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Describe the students at your school.


Clemson is not very diverse so racial issues have come into play but as a whole are not a problem at all. A very introverted person would feel out of place at clemson. Most clemson students are from the south but many others come from New Jersey, Maryland, and other Northeastern states.


Amazing, but not very diverse. Everyone is really close, its like one big family!


AMAZING. You will meet your best friends at Clemson. We come together over study guides, bad classes, horrible NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING lab TA's, and beers at Tiger Town Tavern. Whether you rush a fraternity or sorority, you will be with the most incredible and diverse student body around.


The only kind of students that would feel out of place are those that don't enjoy meeting people or who are terribly shy. Some students can be extremely religous, but if your not its not a problem. Students are politically aware and and conversations can spot up everywhere. I would say most of Clemson students are a little on the wealthy side, especially with the out of state prescence, but that shouldn't bother you. There are part time jobs avalable in and around Clemson (even though pay is not that great in SC). Clemson students just like to have a good time, and be successful while doing it. Different types of students do interact. in my fraternity alone we have like 20 states represented. The typical thing in Clemson to wear is the polo with crokees and flip flops, which was weird to me at first, but its kind of funny and easy to join in if you would like.


"What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus?" From what I've noticed, there isn't much, if any, racial, religious, or any other kind of descrimination here at Clemson. Most people seem to be very open to people of different cultres, religions, etc. and it seems to be a non-issue. There is, however, a bit of self-segrigaiton going on that I've noticed; but that is to be expected for groups of people who share a similar first language, other than english, to gravitate towards eachother. "There are four tables of students in the dining hall. Describe them." This is something I've actually noticed when I'm eating at the dining halls, and I'd have to say the four major groups are: frat/sorority kids, band kids, nerdy kids, and (I hate to say it but it's the truth) black people. I don't intend to be racist witht that comment, however, I have seen that the black kids tend to sit with eachother in the dining halls. Now, that is not to say that just because they're not white then they can't be in a frat/sorority, in the band, or that they can't be nerdy; however Clemson has the lowest ratio of black to white students than any other University in the state. It's unfortuante, but a I metioned earlier, minorities tend to search eachother out and that causes them so self-segregate themselves. The other three I mentioned aren't as risqué and are to be expected: frats and soroities are part of a "brother/sisterhood" and naturally spend more time with eachother; the band kids spend so much time with eachother during practice, it's natural for them to bond; and the nerdy kids eat with eachother because their interests tend to be very similar yet radically different from the rest of the population.


You will find clicks at Clemson, just as easily and realistically you would/will find at ANY other University in the country despite popular belief. At Clemson, it comes down to the Greeks, Athletes, and regulars. However, just because people are associated with one particular group does not mean they won't hang out with others. You will see plenty of interaction between black/white, athlete/greek, etc. You will find that most out-of-state kids, who are from the North, come from strong socioeconomic backgrounds, although that's a bit obvious considering it costs close to 30k to come from out-of-state anyways. Once people separate from their parents for long enough, they begin to form their own political views but it's a southern school so you will find a strong abundance of RIGHT winged people


Very out-going and progressive.


Awesome student body, everyone is so friendly.


All I can suggest is to take full advantage of what being a Clemson student has to offer!


Clemson and USC have a really wierd rivalry. Clemson students tend to be pretty well-off. USC students I gather are not. So we are the rich kids and they are the poor kids who we always beat. The steriotypes are pretty true.


The best way I can explain Clemson's student body is to say that every person I see on Clemson always smiles at me and says hello. Our campus is filled with very nice people. We are all very involved in everything around campus which can be easily observed if you walk in front of the library or in the student centers because there are always tables for all our organizations.


Clemson is not very diverse. Clemson is very conservative. Religion is not a big issue on campus, but it is a big deal in South Carolina. Clemson is virtually in the center of the Bible Belt. LGBT groups are not very big on campus. And most students are affluent at Clemson. No students at Clemson feel out of place. There is something for everyone at Clemson. Most students at Clemson are Southern and in the Greek community. Southern attire usually consists of, for guys, golf shorts (khaki, of course) and a polo or button down, with Rainbow sandals. Girls wear dressier than normal clothes on a good day, and many times pearls. That doesn't stop girls from wearing a baseball cap and sweats on occasion though. Greek life is very prevalent on campus. Fraternities and Sororities sponsor more events on campus than any other organizations. Clemson students are very politically aware and active. Many presidential candidates stop by Clemson each year to campaign because of our awareness. Clemson is more conservative than liberal, but there is a great mix of each.


Everybody got along just fine. There are obvious differences but no one made a big deal about it. Everyone was treated as just "peopl" rather than different.


Warming and welcoming. It is important that you push yourself to get involved in all of the activities possible, it will really make for an outstanding Clemson experience.


Walking on the Clemson campus, you'll pass students numerous international students, hippies, jocks, preps, nerds, sorority girls, and everything in between. No matter what your clique, you'll find someone to bond with at Clemson. Class attire can be pajamas, khakis and a polo, suit, but is usually jeans and a tshirt. A friend came to visit me from another school in the area and commented on how nice it was to walk on campus and not feel out of place for being in shorts, flip flops, and a tank. Wearing orange on Fridays are a necessity, however!


The student body at Clemson is very diverse. This is really neat though because you see the real world.


