Central Washington University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The wind. It is constantly blowing and when it gets cold it just cuts you to the bone. Honestly other than that I don't know whats not good about CWU.


Because I don't have much to complain about, the only thing that really can come to mind is not having enough weight lifting room. The SURC gym and Nicholson Pavilion are always packed with people, so it can be hard to get a weight lifting workout in if wanted when working with a class schedule.


The worst thing about Central Washington Univeristy is the lack of good professors. Unless you are an education or music major you are not likely to have a good professor. Their are a few that you will really learn from but most of them just expect you to learn the information on your own and understand without any help or guidance.


To me, the worst thing about my school is the weather recently. It has been very cold, wet, and snowy these past couple of weeks and that has been a bummer, but all in all, if thats the worst thing I can think of about my school then I would say that overall it isn't that bad.


The worst thing might be the weather here. The university itself does not have many negative sides in my opion.


I think that the worst thing about Central is the fact that it is not a smoke free campus. I understand its a big campus but I should not have to breath in second hand smoke while walking to my classes.


The worst thing about Central Washington University is that many students aren't made aware of the opportunites on campus. There are many great organizations on campus, but freshman often don't hear about them or ignore the opportunities and that can lead to them disliking their academic experience here when if they had been educated about the possibilities, they would have had a far better experience and a much more fulfilling one.


In my opinion, the worst part of my school is the lack of school spirit. I think this is the worst thing about my school becuase there aren't many students who seem too excited about the school they are attending to. To make students more enthusiastic about their school, sports, clubs, etc, there needs to be more spirit such as the marching band going around the school, school mascot around the campus everyday, and so on.


As a new freshman I have experienced very little of the pros and cons of my school. However what I have seen and heard through others leaves me to think that the worst thing about CWU is the low quality teachers they refuse to let go. Despite a wide range of complaints there are several teachers failing 50% or more of their classes without reprimand, a complete disadvantage to students who need the credits or don't have the money to take a second class.


The worst thing about Central Washington University is the city. For students who are outgoing, Central might be located in a boring city. The surrounding of the school is small and not much to do. But within the actual school there is many activities to be involved with. The school itself has nothing bad about it and have nothing for students to complain about.


The worst thing would probably be that the school is a smaller school and thus does not have the large spirit base that you would see from places like WSU and UW in the state of Washington. That is changing and it is hard.


The lack of Friday and weekend Campus Life events andother activities for students who live on campus.


Too much smokers.


I would say the worst thing about Central Washington University is gap in size and funds between the different departments. Departments such as Business, Music, and Science have newer facilities, more classes, etc. while departments such as Political Science and Languages seem to be more understaffed, offer fewer upper division classes, and are in older facilities. I think that there needs to be a more even spread of funds and professors throughout CWU.


The bad thing about this campus is that its not the main campus, so it can be hard when you are trying to get in contact with administrator fromt the main campus.


Everything on campus is great. The transportation system is the worst thing there. The campus isn't that big and getting around isn't a huge problem. But the bus system for getting aroung Ellensburg is a pain in the neck. Eburg isn't that big and walking isn't a huge deal. But sometimes, the 15-block walk to Fred Meyer is not very appealing-- especially in the snow. Everything on campus is great though. They just need to refine the Central Transit System so that it actually has a consistant schedule that makes sense.


The one thing at Central Washington University that I consider to be the worst attribute to the school is the lack of attention for the diversity. I feel that there are multiple students who are good at various things, and we have no real way of acknowledging them! There is a lack of communication between the school and the students. If a society fails to recognize its diversity, sometimes the brilliance of many is overlooked and poorly encouraged. The same concept works on the balance of a university, if not on a higher scale.


The worst thing about Central is the lack of excitement. If a person does not keep themselves busy, they may find themselves bored or even depressed. The reason behind this is the alone time people spend wishing they could be doing something else. The people who don't keep themselves busy, will be left behind by the people that do.


The organization of the Registrar's Office is sometimes wanting, but overall they're very helpful. It's nothing crippling. You just have to keep on them to find out your status.


For me the worse thing is not being able to take some of the classes offered because I am at one of it's university centers and not directly on campus. Sometimes I feel as if Ellensberg campus has more to offer. Which it does because it is the main campus.


There are many things that annoy me about my school, but only a few that are relativly unique to CWU. The biggest problem that I can think of is that every spring the students can participate in a 30 hour fast, and in doing so it is suppose to educate the students about hunger. This annoys me because afterwards the students wear t-shirts which say "I Experienced Hunger". The incredible arrogance that is required to think that they even have a remote idea about what true hunger is, is incredibly mind-boggling.


The worst thing about my school is that the weather is really extreme. In Ellensburg it can be single digit degrees in the winter and over one hundred degrees. However, classes are not cancelled unless the temperature is excessively cold, somewhere in the negative two digits numbers.


I would have to say the worst thing at Central Washington Univerisry would have to be that everyone knows everyone. You could be hangin out in the SURC (Student Union Recreation Center) and eventually someone will come up to you becauase they know you or the person you are talking to. Other than that I love Central i dont think i could have picked a better school!


I consider the worst thing about Central Washington University to be the fact that there is not a Masters Program. I will have to transfer to a different school in order to get my Masters or to go to Law School. I feel more comfortable in a rural setting but I will have to move to a big city.


