Chapman University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Chapman University know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure to tell myself that uncertainty is a part of life and it is competely okay to not know what you want to do. I would also tell myself that everyone has a different college experience and it will only be a positive one if you actively choose to make it that way. I always had a specific vision of what college was supposed to look like, and when that vision did not come to life for me in my situation, I was upset and always down on myself. In the end, choosing the community college route ended up leading me to a wonderful job opportunity of working with children with special needs and it allowed me to take the time to decide what path is really right for me. So I would tell my high school self to be patient and open to new experiences. Not only will you run into exciting opportunities, but you will also meet people who share the same passions, and that is one of the most important things you can get from the college experience.


If I could talk to my highschool self about transitioning into college, I would say to have more confidence. It was not until recently that I decided, yes, I can persue both Graphic Design and Game Programing minor along with my Digital Arts major, and I can have time to study abroad. I may have to take an extra year, but that's okay. Taking an extra year in college isn't something to be ashamed of. It means I am doing everything I can to make the most of my college experience and education.


Dear Cailyn, College is coming soon and senior year is coming to a close. Don't be afraid, I promise that you will be okay. College is great and exciting; you will learn more in one semester than you have in all four years of your high school career. Join clubs and get involved because these will be some of the most important ways to meet people. Don't be afraid to branch out and try new things. Live on campus, join a committee, join a sorority even though you've told yourself you would never do it... I promise that joining something and leaving your safe-space will be rewarding. Although you may want to sit in your dorm with friends all day or go out and stay up until three in the morning, which can be fun and adds to the learning experience, make sure you don't miss class. Class is important and it is so much more interesting than high school classes. Professors will inspire you and you won't want to miss it. Good luck, I know you can do great things. Smile and hold your head high; you can do it.


Really take time to research colleges and go on campus tours. As a junior and senior, I took advantage of the college websites and based the colleges that I applied to purely off of numbers. I was a big "label" school. I wish I really looked at my capabilities and assessed better schools to apply to based off of my standards, not just whether or not my friends applied to that school. Also, you don't really prepare yourself for college. I was the kind of person that always needed to know things. Needed to plan my future every step of the way. College is meant to enjoy the now and appreciate the "now". My advice to my old self is that I wish I would have allowed myself more time for the college process, because it is really something that should have a lot of thought put into. The college process should not be rushed. Prepare now so you can enjoy later.


I would first tell myself not to be scared to beat to my own drum. In college, everyone is on their own path to happiness, and what makes me happy is not going to be determined by what society thinks.


First, make sure that you talk to a college advisor about your career goals and degree plans. The advisor will be able to help you decide how to proceed toward your goals. Another important step will be to fill out your fafsa and talk to someone in financial aid. This step is really important. Financil aid will help you can understand and plan how you will finance your education. If the college offers an orientation, go. The orientation will explain the college process and answer most of your questions. Finally, before classes start be organized. This last step will make learning easier because you won't be crazy trying to figure out what, where, and who.


I would say to myself "Julieta it is not as hard as people make it sound. You will be fine. Yor first semester of college will be easier than your senior year in high school. You are going through hell right now because of all the college applications you are working on, but hard work always pays off. Allthe AP courses are preparing you for college, so the transition will not be as hard. There are students from all over the world and it is interesting to be in small classrooms and learn about their cultures. It is easy to make friends because people do not judge you. You can be yourself. And the best part is that college is a process that is preparing you for the future and be the successful woman you have always wanted to be and break a chain in the family."


As a high school senior, I had different views and ideas of what the college experience should be. At first, I thought the best college experience would be to attend a huge state school with over 30,000 students. I wanted to attend a bigger school to meet more people and focus on having a social life. After 2 years of attending this school, I realized that I was wrong in what I needed from my college experience. I did not actually want to learn in a auditorium with 500 other students, instead I needed a more focused environment where my professor actually knew my name. I did not need the crazy party scene filled with strangers, but instead a local hang out spot with all my friends from class, who shared the same interests. After transferring to Chapman University, a much smaller private institution, I received the best business education which led me to start my new career. My best friends today, all Chapman Alumni, share cherished memeories from our time at this school. If I could change one decision in my life, it would be to have attended Chapman University for all four years of my undergraduate career.


Dear High School Self, I know you are excited, but also scared of enrolling as a freshmen at university soon. Do not waste your time looking upon transisting to a four- year university s a stressful and nerve-wracking time. Savor the time to think about what you really love doing and what you can see yourself enjoying to do your whole life. Starting university opens a lot of doors. To new friends, new places, new classes, new worries, new experiences, new exciting aspects of yourself you did not realize you had before. Do not be afraid of putting yourself out, asking questions, meeting interesting, and having fun! College is an unique and life-changing experience where you are around peers from all walks of life, interests, and personalities. Jump on this chance to learn about others and gain life-long friendships. This is the time to learn from your professors, stimulate your brain with interesting information, and achieve various skills needed to succeed for years to come. As cliche as it may sound, your time at university really will fly by before you know it, so experience each and every moment, find enjoyment in little things, and take chances.


Do not have things from high school holding you back from what you want to do in college. For example, having a boyfriend is very difficult especially your freshman year, and if you notice they are hindering you from having fun or joining things on campus, it may be smart to reconsider the relationship. And also get involved in extracurricular activities.