Claflin University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Just be awesome!.


Study more and love who you are. Be a leader not a follower


I would have to tell myself stay focused on all of my class work. Give as much as I do on the track as I do in the class room. Don't stop doing something just because someone else stops. I would tell my self to understand why i came to school and rememmber that my family is counting on me to graduate. Understand that I will set the tone for my nephews to follow and I am the example that people will measure themselves by. Young men looking up to me to gain direction to be a father figure in their lives. So failure is not an option just being average is not an option. The only option is to give all that I am and that I can. Trust in God and keep moving forward no matter what because you will change the world because you want to. That the love that I have for my family will help you change the world because you will treat the world as if they were your family and that love will change them and you into the great man that you are looking to be.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely tell myself enjoy life! During this short time as a college student, two of my high school friends have died. Life is to short not to live and be happy while living. I would tell myself to get over my high school depression because greatness is right around the corner! LOVE YOURSELF, Claflin University will instill confidence in you that no one has before. Hold your head high and keep God first because you will need him for long nights and decision making. Be thankful for what you have, stop worrying about what is not there, it is not there for a reason! KNOW YOUR WORTH DARLING, keep your head high and conquer all things great. Oh yea, Biochemistry is not the major you will choose, Politics and Justice Studies will be a perfect fit!


I would tell myself to study more, work hard, apply for as many scholarships and interships as possible. Also do not be afraid to ask for help because really to that because if you don't ask question they will assume you know the matterial and will go on to the next subject so ask question's. Stay active on campus be involved in clubs and organizations. Play a sport enjoy yourself but also remember why you came to college to futher your education. You have to go out earn what you want because nothing is giving to you. Time management is the key to success also.


College is a big change from high school. When I first came to college I was like this is really a big change. I really messed up my freshman year. I wasn't studying and focusing like how I should have been, but I changed real quick. I wanted to make something of myself and making bad grades would not do that. I would go back and tell myself that college is what let's you know what you gone be in life. It's a big step and it shows if your ready for the real world. T hat really is what college is getting you ready for. If you're not ready for college I don't think you should waste money and others time. College is very expensive because Claflin University is very high and wasting money, knowing you got to pay them back is not good. Make a sart desicion before you start college and see if college is for you before you waste your time and money beacuse college is not for everybody.


I would say that you should speak up more from day one. In high school I was so used to someone speaking for me or someone asking for my opinion that when I got to college I think I kind of assumed that the same thing would happen. I had to learn the hard way that if I would speak up about something that I can prevent my feelings getting hurt or my grade beinging lower than it should be. I would also tell myself to be more social from day one as well. It never hurts to be open to people because looks can be decitful and you never know what you can learn from a person. You can learn what not to do or by helping them it may help you understand people and life a little bit more. Overall, I would say not to regret anything that I have done, look at everything from multiple perspectives, and to take everything one step at a time.


If there was a time machine (literally) I would be so happy to go back in time to speak to myself as a high school senior. The advice I would give myself would be only this: I would tell myself "Jalissa you are going to be so proud of yourself. You will become a lovely, intelligent, young lady. Somehow the people you will meet in the future will empower you to never give up on yourself regardless of the situation you maybe in. They will become a part of this new reality that you have found at college. Where you will be able to keep your head held up high, turn negativity into something positive, show confidence, experience new cultures, etc. Basically, you will blossom into to a woman you thought you could never be. A woman that anyone else for that matter thought you could not and would not be at all. And you know what? Jalissa you are going to prove them wrong, blow their minds and socks off. So once you have graduated from high school and you're having doubts, remember I am proud of you and we're going to shake things up indeed.


Don't be afraid to take classes in all different subject matter. Your interests can change drastically as time goes on. Make sure to give yourself as many options as possible so that when you change your mind you aren't left wondering where to go next.


I'm SamQuinta Capers and I'm an uprising Sophomore that will be attending Claflin University in the fall. I am applying for the campus discovery survey/essay. If I could go back in time to talk to myself as high school senior the advice that I would give myself about the experience of the college life is that, college isn't no joke. Yeah, it is a time to meet a lot of different people from all over the world but it is also a time to start looking into your future and having a career. It's a whole lot different then high school, once your in college that's when you are own your own and have to figure out what's best for you and only you. You may find a few people to get along with but there are times when people that you knew won't be there for you. The college life taught me that it's okay to ask for help when needed, there's no such thing as a wrong answer. Never be afraid to change, who you are. It's only means you are growing because you can do it.


I would suggest applying early for scholarships and grant would decrease debt, and working hard to maintain atleast a 3.0 GPA.


