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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Ofcourse everyone loves Clemson football. But they have a huge intramural and club sports program. Also there are over 300 clubs on campus so there is alot to do.


Club Field Hockey: Fun, friendly and family atmosphere. We played about 4-6 games a semester and had a really great record. Open doors: Yes. Events: Everyone goes to everything. Everything is crowded. 2am on Tuesday: if over 21 probably just leaving downtown for waffle house. if under 21 probably either in the library or making a mcdonnalds run or going to waffle house to laugh at the drunk people. Greeks: <30% of population, but they are very active so it always seems like more, not necessarially a bad thing. good parties. guys usually join them because freshman year its hard to get into a lot of parties, expecially frat parties. Saturday night sans drinking: Camping, movies. I loved going to school at Clemson, the social scene is diverse. If you like to keep things simple and are not into big parties or groups there is an outlet for that. If you like to drink and party there is a place for that too. You wont get lost in the downtown scene, its small and intimate and you know half of the people at the bar you are in.


There are so many organizations on campus I cannot even begin to name or even know them all. There is definitely something for everyone. Students are very welcoming. Most people leave their dorm room doors open, especially in the Freshman buildings. A lot of my friends, especially in the beginning were people who lived on my hall. Sports are huge at Clemson. On football game days tents sprout up all over campus with tailgaters who are ready for the big game. I do not know very many students who do not go to the games. Basketball and baseball are also really popular, and Clemson's campus is overflowing with school spirit. Clemson's theater, known as the Brooks Center, does have some really interesting shows and concerts. This fall the broadway traveling show Hairspray stopped in Clemson. Additionally there have been various ballets and musicians/bands/orchestras that have performed in Clemson. Greek life is prevalent on Clemson's campus, but it is not overwhelming. The campus is about 20% Greek. There are no houses on campus, however, meaning it is really easy to be in a sorority but have plenty of friends who aren't or are in a different sorority. They have sorority halls (dorms where everyone on a certain floor is a member of that sorority) which allows you to live with your sorority sisters, but without a house there is no sorority meal plan or anything like that, so we still eat in the dinning hall and it is really easy to be involved in other things on campus. I do not drink much and I have never had problems finding things to do. Sometimes on the weekends me and my friends will go to a concert at the Brooks Center. Other times we may go to a baseball or basketball game. Clemson LiVE is a student organization which is always putting on concerts, movie nights, and other events which are often free or heavily discounted for students. Another common nighttime event is frisbee golf, which is very popular on campus. Once a month Clemson has their own version of "Who's Line is it Anyway" with a group called "Mock Turtle Soup". There is always something going on and there are always things to do. One of my favorite things to do on Friday is have lunch at the Esso. The Esso is a resturant/bar near the edge of campus which has a meat and three everyday for lunch during the week. The food is amazing, and me and my friends go almost every Friday. When it is warmer we can eat outside, and it is also a great place to watch a game. Almost every Wednesday night there are swing dances which are really fun. There are lot of people who are really good, but there is always a lesson at the beginning, and there are just as many people there to have a good time and learn.


If you dont have a car there isnt much to do around campus accept go down to Main st. small bars line the street with restaurants and Clemson merchandise stores sprinkled in between. Football is by far the largest attended and celebrated sport which was great for me. Football season is the greatest time of the year. It is the only time fans are allowed to park vehicles practically anywhere they want on campus.


Socializing revolves around Greek life and sporting events. However you can definitely find fun outside of these two spheres. Clemsonlive and other campus organizations bring concerts, comedians, movies and more to campus so there is something going on pretty much every weeknight and usually for free. Also if you keep up you can probably get at least five meals free a week due to the different lunches and events held by campus organizations. Drinking is a large aspect of the social scene because sporting events encourage pre-gaming, tailgating, etc.


Students I feel are very involved and very physically active. When studying is not going on, many students do not reach for the remote. They want to get outside, enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather, and have a game of ultimate frisbee on Bowman Field or lay out on the fields. Parties are fun, but you have to drive to get to any big ones since all (most anyway) of the frat houses are off-campus. Downtown is quaint and you can go to the movie theater for really cheap, get ice-cream, go to isaqueena trails, go to the lake, and at night time you can just walk around with friends. Drinking is present, but it is not the only way people have fun.


Football games are ridiculous.


Clemson social life is Greek.




DT is great. Trivia and Guitar hero.


Two words: football season.


Social life is so fun. Greek life on campus is huge and pretty much runs the university. Everyone knows or have met everyone. The bars are packed all the time and fraternity parties along with formals, mountain weekends are almost held every night/weekend. Football games and tailgaiting is the best in the country and some of the best times you'll have with your friends. If its not football season, it great to catch a baseball/basketball game or head to the lake and relax at the beach. Everyone is extremely outgoing and fun so I really urge you to not come to Clemson if you are not wanting to meet people. Even thought Clemson students seem to drink alot, there are alot of other things, like festivals, cookouts, and others to attend and meet people.


