Central Washington University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I do not care for the size of my dorm room; Some of the dorm rooms here at small and other are large. That is the only thing i truely do not like here at Central Washington University.


The worst thing about Central is that classes are not offered every quarter, they are only offered specific quarters. So if you are unable to get into the class you need you are pretty much behind a quarter now. It makes it really hard to plan your class schedules out for future quarters to make sure you are getting all the classes you need. As a result of this students wont graduate in four years, they will have to stay an extra quarter or two just to get those one or two classes that were not offered when needed.


In my major field, there are no career options laid out for students. What to do once we graduate is a scary mystery.


The worst thing about my school is the inablity of some students to reach out to other students. Some people are very narrowminded in who they think they SHOULD be friends with. Not based on any racial or ethnic backgrounds, more so on social clicks. Some people are very freindly and some are not, I wish it leaned toward the more friendly side of things.


The location can get desolate, but this brings people closer together for entertainment. There is no local shopping mall, however the nearest one is 30 miles away. Many of the appartments around the school don't have air conditioning, and in the 100 degree weather it can get miserable. Also, if you don't schedule appointments with an advisor you can get left in the dark about what you will be doing after graduation.


The worst thing I consider about my school, is the difficulty in accessing information and recieving help regarding graduation. To have listed what all needs to be done would be extremely helpful in regards to understanding the needed information. However, instead it is difficult to access information.


I would say that the worst thing about my school would be that it is located in a vey small city with not many job opportunities available off campus. There are also not many shopping opportunities available in this city.


There is not much to do in such a small town, the wind is terrible and the locals are very closed minded.






The worst thing about the school is easily the dining services.


The school spirit and the recognition for athletes


The parking isnt that great. Some of the buildings need to be rebuilt.


I can never get any help, I think I may have a learning disability. Some staff are too busy working to help students, so they give vague answers that require you to dig for yourself.


The best and the worst are the same. Everyone knows everyone. At times it's fun, and at times it's hard. You will make friends quickly and they will be great friends.


Many professors are all about being open-minded, but this does not apply if you are Christian/Catholic/Jewish. Some will allow people to openly insult your faith and will twist whatever religious text you happen to believe in.


We have great sport teams and great students, but we lack school spirit and I am not sure why.


I think the worst thing about this school is the lack of things to do in town, especially at night.


I hate that people drink on campus even though they're underage. I really don't care for parties that go on.