When I look back and think, I sometimes ask myself why was my mindset not as focused while classified as a high school senior. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior; and advise myself about college life and the transition it would go something like this. Alan, your commitment towards your class work will determine your undergraduate experience. If you give your all and focus , maybe a college will be willing to grant you a full ride to attend their institution. Do you understand that it is really easy to get a student loan but really hard to pay it back? Why not aim towards going to school for free. Also Alan, when you get in college you may be glad to experience that level of freedom, but you still need to understand that the reason you came to college was to learn and not play. Additionally, in college you have two options. Either you can work hard while in school and then play later, or you can play while you're in school and have should've could've would've moments later down the line. I recommend choice number one.


If I could go back and be a senior in high school I would really have been more prepared for the college life. i would have did more scholarships, joined more programs. Also, I would have strived alot harder for a higher GPA, awards and internships.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is to go to summer school the preceding summer before college to gain a jump start on my curriculum requirements. I would get a career advisor to assist me in choosing my career goal and to not allow myself to become distracted.


I would tell myself to go to college earlier and get the degree early! If I would have done that, i would already be working as a RN for a period of time. Instead I am almost 33 years old and just starting my degree. I am proud of myself for doing it now, but I wish I would have gone sooner!


I would tell myself to work harder, take my work serioulys, watch my mouth and practice better. In high school I didn't take college as serious as I should. The guidance counselors never really focused their attention on ALL of the students, they focused on the students who they thought would succeed. Although it is alos my part to learn about and research colleges that I may of been interested in I feel as if the guidance counselor at my school wasnt of much assistance to me. I originally wanted to go to USC, but couldnt get acceted because I was missing a class that they required. If my guidance counselor would've informed me about what all I needed, I might of been recieving a better education. I would also give myself teh advice of not chasing after boys, letting school come first and all other things after. Instead of doing homeowrk I was often on the phone or computer making plans for the weekend or break ahead.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as an high school student, I would have to tell myself to raise the bar! What I mean by this is that I was the type of student to only do what was necessary to pass. Although it lead me to my destination, I was left feeling unfulfilled. I would tell myself "There is always just a little bit more"! I could always do more to surpass my own expectations instead of limiting myself by living up to the ones others have set for me. I was not a follower, but I lack passion because in the end the only one that could make me feel like what I achieved was good was myself. I would tell myself to sign up for other activities besides sports, to join the debate team, or math club even. Even though high school was free I would have told myself to take advantage of a free education.


I would definitely tell myself to increase my study habits and reading habits because in my first year I had to do a lot more studying and reading than I did in high school. I also would tell my high school self, to increase social skills because when I entered college I was exposed to all kinds of new social interactions and was forced to adapt to a whole new social atmosphere. But the most important thing I would tell my high school self is to stay focused and learn to manage my time better. In college it is ten times more important to stay organized and systematic as possible because there were so many projects, papers, and documents I had to keep up with. Without proper management, I would have probably had a rougher year than I did.


If I were to go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would encourage him to not be afraid to ask for help when he needs it. During my first year of college, I started to fall behind, but I was too afraid to go in and ask for help. As a result, my grades suffered. It started a downward spiral that resulted in me getting bad grades. A second tip of advice I would give him would be to not register all his classes in the afternoon. I made that mistake during my second semester. I wanted to sleep in, so I didn't schedule any early morning classes. As a result, I kept on getting to bed very late. It also contributed to my getting horrendous grades.


I would tell my high school self to have managed time more efficently and to be about business and stop goofing off as much because college is serious business and can't afford no screw-ups


Being here has taught me so many things. Its different being here on my own instead of being with my parents. Being here showed me how important your school work is and how not to let it go to waste because I'm paying $22,000 a year for tution to attend Claflin and you wont be able to get that money back. I want to recieve an education and become the best. This school is known for its good works and it has helped me a lot to understand the steps of becoming a visionary from Claflin; working hard and doing your best. Now I have let go of the home sickness and let the Lord led me in the right direction on being on my own in this world. I know I can make it because Claflin is here to help me make the right decisions to becoming a leader, a visionary for others to see!


So far out of my college experience I've learned a lot I didn't know. I learned how to strategize my school work in order to make good grades. It's been valuable to me because they really help me when I need it. The extra care is always there.


Makin it to Claflin University was not very easy. I had to work very hard to get here.When the Recruiter came to my school I had to first fill out the application, then I had to make sure that all my test scores were in and ready , and also make sure I had my essay to turn in with application. When I first got my test scores back I thought that they weren’t high enough to turn in for the college. After retaking the test I turn the scores in and soon I got my letter from Claflin saying that I was accepted. Now that I am here I am going to make good grades, keep a good gpa, and move on to success. I will keep good grades by studying at least two hours a day. Also to read all the material before going to class that way I will know a little about the subject before going to class. I have heard that that was a good strategy so I can understand better. Also I will do all homework assignments and turn them in on time.