There are plenty of clubs for even the shyest of the shy out there, and if you give it some time, you can find a group or organization you truly feel connected to and want to join. Trust me. IF you want it, you can find it. Dorm life is just like anywhere else, and a great place to meet people you're freshman year. Athletic events are HUGE, I think clemson is one of the biggest jock schools in the country, hands down. People show up in the masses for women's/men's soccer games (1,000-2,500+), football (90,000), men's basketball (13,000+), baseball (6,000 people+). Mass support. Greek life comprises about 25% of the population. I met my friends I have now from a variety of places...orientation, clubs, classes, sports. You'll find that freshman year especially everyone is eager to meet people and find their potential "new best friend" me. Party scene is just as big as anywhere else if not bigger, especially during football season. Spring time, cops crack down a little more but it's still a pretty big scene. They usually have a good amount of activities/sponsored events on the weekends that don't involve drinking. The Edgar's student union is usually pretty active Friday nights in the spring and includes bowling, comics who come do stand up, pool, video games, etc.


Football Games.


Greek life is fun, it can either be a big party school or low key scene to accomodate any students life style. There are tons of things to do at Clemson, with emphasis on the outdoors. Nearby lake hartwell is my favorite thing about Clemson.


A million activities to be involved in including intramurals, clubs, and greek life


I am involved in many honors societies because I love the group dynamics. Every organization that I have participated in or with has been very goal oriented while very fun at the same time. I am also involved in Greek life which has definitely opened my eyes to new experiences. The philanthropy events you participate in are constant and always fun. The many concerts and games provide tons of entertainment and then there is the bar scene which is very fun for those over 21.


Sports. Clemson revolves around sports. Football season is the highlight of the year. Clemson has some of the most rabid fans in students and alumni. Clemson fans tailgate like no other. Basketball is taking off in Clemson now too. Baseball is consistently one of the best teams in the country, and so is soccer. Intramurals are also very big at Clemson. Nearly everyone plays something. Clemson is a party school, whether school officials want to believe it or not. That aspect of Clemson is usually played down. Fraternities hold parties every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night religiously, but Tuesday and Wednesdays are also popular.


I was too busy studying to have any social life.


There is so much social life at Clemson. At all hours of the night there is someone out on campus. There are constantly people in the library and there are a lot of fun things to do on the weekends.


Clemson is a very social school. Most dorm rooms have their doors open, and it's not out of place to ask anyone to grab a bite to eat with you, especially freshman year. Since Clemson is in a college town, most all activities near campus are geared towards college students. There is plenty to do on campus during the football season, though spring semester can be a bit less active. Clemson is known as a party school, but I haven't found that to be entirely true. Downtown is very popular Thursday through Saturday, but exam week is usually dead. You can usually find a party going on any weekend, especially during football season. The Greek life is very prevalent at Clemson, and there is a wide array of fraternities and sororities. However, I never joined one and never felt out of place. IPTAY (the Clemson athletic scholarship fund), ClemsonLiVE (Clemson's entertainment group) The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Student Government are very popular at Clemson. However, you can find a group for most any interest on campus.


The best activity at Clemson is football. Everyone gets together and has a great time. There are so many opportunities for other activities as well. Clemson is very accomodating.


There are lots of organizations on campus. Clemsonlive is a group that promotes entertainment activities on campus, such as free movie nights or concerts. I belong to Central Spirit, which is an organization that works to promote and support Clemson athletics. Central Spirit blows up the balloons before football games, waves the flags in the endzone when Clemson scores, and plan and organize the First Friday Parade and Homecoming. The First Friday Parade is a parade held the day before the first home game that's purpose is to get everyone excited about the upcoming football season. There's a huge Greek life on campus with many fraternities and sororities to join that hold socials and throw parties pretty regularly. Almost everyone goes out on the weekend, which starts Thursday night, either to the bars downtown or to a house party somewhere off campus.


Fraternities and sororities are extremely important and very traditional.


I'm not really in any groups yet. Hey, this is my first year, I think I need to get a little adjusted first. I live in an apartment, but from what I see, people leave their doors unlocked. I'm too scary for that and I keep my door locked as long as I can help it. Athletic events are everything sometimes, especially football games. Guest speakers and theater aren't as popular because I never really hear about them. I don't look for sports events but I always end up hearing about them. Closest friends? Does that happen in the first year? I met my closests friends in elementary school. Frats and sorors aren't that important to me. People party pretty often, sometimes, there's something going on somewhere every weekend. Off campus I just hang out with friends and family.


The most popular group/organization are the band and iptay.




The most popular things at Clemson would have to be the sports, particularly football. Football is the best time of the year, in my opinion. During football season there is so much unity among the students and members of the community and afar. Social life at Clemson is pretty good. Some people are friendly; while others are just typical people who see you and do not speak. I have never been in the dating scene at Clemson, but most people I know who attend Clemson date outside of the school. Basically for the dating scene, there is not much to chose from in my opinion. First Friday is a big thing at Clemson because it's the parade for the first football game. Sororities and fraternities are a big deal on campus. This is how people network and become well known around the school and community. Honestly, if there is not a party going on in Clemson then they is not much to do. There are movie theaters and restaurants outside of Clemson, so you would have to travel to find the fun! Thursday nights in Clemson are crazy!!! Downtown Clemson is filled with college students who go to the bar and have drinks or hang out. I have never been in any bars because I am not legal to drink; however I do go downtown to socialize and see everyone!


