classmates are typically upperclassmen who are as interested in geology as I am. They have become my good friends and offer help if I am not understanding something in any of my classes.


My classmates are a diverse group of people, ranging from business majors to music majors, to psychology majors all the way to math majors.


They are caring, accomplished and bright.


My classmates are typically immature and have a tendancy to believe they are more independant than they actually are.


My classmates are achievers and love obtaining their goals.


My classmates at CWU have all been respectful and helpful individuals, often contributing insightful opinions for discussion on real world issues and controversies.


Being in a big four year institution such as Central, you never know what kind of students are going to be in your class which is exciting! Sometimes you will be in a class with just freshman, other times even sophomores or juniors. But, what is nice about the classmates that I have met so far is that no matter what backgounds they come from or thier ethnicity, people at Central Washington University are very polite and a joy to be around.


My classmates are more intrigued once they get into classes that they are taking for their major; in basic skills classes students seem to be less in tuned with what is going on.


While attending Central Washington University, I found my classmates were often folks just like me; who held down jobs, raised families and yet found the time to attend classes toward a degree. At the same time, I found that classes were diverse enough in their demographic make up ranging from students who just were recently out of highschool as well as students who were in the middle of changing careers and in their mid-life or retired. In a learning environment, this variety of minds coming together in one class is indeed mindblowing and makes the learning environment especially productive.


My classmates are very helpful, willing to learn, and make great friends outside of class.


They are diverse and friendly.


My classmates have always been very friendly and have always helped me out and answered some questions in class, if I had any.


Most classmates are friendly over all, yet there is not much of a community feel on the campus. It is a little sad to think that the campus and the students have so much more possibility to become a closer, tighter community.


To describe my classmates in one sentence I would have to only describe only a small group. My classmates are diverse, different, lazy, smart, exciting, dull, etc. No one can describe all their classmates in one sentence, there are too many of them. Your classmates isn't just who you hang out with it's who you see every day in class. All my classmates are different and unique that couldn't be explained in just one sentence but hundreds of sentences.


My classmates overall can be described as unique, opinionated, diverse, inquisitive, interesting, willing to learn, and accepting.


My classmates are all very skilled and smart individuals who have learned through the course of their study: time management, respect, determination, and an enthusiasm for learning.