I think the worst thing about the school is the location. I do not like that fact that the only entertainment in Ellensburg is Fred Meyer or the casino. It helps some people stay focused on their studies, but can push others to party incessantly. There are some campus activities that are designed to keep freshman entertained, but the upperclassmen have already experienced these and want bigger and better things.


I attend the campus in Des Moines, WA. It is an off-campus location, so for me I would say the worst thing would be that we do not have direct access to all the social events and work out rooms like the students do that attend the Ellensburg campus. Another issue for me is that I attend school at night and there is no way to microwave my dinner so I eat a lot of sandwichs. Otherwise I really enjoy my program that I attend at CWU.


The worst thing about my school is the segregation between students. For example if you are an African Americal male, you must play football. Or if you are or are involved in LGBT you are an exteme liberal or a "freak." I think that the student body should move more as a unit rather than individuals. Observing the hatred within my school is sad. There are not many bad things but if I had to choose one: the separation between fellow students would be it.


There isn't a lot to do at CWU in terms of social activities besides drink. A lot of activities that do take place off campus usually involve drinking in some way, shape, or form. It is rare if you go to a friend's house and you are treated to a night without drinking.


I'm disappointed that Central has garnered a reputation as a party school. Destructive parties seem to be the exception to the rule here, but the media loves printing stories about parties gone awry. Jobseekers take note: It's very difficult to find a job in Ellensburg. This is a fairly small town and almost 50% of it's occupants are CWU students, so job oppertunities go fast.


The worst thing about CWU is the raising tuition cost. Each year everything gets more expense and we get charged for everything like graduating and completing an internship. I feel like all the money goes to building new buildings and making the campus look nice instead of focusing on improving education which is what should matter most. CWU is a school that focuses on appearance and how the school looks on the "outside" instead of focusing on the quality of education or the "inside."


The worst part of my school is that in the winter it can get into the single digits temperature wise.


I don't think there is really anything bad about the school. There has only been one problem with it that I know of and that was a drinking issue with some freshman but I was not appart of that. That issue made it on National news.


The worst thing about my school is that it is in a small town. There isn't much for student's to do off campus besides go to the bars or have parties, which tends to lead to bad choices for some. If the town put in more spaces or all ages activities, it probably wouldn't be that bad.


The worst thing about Central Washington University, is the separation of the classes. It is very hard to interact with anyone who is not in your current grade.


The feeling that there is not much of a tight community among the students. You still get that feeling of seperate groupd of people, seperate groups of friends that do not interact with each other.


The worst thing would be the lack of food choices.


The worst thing about my school is how people judge everyone so quickly. I have met a lot of different and nice people over the last year at Central and realized that a lot of people judge others so easily just how someone dresses or looks. I learned a long time ago that when judging someone by how they look your observations are completely wrong. I know that judging someone is 'normal' but when you get to college you would think that it would decrease not increase.


I would have to say that the worst thing about Central Washington University would have to be that there are not enough study groups around campus to better help each and every student succeed.


There are not too many things that are bad at central. It is full of diversity, history and traditon, but their choices of undergraduate programs should be expanded. By expanding the choices of undergraduate programs available, Central's student body would consist of a much more broad range of students. With a more diverse student body, students could grow and learn more about each other and their experiences.


The worst thing I could say about central is that there is never enough parking.


Tuition is increasing and fincial aid/scholarships are being cut. It is mainly turning into a school where only athelets can go to.


The worst thing about Central Washington University is advertisement. There are unique and intersting events that students do not always find out about until the last minute. Advertisement is better in individual residence halls in terms of hall programs or meetings. But, for the university sporting events, professional speakers, and social events, advertisment is lacking.


The worst thing about my school is the food. There are rare choices for healthy eating. And the choices given are hardly recognizable as food. A salad everyday is nice but it would be even nicer to have a veggie station where there are fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.


My school is located in a small town; therefore excessive partying takes place. I feel a student should have a broader array of options for fun. A small town such as Ellensburg also does not allow students to develop the kind of cultured and worldly perspective as they would in a city. Personally, I enjoy discovering new places, meeting many different people, and participating in music and art. All of these past times are extremely limited in a place like Ellensburg, so if you attend Central Washington University, be prepared to get imaginative and create your own kinds of fun.


If there is anything to be said about the shortfalls of Central Washington University, it may be that it happens to be located in an agrarian-based community, small in size and not necessarily reflective of the multicultural pride that is held so proudly by Central Washington University.


I have absolutely no complaints about my school! Every professor, class, counselor, and student are so helpful and respectful; the campus is also beautiful and unique. However, if I had to suggest ONE thing that isn't magnificant at my school it would be the housing. Most of the residence halls are rather old and are in need of some remodeling and updating. Otherwise this small detail, I love my school and would reccomend it to anyone interested!


The worst thing about this school is that it can be windy and cold here. I am sure there are not many people who like the wind.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the general education credits we have to take. I understand like four or five credits but pretty much a whole years worth just seems like way to much. The reason for this is because we are here paying for classes we want to take and some classes we like aren't offered as general education courses.


Less opportunity. There are not as many student clubs and organizations at my school as there would be in those that are larger. However, to look at this is a postive sense, this presents us students with the opportunity to take a stand and start something ourselves. Currently, a group of students has been fighting to start a greek system here at central. I believe we will all appreciate the opportunities more when we are the ones having to create them. Still, there is less presented to us and not as many resources available to utilize.


I don't hate my school. I just wish the winters in Ellensburg were better and easier to get around.