Athletic events are huge and they are a great way to have the true Clemson experience; intermurals are fun;


Greek life has a major presence on Clemson's campus, but there are way too many organizations to count. Personally, I am active in Greek life, student leader organizations, alumni-related organizations, as well as philanthropic and religious groups. The dating scene...well, if you want a date, there would be no trouble finding one! There is a plethora of both good looking guys and girls of every type! Traditions that happen every year are Tigerama, the annual Homecoming pep rally; many graduation traditions; football season is something everyone looks forward to-to name a few.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes is HUGE and a ton of fun. Students most always leave their doors open and casually meet and hang out. Dating is fairly common but one is definitely not out-of-the-loop without a boyfriend/girlfriend.


Fraternities and Sororities are the most popular to party with. I am involved with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. When I lived in the dorm I left my door open and rarely locked it when I left. Football, basketball, and baseball are incredibly popular. Guest speakers love coming to Clemson because of the support they receive. The dating scene is very popular when you're a freshman and again when you're a junior or senior. I met my closest friends from my dorm and my fraternity. Tuesday at 2 a.m I am either studying, coming back from a night downtown, or watching movies. Our football players run down the hill every home game, we have MLK celebration every year, HFH builds a house on Bowman field every year for a member of Clemson's faculty, we have a first Friday parade every year when we come back in the fall, and we wear orange every friday for school pride. People party anywhere from once a week to 7 days a week. Fraternities and Sororities are a vital part of Clemson. Over 20% of the student body is Greek and they are more often then not the movers and the shakers. Last weekend I had a SAE leadership conference in Columbia, SC. Saturday night you can go to the movies, attend a number of small groups, or hand out on campus. Off campus you do the same things as on campus you just have to drive to get there.


Last year and this year I leave my dorm room door open. I think it is more welcoming to people to have your door open. Athletic events are huge at Clemson! The other two are usually smaller. A lot of times students go to the latter two for class assignments or extra credit. But I will say the times we had Presidential canidates on campus this year there was always a large turn out. I met my roommate and best friend in class my freshmen year. We were in the same english class and then found out we lived a floor apart in the dorm. I met some of my other friends in the dorm. If I personally am up at 2am I must be sick because I am usually in be at like 11pm everynight! But probably homework or studying, something along those lines. First Friday, Homecoming, Parents Weekend - They're all very exciting things to attend I think it depends on the person, some party more than others If you want to do that then go for it but there are lots of other organizations to get involved in and many opportunities to meet tons of great people. I hung out at Clemson and had a nice lazy weekend. That usually how most of my weekends are spent. Just relaxing with my friends and enjoying Clemson. You can head to Anderson and catch a movie and so some shopping or go to dinner, you can rent movies and have friends over to just relax. There are many things you can do to have fun around Clemson. I'm usually with my friends but we like to go to Anderson.


The most popular organizations on campus are Greek Life and varsity sports. I'm involved with Alpha Chi Omega, a social sorority on campus. Sororities and fraternities are huge, but there are still other things to do if rushing isn't an option for you. Most students leave their dorm doors open if they are not working on homework. Athletic events are HUGE--especially football and baseball, along with the tailgating that comes with. Guest speakers are not as common, but when a big one comes they are very popular (ex. Obama). Theatre is almost non-existant, although I have been to one show. The stage was tiny as was the seating space. My best friend is my roommate. I don't date much but if you do date, most people go downtown to eat. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm either studying or at a sorority/fraternity function. The biggest tradition is the football players running down the hill right before the game.. It is the BIGGEST 30 seconds ever. So much fun. People party all the time--everyday is a perfect day to party in many students' minds. Fraternities and sororities aren't necessarily IMPORTANT, however, they give all frat boys and all girls many more opportunities to party. Last weekend, I had a sleepover and watched a movie friday night and then Saturday night went to an apartment (to pre-game a little bit) and then to a Club in a neighboring town, Anderson. Of course we had a safe driver. On a Saturday night other than drinking, you could go shopping, see a movie, go bowling/play pool/pingpong at the union or eat downtown with some friends. Off campus is where the mall is and the town Anderson with several restaurants and things to do.


I'm involved with CU Student Government Transfer Council. We represent the transfer students on campus and work to improve a students transition into the Clemson Family.-Students in dorms often do leave their doors open.-Athletic events are very popular. Especially football and men's basketball. Guest speakers (such as the presedential candidates that came) are very popular events as well. Theater is wonderful at Clemson, too.-I met my closest friends through student organizations and through other friends.-If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday it's because I am REALLY behind on an assignment that's due.-Tigerama happens each year which is the biggest student-run pep rally in this part of the nation.-People party every weekend.-Fraternities and sororities are important to the people them.-Last weekend I went to visit my parents.-Saturday nights that don't involve drinking can involve going to the movies, going to the awesome restaurants we have downtown, or one of the many events we have (such as concerts, visitng comedians, etc.)-Off campus...I shop.

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