My mother first gave me Cheerios when I was nine months old. Eating Cheerios can be like microsurgery for nine-month-olds, as they master the hand-eye coordination to connect thumb and index finger to dry Cheerio and then Cheerio to mouth. The Cheerios were part of a set of age-appropriate developmental tasks my mother presented to me, based on the writings of child psychologist Arnold Gesell, who wrote that eating Cheerios refines fine motor skills.I am now beginning to explore these questions in biological terms at my freshman year at Claflin. In my advanced Biology course, I encountered the work of Hubert and Weisel, two Harvard researchers who studied the development of the feline visual cortex. They showed that if they covered one eye of a newborn kitten for the first six months of life, the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information developed differently, a shift that was irreversible after the eye patch was removed. In black-and-white slices of brain tissue, they showed that sensory experience could shape brain cells. I feel blessed to be a part of a strong academic university that is continuing to built my success and character.


At Claflin University my eyes have seen much. What I have learned here is irreplaceable. Here, I have learned how to examine people. I have learned how to manage myself. Before I came to school I had an eerie perception on what college was going to be. I assumed the workload was going to be too much and I was destined to fail, but at Claflin I learned that responsibility can take you farther than intelligence. If you had 4.0 grade point average in high school, but you get to college and sleep in all your classes you are bound to fail. Yet if you come with a 3.4 grade point average and you have the work ethic of a 4.0 student you will succeed. This has been the most valuable phase of my life because I am away from home and have no one to blame for my mistakes but myself. I do not have anyone to account for but myself. When I succeed it will be because of the hard work and dedication Keiko put in to her experience, and not anyone else, simply because there is only Keiko.


College has been valuable to attend because I am a first generation student & not only am i furthering my education but I'm also learning what it means to be independent and how to prioritize. Being an independent student & not having a mother & a father to help me with this experience has been a struggle but I've learned to appreciate the good things more because I know how hard it was to make it to the point I'm at alone. I've learned that being here at Claflin University that there are so many oppertunities & that I can catch a break finacially if I apply myself to my best ability & take advantage. Having finances be a least worry will help me approve everything & be all i can be.


College has really matured me as a man. It taught me how to ask for help without feeling insecure about myself. Its taught me how to me how to be a team player as well as how to make difficult and life changing decisions for myself. The education I gain in the classrooms is phenomenal. You really feel smarter every time you leave a classroom. For me college is worth every penny, the experience and education you gain while there is priceless, the friendships are worth more than gold, and the memories are treasures that last a lifetime. I've always loved school, but I can honestly say I love college more, because it's more than just a school. You live there, you eat, sleep, and breathe in the atmosphere around you. People say that the college doesn't make you, you make the college, but schools like the one I attend actually make you, mold you, and shape you into a better all around person.


I would tell myself to follow my dreams and do not settle for anything less. I missed out on an adventure and truly being on my own. I was not able to explore career options until later because I started my family life early. Choose a path and follow it. Do not let anything stand in your way. It is only harder when you get older and have barriers, like small children to provide for. Your guidance counselors have career assessments they can help you decide the best field of study for you. They will also help you apply for colleges and scholarships.


If I could go back and talk to a younger me, I would definitely emphasis to be secure in my beliefs and convictions and to learn how to love myself just how I am. I say this because I have seen multitudes of young people, some of them close friends, come to college and struggle, somtimes fail, not because they weren't talented or capable of doing great , but because they were trying to fit in by letting their social life take precedence over their education. However, i don't believe they let this happen on purpose, bt they just weren't secure enough in who they were to be able to stand out by saying no.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice about the transition to college the first thing I would tell myself is to focus more. This means not letting things that are not important get into the way of my full time job which is getting good grades. Second in the end true friends want you to succeed they won?t hold you back. They will understand when you want to study instead of going out. And third have faith in yourself no one can lift you up as good as you can, and don?t be afraid to fail because when you are you are afraid to try.


When i was a senior i had no clue what i wanted to do i just knew i just wanted to work in the medical field. i would tell myself to just relax and i would eventually find out what i wanted. Mostly i would tell myself to do better in my first semester and study more like i should have and made the grades i know i could have made.


My advice to my high school senior self is be prepared to study more than you ever have. In college, you have to earn your grades, not just by turning some work in and expect an A , just because you turn it in like high school. Secondly, add your professors to your friends list. When you don't understand something in class, don't let pride block your thinking and ask for assistance from them, even if you have to visit them everyday after class. The success is there but, it's up to you to go after it.


The advice that I would give to parents and/or students would be to not just go to a college just because it looks good on the outside but venture into the gates of the school, ask questions to advisors/ people who atteneded the school before, and or those that are attending the school now. When in picking a college you have to also take time out to relax, enjoy the fresh air outside!!! Don't cramp things in. take your time engage in conversations with your peers, but also remember you are there to education yourself and become that successful person that you want to be!!