Overall, I'd say that Clemson's student body is made up of white protestants. There are a lot of other ethnicities roaming around campus, however there is an overwelming white protestant population. Most Clemson students are from the south, there is a good population of students from the north, and most are from the east coast. Students here tend to be very, very conservative. Recently, students have become politically active and involved in political issues. Most students wear jeans, t-shirts, and Rainbow flip flops to class, rain or shine. A lot of girls carry around Vera Bradley bags and guys tend to wear Croakies and khaki pants.


Anyone outside the norm would feel out of place at Clemson. Some people here are very closed-minded about anyone who doesn't fit the typical Southern belle/gente mold. In my 3 years at Clemson, I have probably seen only a handful of gay people. Steer clear of Clemson if you value diversity.


-Because Clemson is in the Bible Belt, there are many religious organizations, which I think is fine. We have the right of religion. -My experience with various races here at Clemson could be described as varied. There are a number of different cultures conglomerating on campus. Typically, the larger group types remain homogenous; I don't see many Asians or Indians interact with Americans -Most of the students are from the U.S. Probably about 50% are white, 30% black, and the rest other races -I would say based on the cars that most kids drive, most kids come from comfortable financial backgrounds, if not more than comfortable; also based on the number of designer items displayed on campus -Most students, as any normal human being, aims to earn enough money to be comfortable in life, however that is.


Most students here do wear the same thign to class, its really wierd. Most Clemson students that I have met seem to be from North or South Carolina.


I'm not really sure what kind of student would feel out of place. The people here (for the most part) are really nice, at least from what I've seen. Only a person who is deeply antisocial would feel out of place here. Most students wear clothes that are comfortable and suitable to the weather. Summertime, there are lots of people in capris, shorts, short shorts, and t-shirts (with flip flops). During the winter, they dress for the cold. Long pants, some kind of shirt and a coat. Most students I don't think talk about how much they'll earn one day. Everyone is trying to live in the now and finish basically what has been started, which I think is a good thing. I'm not politically aware unless I'm told, so I'm not really sure about other people. So many people are from so many different places. I've heard some of everything.


There are many different groups of people, but most of the time everyone gets along.




I feel like Clemson's student body is not diverse enough. Also, tuition is way too expensive and students are being charged for things that they do not utilize. The dining halls are nice; however the food is not the best thing I've ever tasted. I like it when I see people of different ethnicities being friends or even dating. I think this school does tie those backgrounds together well, in spite of racial issues that are prevalent. I think Clemson is very firm in their religious beliefs. This school does honor and respect everyone's religious wishes and sexual orientations; although those people who maybe LGBT are looked at differently, which should not be.


there are so many diverse groups of people here that everyone can find a place where they belong; most people wear sweats and jeans to class, some make an effort to look presentable; most people are politcally active, especially this year because of the election and some of the candidates came to campus


Clemson is quick to embrace all types of people from a variety of backgrounds. I feel like Clemson is one of the few southern schools to have such an open mind about ethnic diversity. Students most often sport jeans to class, often accompanied by an orange or Greek life t-shirt- very chill. Financial backgrounds vary and are hardly at all ever even revealed. Students are politically aware but not too terribly active. Students do not discuss future salaries. We are entirely too laid back and place much more value on what we find interesting in the subjects we are studying.


My experiences have been wonderful we all tend to get along fine. A student that couldn't speak English would feel out of place. Most students wear Kakis or jeans when it's cold and shorts, polo shirts, and sandals when it's warm. All different types of students interact everyday. You have your fraternity guys, your athletes, your agriculture kids, and your group of people who didn't do any of these. Most students are from the state of South Carolina. Middle to high class backgrounds are most prevalent. Students are very aware of politics and most are very conservative. For the most part students don't talk about how much they'll be making one day.


I have never personally experienced anyone discrminating aginst me because of my race, religion, socioeconomics or any other group that I might fit into. But no matter where you go in life there are people that might disagree with you but you just have to shake it off. Most students where jeans or shorts and t-shirts. It's usually a comfortable casual. Yes, you have to interact with many different kind of students. I have found that many professors love group work so you have to step outside of your box and talk to people that might be different. You never know, that person could become your best friend! Most students are from South Carolina and then I'd say from surrounding states, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee.


I don't think that any student would feel out of place here at clemson, we have it all. People from other countries, bisexuals, lesbians, blacks, whites, hispanics, southerners, northerns, etc. Most students wear pants (jeans and/or slacks) and a shirt (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc) to class, although you wouldn't be looked down upon if you wore something else. Some people go more comfortable and wear pajama bottoms to class and others dress up and look extra nice. In general, I don't think that different types of students interact but they're not against it, they just aren't given the opportunity so they don't interact. Most Clemson students are straight out of South Carolina, but there are a lot of people from Atlanta as well. However, the out-of-state ratio is increasing substantially over the years. From my experience, it seems that many people come from lower-income families as the majority of south carolinians I know are here with a scholarship. Most students politically aware and active, I couldn't say what party most are involved with.


Most students wear casual, comfortable clothes to class. You also see A LOT of orange.-All different types of students interact with one another.-Dining halls here are not like high school. Sit where you want.-Clemson students are from all over but the mostly come from the east coast it seems. Students are politically aware and active. We've had several candidates visit and speak. There are lefts, rights, and centers at Clemson.

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