The advice that I would give a parent or a student that is looking for the right college is, think to yourself can I see myself here for 4 consecutive years. Can I see myself interacting with the professors, students, faculty, and staff. As a student you would also want to think to yourself "Do I feel comfortable and safe in this area?" Your parents care about your safety and you should too. However, make the choice that is good for your life. Also, make sure the College/ University has your major. Make sure the College/University cares about you as a student, and not as a number. Make sure the college cares about your stay there as much as possible. Claflin as assured me that they want me to be there, and as a result I want to be there as well. I care about my education, and they care about providing me a quality one. So, think about all the factors and possiblities when applying for school and involve your parents. Trust me it will work out for you!


do your research!


The advice that I would give parents and students when finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to focus on the educational background of the college. Researching the schools educational background helps because it allows you to see exactly what is being taught at that college and maybe even how it's being taught. Taking in consideration of campus activities is another helpful tool when looking for the right college. College is not all about just getting an education; having fun and enjoying college is what makes it joyful experience.


I would tell them that when looking and searching for the best college, look at what oraganizations and cooperations would have to say about them. Go and visit and learn as much as you can about each choice and make sure to ask as many questions as you can to get the real feel for the school. Parents should remember to always support their child's desicsion no matter what/ where it is.


First and foremost, the student will need to pick the best college that will be the most comfortable for them. They will need to make sure the college has academic accredidation, athletic accredidation optional. They also will need to make sure the college has a good program for their major. Touring the college is necessary to be able to know what they will get out of the college. But most importantly, do they think the college is right for them? If the answer is no, they will not be able to focus and will eventually drop out of college completely. But if the answer is yes, they will be able to learn all they can on their specific major of focus and it will be applied to its fullest once they graduate and have a successful job.


I would say make sure to do your research and make sure this school is set in your heart wanting to attend this college or university.


Do not decide the college based on things you have heard. Actually go to the school and ask questions. When choosing a major, do not pick the obvious lawyer or doctor just because thats the most common. It takes a lot to run the world, and there are many different majors that can lead to a successful career. In order to get the best experience socially, be sure to try your best to participate in many activities which will not only help you learn more about what your school has to offer, but help you find like minded friends.


I would advice parents and prospective students to travel. Make time to physically visit the campuses that the student is researching. Meeting the students, seeing the campus grounds, and being in the atmosphere is a huge advantage in the college research process. I am so very grateful that my parents took the time during the summer after my junior year in high school to take a road trip up and down the east coast to help me look for the right college. In order for the student to make the most of his or her college experience ,once at the institution, they must be open mineded. This goes for not only the student but the parents as well. The parents need to be supportive of their child's academic/social pursuits at the college. The student needs to be involved in the institution at some level in order to enhance their sense of belonging and pride in the school that they have chosen. In my opinion the two best nuggets of advice I can pass on to college bound families is to travel then once the student is enrolled at the institution he or she should get involved.




I would explain to parents and/or students who are searching for the right college to make to sure they tour the school before they actually decide to attend. I would also have to make sure they are finacially stable and are able to pay the tuition if the students financial aid does not cover their expenses. I believe that the student should also make sure their desired major is offered at the selected college.


The first thing is that it is not up to the parents to pick the right school for their kids; it is up to their kids to pick the right school for themselves. If you don't want to be a number then choose a smaller school; if you don't like the thought of a family away from home then go to a bigger school; you don't want to lose who you are before you are able to figure it out. Also, as a freshman, you will mess up and you will want to quit and go home - let these things roll off your back like a duck, that's all you'll be able to do anyway! Know who you are when you get to the school you're going to and you'll do great, just be willing to accept the changes that will be heading your way.


do your research


I believe that college determines if you have what it takes to endure it's many obstacles. 2 plus 2 is the same throughout the world so determing which college to choose would be to find the one that best fits your intended field of study, financial status, and then personal preferences. College has taught me that you must deal with every situation that life throws at you. I see college as a drill instructor for life. College has never cared about how many credits I am taking, how much homework I have, how many tests and quizzes that I have, or my community service. The only thing that college has been concerned with is my self respect and my obtainment of a degree. College will make you very intellectually sound, help to build your character and distiguish what type of person you are. Most of all, college will prepare you for almost any and every aspect of life.


do all of your research on the school. and visit if possible just to get a feel for what the campus is like. and make sure that you get copies of the school's handbooks if at all possible, just so you know what you are getting yourself into.


Do your research and dont force your child to a attend an institute that may not be in their interest!


Visit any institution you are planning to apply to. It would be best to do an official visit, and to just walk around on a random day to take in what campus life is like on an everyday basis. Also keep an open mind when visiting the schools.


Look at financial aid and the graduation percentage. Also, ask current students how they feel about the school.